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shot in.
Remember that happiness is a way of travel – not a destination. – Roy M. Goodman . . . #throwback #travel #scotland #trainjourney #mountains #snow #winter #nature
Fly good Fleance
«Вы сожгли всех своих ведьм. Мы же в Ирландии оставили их в покое. Правда, если быть точным, одной из них "лояльное меньшинство" вышибло-таки глаз капустной кочерыжкой в городе Каррикфергус 31 марта 1711 года. Но ведь "лояльное меньшинство" наполовину состоит именно из шотландцев.» У. Йейтс
Scottish sky
#scotland Trip : Unknown Location, I don't wish to share ! . In Marketing classes ,we were taught two theories around learning : Classical and Operant Learning. Classical Learning was centred around creating associations between meaningful ideas/objects to elicit desired learning Whereas in Operant learning the stimulus preceded the response i.e learning process using Negative & Positive Reinforcement. .  As a kid, I had a terrible art teacher and all my idea about colours and art was built upon the pillars of Negative Reinforcement. It killed the fun in colours and art and in the long run killed my interest in the same. . But as Charlie Chaplin said : Nothing is permanent, not even bad times. Later in a research centre I met a prof who discussed art more than science, value & impact of colours more than theories. My luck favoured me more and I dated and made friends with more than a couple of artists, thus opening myself to colours more. So, thanks to Classical learning today I can appreciate every art form & colour usage. . The point I wished to make: If you lead a team - First try Classical learning, then positive reinforcement and even then if you fail, check within yourself on what you lack & work around yourself ! .  Negative Reinforcement never brings success in long term, so never unleash it. . #scotland #scotlandbeauty #travel #travelphotography #exploretheworld #colours #mba #learning #marketing #xlri #vacation #vacationmode #instatravel #travelinscotland #shades #light #art #lifejourney #love
#citylink #greatdayout
Scottish cottage 🖤  Have you visited my blog (link in profile) to explore destinations like San Francisco, Scotland, Iceland? There’s more coming soon (think PNW, desert, and iconic international structures) but in the mean time take a visit, share with your friends, plan a trip!  What would you like to see more of?  Know more about?
“The Kossoff” has found its new home. So glad I got to go and capture some of these moments. @fried__okra
Медаль Чемпионата Европы по Тхэквондо!!! Наши воспитанники - наша гордость!!! 💪🏻🙌🏻💪🏻 Scotland 2015  #taekwondo_03bur