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Roger Mathews


Father,horrible lover,husband,tall,weird,bullet proof, street smart,book stupid. Booking inquiries or business opportunities- robyn@illuminationpr.com

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In the beginning we were orange. I blame our love for Cheetos.
We like Jenkinson’s aquarium on cold days.
She was excited about creating her own salad. We may need that DNA test. Definitely not our kid
Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Check out how we do things in the Mathews household for the holidays. Click the link in my bio to watch or simply go the the @awestruck on You Tube and search Jenni and Roger Domesticated for all our episodes.
Appreciate my time with this little one. I know there will come a day in the not so distant future when she will be too cool to do these things with Dad.
Movie date
Greyson on the left. Meilani on the right. Blessed to have the kids I have and more blessed we don’t need to do a DNA test on the Maury show. #iamthefather
Do you remember when you use to wear big earrings, furry boots and I wore a bandana? Let’s never do that again. @jwoww
We don’t get out of sweatpants and sweatshirts much round here, that way you won’t confuse us with the Kardashians. #reallife
Mommy gets us on that healthy eating kick in this episode of Jenni and Roger Domesticated. Click the link in my bio to watch and don’t forget to subscribe.
Truth is we were at the strip club all night every night since Tuesday and slept all day. I’m pretty sure Lou killed a hooker on our last night in Maine. #deadbeats
He heard a few of you people saying he was thinning out. Spent the last week eating nothing but bacon and pizza and added two more arm rolls. Never doubt him again. @greysonmathews
Jenni decides she wants the Mathews family to start eating healthy with the help of @oceanorganicsjuice in this weeks episode of Jenni & Roger Domesticated on the @awestruck channel. Click the link in my bio to watch and don’t forget to subscribe.
Shaking like a hooker in a confessional. Massage chair was getting it done. Family pedicure. They saw Bubbies feet and asked what our credit card limit was. He’s in the back soaking his feet in the dumpster.
Meilani always stealing his thunder. Side note. Possibly the fattest feet this side of the Mississippi. Can’t find shoes to fit him.
When your daily is in the shop and you gotta take the mall crawler out on a rainy day. #boughtnotbuilt #aintgotthetimeortheknowhow
Hope everyone enjoyed Veterans Day with your loved ones. Forever grateful to the men and women of our armed services. My Pops, far right.
My very bearded comrade @jtapia1972 in the new promo video for #knockouttargets.com #fearthebeard
They say pedaling is good for rehabbing an injury. I’ve never been a fan of “They”.
Daddy/Daughter mornings .