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Rene Redzepi


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Onion cotton candy from @fejsal_demiraj
From the test kitchen: A croissant dough cooked on the barbecue with quince sirup
#brainfood The juicy brains of a langoustine are better than the meat itself
Fish charcuterie: urchin, squid roe, cod roe, turbot roe and trout roe
Sea urchin bottarga - cured, pressed and aged for months
fresh scallop
The first ramps/ramson of the year, mark the beginning of a new growing season. Slowly nature  is coming back to life
How do you clean your floor?
The great @davidchang
gigantic matcha donut for staff dessert (courtesy of @mliving2 )
From the test kitchen: Bone marrow main course in the making
The mighty lumpfish
Giant squid on the menu at the amazing @108cph
This is the roe from a huge squid. It'll cure for the next two years - ready for the winter of 2019
Wild oyster, the size of a hand
Ahh, when your 8-year-old puts lots of butter on the morning eggs
That feeling when your knives are sharp (knives: @terukazutakamura) #tomatochallenge
Name the fish (it's not alive btw - it's wobbling because the chef is moving the cutting board)
Looks like bread, but it's actually salted caramel toffee: the aeration technique makes the toffee melt on the tongue in an incredible way (The technique btw, was invented by the great Wylie Dufresne)
Black pear: it takes around 3 months to go from fresh to dense and toffee textured - From green to black. It's fruity, acidic and very complex in flavor. AMAZING
Spice girls and duck plucking