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Robert Berg


⚡️Ain't it a fine life, carrying the banner?⚡️| New Yorker by birth, Londoner by choice

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❤️🧡💛💚💙 Night on the town with @thehistoryb0yphotography and @galeydownthepath.
Made our traditional pilgrimage to the original Pieminister with @thehistoryb0yphotography and @galeydownthepath. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Back in Bristol! 💖💖💖
Have to take a picture with Paddington whenever I’m here. Pretty sure it’s the law?
Best caption ever? (from A LITTLE GAY HISTORY by R. B. Parkinson)
Not!Valentines date night
It was bright and beautiful out today, and this struck me as very pretty when I was passing by this afternoon.
Please to enjoy this compilation of some of Bow’s gayest moments from the first 9 episodes of She-Ra, the greatest 80s cartoon ever. Turn on the sound for the clips!
Have I mentioned how much I love my city?
Get you a man who can really turn heads.
I have a bad feeling about this. #starwars
Every time I see this warning poster in Tube stations, I wonder why Quinto!Spock is being so reckless.
Found the perfect spot for my new #lgbthm18 pin.
Oh hi please enjoy this very heterosexual photo of He-Man falling
Visited the Queer Between the Covers exhibition at the Senate House Library, a celebration of LGBT UK publishing history, with @galeydownthepath and @scifinch tonight, and saw, among other things, an autographed copy of Oscar Wilde’s Salome (!!), a print of a literary magazine his lover Lord Alfred Douglas edited, a handwritten poem by W. H. Auden, a number of old gay pulp covers, and material relating to when the bookshop Gay’s the Word’s books were seized by the government for being ‘indecent’, etc.
Paternoster Square was particularly pretty, albeit freezing, this evening, so I took a photo. Then started playing around with filters. This one is a lot more fun and melodramatic but I posted the other version too to convey something closer to how it actually looked. (Thanks to @thehistoryb0yphotography for the suggestion. 😘)
When you’re sitting inside a toasty warm Caffè Nero on a freezing cold day
Visited Daniel Defoe, William Blake, and John Bunyan’s graves today.
One last one from #lumierelondon I forgot to post. This is called ‘Bottle Festoon’. From the brochure: ‘chandeliers made from used plastic bottles, with the participation of community groups and education teams at Veolia.’ I actually think they look better in daylight. #latergram
These randomly showed up right outside our front door so it was nice knowing y’all. 😱😱😱