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Pumpkin The Raccoon


This is the story of a rescued Bahamian raccoon called Pumpkin and her friends, Royal Bahamian Potcake rescues Toffee and Oreo.

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Internet troubles are preventing me from uploading something for Wideo Wednesday! So instead I leave you with this gem! ❤️
🎃"Nothing over here! Have you found my tail yet?" 🐶"Nope nothing, I thought we were going to catch them for sure this time!" 🤔👀
It's Monday Muse! Come up with a caption for today's post! 🎃❤️🐶🍀
🎃"Toffee these look delicious! Wanna make them for me?" 🐶"Look at my face and that's your answer." 🥐❤️
🎃🐶"TOFFEE! TOFFEE!" 🐶" What!!?" 🎃"We dropped the remote, be a doll and grab it for us?" 📺
#tbt to when Pumps, Toffee, and Oreo got the spa treatment @the.island.house !
**SOUND ON** Someone doesn't like having the door closed on her! Everyone always asks what madam Pumps sounds like! Well here is one example! Happy Wideo Wednesday! 🎃❤️🐶
It's Taco Tuesday guys! You're welcome. 🎃❤️🌮
It's Monday Muse! Come up with a caption for today's post! 🎃❤️🐶🍀
🎃"So let me get this straight, tomorrow is Monday? Let's cancel it!" 🐶"Sunday Funday all day everyday!" 🎉
🎃”Brrrr! It’s freezing! Anything under 80 degrees is not good enough! Nope not getting in!” 💦🏊
🎃”So this is awkward.” 🐶”Don’t tell me you...”🎃”Well it had water in it so I just assumed it was another toilet!” 👀🚽🚰
#tbt to when this little received her copy of the book! Link in Bio! 🎃❤️🐶
🎃"Mount Everest's got nothing on this climb!" 🏔 Everyone always asks where Pumps likes to hang out! Well here ya go! Our closet! It's Wideo Wednesday! Enjoy! Xo
HAPPY BIRTHDAY PUMPKIN! ❤️🎉Today this little lady is 3! Pumps makes us laugh on a daily basis and I love that I have a space to share her daily antics with you. Lately it seems that all you hear when you turn on the TV is pain, suffering, or hate, whether it is from natural disasters, war zones, or cowardly acts of terror. I hope that our little page can give you a glimpse of something safe and kind, letting you forget about your worries even if it is it for just a second. Our journey on Instagram started as a way to share with friends and family her progress but now her platform, for me, shares a simple but important message... no matter how different we may seem at the end of the day we aren't so different after all. Sending so much love to you, Pumpkin's amazing fans! Peace and Love, Team Pumps 🎃❤️🐶xox (P.S. Yes that is an almond avocado cupcake!)
It's Monday Muse! Come up with a caption for today's post! 🎃❤️🐶🍀
🎃"So apparently I know have to forage for my own food? What do you think I am?" 🐶"Im pretty sure you're a rac..." 🎃"I'm no squirrel that's for sure!"
🎃"Nails did, hair did, outfit on point. I'm feeling good! Toffee, Oreo! You ready?" 🐶" Pumpkin... the party doesn't start for 7 hours..." 👀🎉🍾
Guys! Confession time! I spent all day trying to figure out a caption for today's picture that I forgot to post! Forgive me and have a great weekend! Love Team Pumps! Xo 🎃❤️🐶
#tbt to when Pumps came in like a wrecking ball. 👀🎼🎤
🎃"Toffee, two words. Personal...Space." Its Wideo Wednesday! Enjoy!