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ᏚᎾᏟᏟᎬᎡ ᎡᎬFᎾᎡᎷ • ᏢᎡᎾ/ᎡᎬᏞ • ᏌᏚᎪ ᏚᎾᏟᏟᎬᎡ ᴛᴡɪᴛᴛᴇʀ: @ᴘʀᴏʀᴇʟ4ᴜssᴏᴄᴄᴇʀ ________________________________________ Peter Wilt’s plan for a new pyramid:

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I believe we have till the end of the week (or sooner) to find out if Eric Wynalda is officially running for the USSF president. I have a strong feeling, based off of things he’s said, that it will happen.
Peter Wilt has dropped his article (Link in bio) about how he plans to change soccer in America. He wants to make a new pyramid that’s separate from MLS,USL, and PDL. Read the article, and tell me what you think about it.
Posted by the Northern Guard of Detroit City FC, I thought this was a cool graphic. One way to help soccer in this country grow is to support your local team.
There are signs that he was planning to move the team long before now. Guy is a clown. —�—�—�—�—�—�—� [Photo Credit: # SaveTheCrew -twitter] #opensoccer #ussf #futbol #fifa #concacaf #prorel #prorel4usa #prorelforusa #prorel4usasoccer #supportlocalsoccer #prorelforusasoccer #soccer #football #mls #mlssoccer #usl #usasoccer #ussoccer #nasl #npsl #pdl #upsl #nonleague #usmnt #uswnt #sgsforprorel #sunilout #arenaout #nopaytoplay
(May have to zoom in to read this) Email exchange between Rocco and Sunil. It appears that Sunil was willing to reconsider NASL’s division 2 status. Seems that around the time close to the USMNT v Trinidad/Tobago game, Sunil was willing to discuss things further maybe even reach an agreement face-to-face. Sunil was open to solving the situation over email, I’m assuming to avoid having to continue in court. Rocco declined wanting a global settlement.
Photo Credit: @ MisterMikeDavis- Twitter
I believe this if from the Cosmos game last night. [Photo Credit goes to rightful owner.]
Response by Riccardo Silva, in the latest ESPN interview. I think this interview in general gives the most thorough reason for why Pro/Rel is seen as a necessity.
A ESPN Q&A interview was done with Riccardo Silva of Miami FC. He gave more insight on the $4 billion dollar deal he proposed and reasons why he thought the US should have Pro/Rel. This was one of the answers that he gave to the question that I thought was well said.