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Sundial Bridge at Turtle Bay

Instagram photos and videos at Sundial Bridge at Turtle Bay

Hanging with the BRB Girls today!  HBD Red! ❤️ #besties
Sundial stroll 🐶🐶✨
Days away from 35 ever since I was little I couldn't wait to be older I couldn't wait to have a job, a car, a house, a family I couldn't wait to tackle this world but I never thought that life would ever start to go by so fast because first it was I couldn't wait to be 18 ,21 and never really thought beyond that and things seemed to move so slow at the time I thought I'd be around for an eternity but once I hit those ages I couldn't wait life seemed to move a little faster with each year that went by and I can tell you that I am no where near where I thought I would be in life by the time I hit 35 now all I want to do is reverse time and go back I don't want to get older I don't want all the responsibility I want to be a kid again and not have the Every day struggles of life does it ever get any easier.  Thank you reading don't want to alarm anybody just had to get that out
When you love what you have , you have everything you need. #redding #babies #love #family #thanksgiving #church #friday #god #believe #bethel
I’m so glad you’re here ❤️
Hal and Buddy.