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Rolls-Royce Motor Cars


This is Wraith. Experience ultimate Grand Touring redefined for the modern era. #ThisIsWraith

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Power pushes for greatness, continually seeking what’s next. #rollsroycewraith makes it possible.
Bold and imposing, the refined #rollsroycewraith drives thrill seekers to discovery.
Every new experience enriches the modern day thrill seeker. The adventure is in the journey.
Power is strength. Power is speed. Power is the unmistakable feeling of Wraith surging into the unknown.
Unmistakable in style. Dynamic in presence. #rollsroycewraith is the expression of the desire to push for more.
The restless are never content with routine. New experience is just around the corner.
This is power. Literal, metaphoric and undeniable, flowing from every inch of #rollsroycewraith.
This is style. #rollsroycewraith exudes a confident expression of new world beauty. #thisiswraith
This is drama. Spirited, restless and unmistakable, Wraith finds beauty in the drama of every drive. #thisiswraith
You belong to a new world. Expand your horizons with a Rolls-Royce that transcends the normal experience.
Embrace change. This is a new era of Grand Touring.
The lure of new experience is just around the corner.
Fired by their muse, Rolls and Royce travel distances never believed possible. 14,000 miles conquered on a single engine. #spiritofecstasy #houseofrollsroyce
The 1907 Silver Ghost epitomises Rolls-Royce elegance and grace. A machine with a soul, with the power to make the world stand still. #spiritofecstasy #houseofrollsroyce
Paris, 1906: the legend begins. Rolls and Royce had created a machine that would break land speed records again and again – in effortless style. #spiritofecstasy #houseofrollsroyce
Record-breaking pioneer of motoring and aviation. Charles Rolls broke records and defied the odds becoming one half of a partnership that shaped the course of history. #houseofrollsroyce #spiritofecstasy
Meet our muse: Eleanor Thornton. From humble beginnings, she used her charisma and intellect to rise through society and become the ethereal force behind Rolls-Royce. Follow the link in our bio to discover how she inspired the #spiritofecstasy. #houseofrollsroyce
A self-made engineering genius. The ambition of Henry Royce and his endless pursuit of perfection continues to drive us forward. #houseofrollsroyce #spiritofecstasy
Be inspired. #spiritofecstasy #houseofrollsroyce
Every story has a beginning. This is ours. #spiritofecstasy #houseofrollsroyce
Our story begins, and a muse becomes legend. #spiritofecstasy #houseofrollsroyce