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Rolls-Royce Motor Cars


The House of Rolls-Royce presents Chapter I: The Spirit of Ecstasy. The story of our muse, narrated by Kate Winslet.

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Fired by their muse, Rolls and Royce travel distances never believed possible. 14,000 miles conquered on a single engine. #spiritofecstasy #houseofrollsroyce
The 1907 Silver Ghost epitomises Rolls-Royce elegance and grace. A machine with a soul, with the power to make the world stand still. #spiritofecstasy #houseofrollsroyce
Paris, 1906: the legend begins. Rolls and Royce had created a machine that would break land speed records again and again – in effortless style. #spiritofecstasy #houseofrollsroyce
Record-breaking pioneer of motoring and aviation. Charles Rolls broke records and defied the odds becoming one half of a partnership that shaped the course of history. #houseofrollsroyce #spiritofecstasy
Meet our muse: Eleanor Thornton. From humble beginnings, she used her charisma and intellect to rise through society and become the ethereal force behind Rolls-Royce. Follow the link in our bio to discover how she inspired the #spiritofecstasy. #houseofrollsroyce
A self-made engineering genius. The ambition of Henry Royce and his endless pursuit of perfection continues to drive us forward. #houseofrollsroyce #spiritofecstasy
Be inspired. #spiritofecstasy #houseofrollsroyce
Every story has a beginning. This is ours. #spiritofecstasy #houseofrollsroyce
Our story begins, and a muse becomes legend. #spiritofecstasy #houseofrollsroyce
More than an icon. #spiritofecstasy #houseofrollsroyce
The #spiritofecstasy. A muse that shaped the course of history. Tomorrow, we reveal her story as never seen before. #houseofrollsroyce
For more than 100 years, the #spiritofecstasy has graced the front of every Rolls-Royce motor car. #houseofrollsroyce
A guiding force and inspiration, for more than 100 years. #spiritofecstasy #houseofrollsroyce
Euphoria in motion. The epitome of elegance, grace and speed. Prepare for the story of the #spiritofecstasy as never seen before. #houseofrollsroyce
The muse. The soul in the machine. #spiritofecstasy #houseofrollsroyce
An immersive showcase. The very best in Bespoke craft and creativity. #therollsroyceboutique from @RollsRoyce_AGMC.
The embodiment of timeless elegance. @DeemaAlAsadi and #rollsroycedawn, shot for @MarieClaireArabia.
Style blogger @DeemaAlAsadi discovers open-top luxury. An exclusive shoot for @MarieClaireArabia and @RollsRoyce_AGMC at #therollsroyceboutique.
The sweetest of melodies adorn the two-veneer woodset, emblematic of each artist’s finest piece.
Commissioned for @rollsroyceabudhabi, each motor car is embellished with the notes of a world famous classical composer. Click @rollsroycecars for the full picture.
With iconic composers as their muse, these Bespoke Rolls-Royce models pay homage to the greatest of harmonies. Click @rollsroycecars for the full picture.