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〰 drifter, seeker, storyteller 〰 honoring the journey 〰 connecting the dots {other explorations at @moonandlioness + @lionesswords}

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• {day sixteen: sparkle} Bubbly on the pier from last New Year’s Eve | I’m so excited for doing this again very soon. NYE is my f a v o r i t e holiday. I like it better than any other holiday, better than Thanksgiving, better than Christmas. I like it because it’s glitter and revelry and good cheer (and what proper Leo moon wouldn’t enjoy those things?), but also because it’s collective excitement for rebirth. It’s impending newness and celebration of cycles and faith that what comes next will be good. It’s the only time of year when everyone embraces the process of release + the mystery of the unknown with such gladness, and I am fueled by the sparkling, stirring energy of it. Could I live in a land of NYEs please? 🥂 | #decemberreflections
• This is Nova. Yesterday she turned 9 years old. We rode a carousel, pet some animals at the zoo, and watched our dinner cooked right in front of us at a Japanese steakhouse. The photo they gave us was awkward and endearing. It was a beautiful day filled with all the best kinds of things and today I am rounding it out with long, slow lounging, creative projects, and lots of coffee and tea. You know, the other best kinds of things.
• {day nine: biggest change in 2017} Things in my life are so... settled this year. I’m not used to settled. But what I have right now in life is worth learning how to stay, and so I have been learning how to stay. It’s been hard. It’s been expansive. It’s been a process. But I am full of gratitude and love at the same time, and the biggest change has been the one inside me where I see now that sorrow and joy are inextricable from one another and that holding hands and dancing fully and fluidly with each of them is our power as human beings. | #decemberreflections #selfiesforselflove
• {day eight: green} An afternoon from early autumn. Barefoot in the grass, child doing headstands. Pumpkin spice chai latte not pictured. #thebasics | #decemberreflections #thenovachronicles
• {day six: i was challenged by...} 1: Change. Receiving change; creating change; accepting change. When I craved it, it “wasn’t there”, and when I didn’t want it, there it was. ▫️ 2: Stepping up to own, explore, and expand my creativity. Yet still, I did all three. ▫️ 3: Staying in trust and having patience with the process. My impulsivity and restlessness was intense this year. ▫️ And the journey continues. | #decemberreflections | 👁 Them Santa Cruz palms in July.
• {day one: early} Morning light spilling into a corner of the house. All of my creative tools, at rest and waiting. Little altars. Potential, possibility, stirring. Reminding me in whispers: We're always here. Happy December! | #decemberreflections with @susannahconway ✨
• {day thirty: i am...} ...ready to celebrate the twinkling magic of December. 🌿 Picking up my scattered pieces. 🌿 Breathing, flowing, loving. 🌿 Grateful to @ofearthandstars for #navigatingthroughnovember! ▫️ What photo challenges will you guys be doing in December? I’ll be weaving in and out of #decemberreflections from @susannahconway and #fmspad from @fatmumslim. ✨
{day twenty-nine: symmetric} Browsing heaven on an impromptu Monday evening exploration date. | #navigatingthroughnovember
• {day twenty-eight: breakfast} Dreaming of coffees this pretty every morning. | #navigatingthroughnovember
• {day twenty-seven: perfect pair} My best friend, my anchor, my heart. Oh, and the guy's pretty cool too. I kid, he's everything. 💙 This is one of my favorites of us at the ocean this summer. Ocean - the other piece of my heart - not pictured. | #navigatingthroughnovember
{the heart-womb connection}  I hold a lot of tension in my lower abdomen.  This isn't something I think about or notice very often, yet it's a perpetual experience that slides in and out of my awareness. ••• This morning I am breathing deeply into that space, inviting it to expand, for the tension to melt and be replaced with the warmth of fresh circulation.  It's difficult.  It refuses nourishment — or maybe is denied it by barriers as yet unknown (though I have vague ideas). ••• Similarly, I find it hard to fill my chest completely when I breathe in deep.  It feels like there is a wall right up against my lungs preventing the space from expanding outwards. ••• This Sagittarius season my crystal companion is aragonite, a stone for truth-seeking and confidence.  @iamblaireporter mentions it being a call to reconnect our hearts and wombs, to mend the wounds and close the gap between them caused by emotionally painful experiences. ••• A lot to wonder about here.  I haven't had enough time to soak in all the connections, but sitting here in the quiet of the early morning hours I am called to deep contemplation, exploring the link between body and soul.  I don't remember how I ended up at this thought process but I'm grateful for the mysterious flow of 3 AM.
{day twenty-four: through the looking glass} What's beyond? 🚪 | #navigatingthroughnovember
Today is about finding simple clarity. Seeing through the fog of choices & temptations and focusing on what matters: the things and people you love. Honoring the fullness of life despite the places that may still feel empty. ◦ Listening to your own internal rhythms. Waking when you need to wake, sleeping when you need to sleep (literally and metaphorically). Valuing both the blossoming and the inwardness. — 👁 a moment of #lookingup to sunlight + swaying leaves perfectly aligned
↠ should you start to feel weighed down with darkness, find your fire and trust in the passing. after descent comes emergence; spring always arrives once more, fresh and clear and free of burden. — 🖼 by Maria Louceiro via @flickr
I keep forgetting to share this, but I'm sure some of y'all have seen it already! ••• This collaborative slideshow poem was written by myself and four of my beautiful friends — @wild.dark.magic + @exploringlyyours + @spiritandsaga + @vcondez. We took turns with each stanza, sending it along to each other in two rounds. ••• @wild.dark.magic was our graphics gal and @herheartpoetry hosted this collaborative challenge (called a renga, a Japanese poetry style - @herheartforms for more on the structure); grateful for the inspiration and the opportunity to wordsmith it up with my fab Instatribe. 🌞
{day twenty-one: hands} And rings that I don't have anymore. And ice cream. And intentional patriotic colors because this was on the 4th of July and I have been holding on to this picture since then waiting for an "opportune time" to post it. At last, in November, I have found one! The single most opportune moment in five months! 😬🙄🙅🏻 The procrastination struggle is real. | #navigatingthroughnovember
{the strength to create stability} Imagine that you are building a safe, beautiful nest in which you bask in divine self-sufficiency and abundance of all kinds — material, spiritual, creative. Imagine that in this nest, you find security. Safety. Joy. ••• Building such a nest requires action and effort. Stability doesn't just magically appear; it is a result of the work put in to gain it, and the work is a result of belief in one's own capacities. Work is much harder to get done from a place of self-defeat. ••• At the root of security lies the will to create it, but also the wisdom to acknowledge what you have already received. Look around you and within you; maybe you already have much of what you seek. ••• Maybe then, it's not about attaining anymore, but about what you choose to do with what you possess. Maybe it's utilizing rather than acquiring your resources that matters.
{day twenty: at night} A stellar sunset through the front porch string lights 🎆 | #navigatingthroughnovember
{plant the seed, watch it grow} The center within where all things heal and grow is where you shall plant your seeds, and it is where you will receive the trust and the wisdom to allow the seeds to take root. ▫️ Simply tend to the humble beginnings of the grand dreams tugging at your heart. Remain adaptable, shape-shifting as your experience calls for. This is all it takes. No huge ambition, no giant leaps. Just small steps and the patience and adaptability to follow the slow-paced rhythm of growth.
The only solution to experiencing something beyond fear is to do something about it. To get up out of bed and live. Don’t be afraid of mistakes. Don’t be afraid to learn. Making a choice — any choice — is better than confining yourself to fear continuously. Have faith in your power to choose, and in your power to act upon those choices (especially that part). You don’t have to be right. You just have to be courageous.
🕳 I close my eyes and sink into the waving deep of my desires. The fear prickles against the surface, but it can't reach the place I've journeyed into. Here there is only the need. The hunger. The drive. The primal spiraling whirlpools of mystery and soul. ◦ I have connections to make here, answers to unearth, feeling and fire and faith to translate. I belong to the heart of the abyss just as much as I belong to the whims of the sky, now more than ever in this season of sensing. ◦ If you find me floating, carry on — I am making a home out of the waves. When I return above, it will be because I know how to make friends with monsters. ◦ They, too, only want to be loved and I will love them with the strength of oceans, embracing without shrinking because I am too large a space to be swallowed. — {poems for scorpio season}