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This is the roe from a huge squid. It'll cure for the next two years - ready for the winter of 2019
Wild oyster, the size of a hand
Ahh, when your 8-year-old puts lots of butter on the morning eggs
That feeling when your knives are sharp (knives: @terukazutakamura) #tomatochallenge
Name the fish (it's not alive btw - it's wobbling because the chef is moving the cutting board)
Cleaning technique
Looks like bread, but it's actually salted caramel toffee: the aeration technique makes the toffee melt on the tongue in an incredible way (The technique btw, was invented by the great Wylie Dufresne)
Black pear: it takes around 3 months to go from fresh to dense and toffee textured - From green to black. It's fruity, acidic and very complex in flavor. AMAZING
Spice girls and duck plucking
Chicken rubbed in salt & olive oil - smoke and embers doing the final work
For the past year we've been baking weekly cakes for a children's refugee center - it's voluntary for the staff to sign up and make some kids happy:) this week @annegret_k  made a box full of treats - and on that note, I'd like to wish everyone here a Smashing Christmas!!! thank you for following, go' jul💪😬
From the menu: barbecued leaves - each leaf is brushed with smoked butter before being carefully grilled. Finally it's dressed with a marinade of dried scallops and horseradish juice
From the menu: steamed wild oyster with crunchy broccoli stem
Last day at the amazing restaurant "In de wulf" @kobewulf - pictured is a cooked hare with cabbage. Good luck old friend with the next step. I'm sure it's gonna be even better!
Fresh scallop
The colors of our food #nomamexico
A home kitchen in a small indigenous community, the Tzotzil in Chiapas. Incredible food and incredible kindness #nomamexico
Fresh clam - so sweet #nomamexico
This tiny banana is called platano mansano - it has the acidity of a green apple. So good! #nomamexico
Native bees of the Yucatán - a family member of the melipona stingless bees, the honey is soooo good and 10 times the price of regular honey #nomamexico
Pegelagarto is this fish called - a prehistoric animal caught in the swamps of Tabasco. The skin is tough as armor, and I swear....the meat tastes like chicken #nomamexico