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日本鈴鹿賽車場 - Suzuka Circuit

Instagram photos and videos at 日本鈴鹿賽車場 - Suzuka Circuit

Buckle in.. time to see how fast this puppy goes 🚗 💨 ⚡️ This trip has been my first time driving a hybrid & I am blown away so far!! - Earlier we tracked 40km / L (which is crazy in itself & so good for our planet 🌎), then kicked it into sports mode & hit racetrack corners pretty much as fast as Ricky Bobby (greatest driver ever to live) - Been a fun start to the trip so far, definitely has me thinking about the next road trip adventure 🚙 Anyone have their own experiences to share?? - @toyota_aus #defyexpectations #camryhybrid #leadthedrive
After driving the new @toyota_aus Camry hybrid today, what I love about the car; Power, handling and the fact the engine only kicks into petrol mode when needed meaning it only does on average about 4.2L/100km! Feeling like a rally car driver, gearing up for a race! #leadthedrive #defyexpectation
⭐ Advent Calendar ⭐  12 - @jensonbutton_22 finished 12th on his @supergt_official debut. Jenson will be competing fulltime next season 👊  #uk_motorsport #supergt #jb22
14 days  to  go ... 🎄🎄🎄 🌎
The owner told us that his Nissan Cedric was "American style." Amazing to see so many different styles out here, with almost all of them reflecting a great amount of craftsmanship and attention to details. . Autoboy D5, Fuji industrial 400 #indo35mm #35mm #retroikafilme
"My Ferrari was white, like Don Johnson in Miami Vice. Not red." . Autoboy D5, Fuji industrial 400 #indo35mm #35mm #retroikafilme