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Canadian motivational speaker, singer, songwriter, actor, model, makeup artist, stylist, clothing designer and REBEL at your service.

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Transformation Tuesday is here and I’m starting my first day at Laughing Like Crazy in toronto. It’s a great program for people living with mental heath using stand up comedy to heal. I am excited cause I have always wanted to try stand up comedy. I need lots of humour in my life right now to deal with the pain. Stay stunned for updates and jokes. #rebelstylequeen #rockyourtrueinnerbeauty #comedy #standup #laughinglikecrazy #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #healing #jokes #love #painintopower #healingjourney #transformationtuesday
Stressed Sunday and I have been in the emergency since 6:30am in a lot of pain not be able to breath properly. My stress is high and they can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong. Did a bunch of tests. I wake up every morning not being able to breath. Wearing the hospital gown but staying warm. We will see when I get to leave as I am now talking to a mental heath worker. I just want to get better that’s what I am working on but some people in my life make it very difficult causing me serious stress and making it hard for me to move on. Blaming me cause I left well ya I want to LIVE and be HAPPY and I was not happy with you and I would have never been. #rockyourtrueinnerbeauty #rebelstylequeen #love #kindness #healing #selfcare #selflove #fuckstress #becreative #painisart
Bitch I am fucking sparkle and don’t you forget it!!! #rebelstylequeen #rockyourtrueinnerbeauty #unicornpowder #sparkle #glitter #love #selflove
Family Friday and I get to spend all day with my baby Oz @lifeofmagicaloz. I love him so much. I love holding him in my arms at night in my bed. His snoring puts me into deep sleep as well as the nightly meditation I listen to. He loves having his chest rubbed and massages. Most of all he loves to give me kisses and eat food any kind of food. #rebelstylequeen #rockyourtrueinnerbeauty #weirdisthenewblack #frenchbulldog #frenchbulldogpuppy #frenchbulldoglove #proudmom #happyfamily #love #kindness #emotionalsupportdog #emotionalsupportanimal #healing #deeplove #mysonshine #mybaby #myfurbaby #specialbond #specialboy #youhavemyheart #youaremyhome #youaremyworld
Theatrical Thursday and I am so excited to announce I will be a my own creation of unicorn modelling in this amazing MAGICAL UNICORN fashion show. I will be working with Wendi my super talented costume designer to create some magic for January 19 @artsuperwonder. Get your tickets today for this one of a kind original Magical Unicorn experience and be apart of the magic. Can’t wait to see all the models and what they create. It’s such a empowering feeling to create something close to your heart with like minded people. Let the magic of creating begin!!! #rockyourtrueinnerbeauty #rebelstylequeen #magical #superwondergallery #unicornfashionshow #unicornparty #unicornlove #unicornheart #unicornpower #love #creativelifehappylife #creativeheart #magichappens
Thankful Tuesday and I spent time with my baby Oz today. He came with me to thearpy for the first time and passed out. He was a good boy all day. I love my baby!!! #rockyourtrueinnerbeauty #rebelstylequeen #lifeofmagicaloz #frenchbulldog #happyboy #puppy #puppylove #emotionalsupportanimal #emotionalsupportdog #bestfriends
Magic Monday was is a blessed day. I got to spend the whole day with my baby Oz making my room my place to call home and a space to create my next album. I also got to see my good friend @actormar101 who is down from BC and we went to see a play. Now I am with the super talented friend Jennifer Walls at her musical theatre open mic @statlers on church street waiting to sing a song. It’s a great day!!! #rockyourtrueinnerbeauty #rebelstylequeen #healing #love #kindness #safespace #creativeplace #songwriter #secondalbum #goodfriends #goodfriendsgoodlife #positivevibes #positivefriends #supportive #dowhatyoulove #singing #happylife #liveinthemoment
Special Saturday and this is the best homemade Russian cake ever!! I love this cake so light and tasty. It made my day cause the ran out of my most favourite thing Russian pickles. I was upset for a few minutes but then I went back to my peace zone. #rockyourtrueinnerbeauty #rebelstylequeen #tastycake #russiangirl #russiansauna #healing #magicalcake #homemade #love #healing
I really want to see @marilynmanson in February as most of you who know me I am in love with him and would love to write a song with him one day in the near furture. But the tickets are so expensive. Anybody have any leads on cheaper tickets? If you do please send me a message. #rockyourtrueinnerbeauty #rebelstylequeen #marilynmanson #cheaptickets #hookmeupplease #loveyou #love #kindness
Feel so at peace and calm right now. My anger is not present and my mind is soft and bright. Ready to create MAGICAL things in 2018 and share my lessons of the last few years into a second album. This album will heal me and writing it so empowering. Stayed tuned as I plan to let you in my process for this album. I am transforming each day getting back to myself before I decided to get lost in a place that was not for me. My heart is open to love myself again and love others. Life is hard we all know this but when we take time each day to heal ourself we get closer and closer to our light and life path. 2018 when you add it all up equals 11 to me that symbolizes I am on the right path and this is my year to explode colourful magic in my gift of song and writing. The doors are open let’s walk through them and send each other support, love, peace and kindness each day. Rock Your True Inner Beauty each and everyday for the rest of your magical life!!! 🦄💎💜🎶🌈😇🦋🙏👁🔥😘#rockyourtrueinnerbeauty #rebelstylequeen #magical #unicornpower #meditation #connection #healing #love #kindness #eleven #bekind #loveeachother #peace #qigong #behappy #dontsweatthesmallthings #beyourself #beyourownboss #beyourownhero #selflove #selfcare #deepinside #nomind #buddist
Spritural Saturday is here and it’s cold outside!!! Today is my healing day. I am off to Qi-gong them to my favourite healing spot the Russian Sauna. It’s my dad’s birthday today and I wish his a magical day filled with love and healing. I will see him for dinner tonight. I love you Pappa!!! Take the time for yourself each week and treat yourself for self care. #rebelstylequeen #rockyourtrueinnerbeauty #healing #qigong #russiansauna #staywarm
Funky Friday is a sad day for me. Had to move out all my stuff from the town home of my old home. It’s not easy at all. Still have to go back for more sadly. It’s a very cold day to move stuff WOW!!! But when I drove back to my parents house to unload I found this heart on my drive way to remind me that l am loved and one day it’s all going to be ok. I just have to keep positive and Rock my true inner beauty each and everyday. #rebelstylequeen #rockyourtrueinnerbeauty #movingsucks #fuckmarriage #nohome #peoplesuck #toocoldforthisshit #summerwhereyouat #helpme #love #kindness #healing #onedayatatime
This is how I feel right now so I would like to share this. Thank you to all who support me so grateful for you all. Nothing but love and kindness to those who decided to walk out of my life in the most challenging time but you are out of my circle for life!!! Most have been removed from my social media. I don’t need negativity in my life, insecure people, people that take advantage of my kindness, energy vampires, judgemental people or people who think they know what’s best for me. It’s a new year so please walk away from my life if you don’t see my light or want to see the best for me. I will be Rocking My True Inner Beauty this year and for the rest of my life. I am a tough women and nobody or nothing can put me down or burn out my magical purple light!! Love & Kindness to all beings.  #rebelstylequeen #rockyourtrueinnerbeauty #love #kindness #weirdisthenewblack #witch #whitelight #purplelight #positivevibes #positivethinking #positivevibesonly #tranformation #itsmylife #iseemyfuture #youdontknowme #youcantcontrolme
Special Sunday and it’s New Years Eve!! I can’t wait for 2017 to be over. It was a rough 2017 with major life changes that including leaving my husband, loosing my home and having to start all over. I am grateful for doing my very first musical theatre one women show, a music video for weirds the new black, new amazing guitar player @andrespedret, getting cool tattoos, doing a body painting photoshoot, being apart of the Unitarian Mississauga community, doing a whole bunch of cool healing, meeting new positive friends and I saved the best for last the life changer that I can’t breath with out my baby Oz!! I love him so much!! He changed my life for the better not sure how I would of survived this bullshit ride with out him and my much!! I know the new year will bring me peace, creativity, healing, love, kindness and a huge transformation!! Sending all beings weather you have supported or not love, kindness and happiness for the new year!! 💜💜💜💎💎💎🦄🦄🦄😘😘😘😇😇😇🔥🔥🔥🦋🦋🦋🙏🙏🙏🎶🎶🎶👁👁👁
Wild heart Wednesday and a magical place of healing and acceptance @unitarianmississauga brought this new relationship together. It’s nice to hang out with somebody that is as Spritural as you, connected, loves love, creative and who you can have conversations with. Oz also loves him. It’s a good Christmas I feel truly blessed with my community that has helped me through tough times. @conalmaitland was there for me in the hardest and darkest time when I had no place to stay. You are a beautiful person inside and out!! I can’t wait to get to know you more. #rebelstylequeen #rockyourtrueinnerbeauty #love #kindness #healing #beauty #unitarianchurch #community #positivevibes #positiveenergy #positivevibesonly #positivethinking #deepconnection #wolfpack #wolf #convel #ayame
Magical Monday and it’s Christmas Morning. I have to share with you this amazing picture of my Inner Warrior Queen that I commissioned @sagenoir a very MAGICAL artist I meet a few weekend ago to create for me. You are something else no words!!! I can’t wait to have this when it’s done. I am going to get it printed like a back patch on my clothing, get this costume made that I am wearing in the picture and one day get it tattooed on my body. Get ready @danniaction I want this on my body. I am truly blessed!! Thank you to @jeniwallsto for giving me the best Christmas gift ever a safe space to feel at peace and create!! #rebelstylequeen #rockyourtrueinnerbeauty #christmasday #magical #unicornpower #healing #love #kindness #oneofakind #warriors #warriortattoo #warriorqueen #furturetattoo #sage #innerwarrior
Magical Christmas Eve is here and I am sharing my story of heart break and healing. I recently left my husband of close to four years. We were just not meant to be together so I made the choice to leave and do only what makes me HAPPY!! I felt like I was in a dark space in my marriage and I did not share my gift of singing, songwriting and motivational speaking for just about two years. I was very sad, bipolar struggles, depressed, lonely, lost, anti-social, isolated, no voice and came close to wanting to end my life.  That was no way for me to live I needed to be free like the humming bird I am. So in November I walked out the door and never looking back. I feel truly blessed cause when I walked out the door of pain and suffering a huge wave of magical creativity came through me and I just can’t stop. I have been writing song towards my new album, singing lots of shows, shooting music video, photo shoots, making new merchandise and getting lots of alternative healing.  I currently now have to start my life over as I have no place of my own and no home. I feel being here in this space is very difficult for my mental heath and I am struggling. The only thing that is keeping me going is my magical dog OZ and me singing anywhere I can with great musicians.  My mind is angry, my spirit wonded and my mental heath is challenging. I am asking for help to start my new magical travel transformation. I need your help to get away and go heal from all the pain here for a few months. I want to go and write my second album and Rock Your True Inner Beauty work book. Help me on my new journey with any magical donation you can offer this Christmas Eve.  I send you all nothing but LOVE and KINDNESS this Christmas.  Help me Rock My True Inner Beauty each and everyday day on this healing journey.  Sarah-Jean Villa Rock Your True Inner Beauty  www.sarahjeanvilla.com  gofundme.com/magical-travel-transformation  #rebelstylequeen #rockyourtrueinnerbeauty #magicaltraveltransformation
Spritural Sunday Magical Christmas Eve and I am having well deserved self care time away from everybody for a week thanks to a very kind, talented soul @jeniwallsto. I do believe that MAGIC,  love and kindness are here on the planet. I spent some time today writing songs, singing, creating, dancing, learning, exploration, making tasty food and meditation. I left my husband and this Christmas I am free and happy for the first time in a very long time!! I feel truly blessed with all the creativity I have been blessed with from the creators!! I also went to @bampothouseoftea today for healing and #unicornblood tea. The amazing person who worked there gave me a bag of unicorn blood to take home. This place is truly MAGICAL and I can’t wait to sing there more in the new year. I also left them a Wizard Of Oz pillow for all the kindness and peace they provide. Went to a magical new store for me in toronto today called @alter85ego. I was drawn in by the beautiful artwork in front and the eye!! I got new magical spellcards, we’moon 2018 for women, Palo Santo spray, stick and blue lotus tea. I can’t wait to learn my new cards. It’s been a very MAGICAL Christmas Eve for me. Time on your own is highly recommended as I love Christmas but not for the gifts but the true meaning is Christmas is daily by showing people who you love and strangers nothing but unconditionally LOVE and KINDNESS. Rock your true inner beauty tonight!! #rebelstylequeen #rockyourtrueinnerbeauty #christmaseve #magic #healing #love #kindness #selflove #selfcare #positivevibes #positivevibesonly #magicalcards #wemoon #laluna #lucycavendish #palosanto #uniconblood #bampot #bampothouseoftea #peace #helpstrangers #helpcomesfromgod #helpcomes
Fancy Friday and I went to see @thewizardofoz__ with my magical friend @erynhazel. We had a amazing time and sang along to all the songs. I also saw another good friend I have not seen in a long time @derek_gilroy. It was good to hang out last night thanks for the cool birthday Tequila shots!!! I love hanging out in toronto. #rebelstylequeen #rockyourtrueinnerbeauty #wizardofoz #magical #livetheatre #musicaltheatre #purplepower #acting #goodfriends #healing #love #kindness #dowhatyoulove #dowhstmakesyouhappy #dowhatyoulovelovewhatyoudo