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It's finally starting to feel like summer and I can't help but think of upcoming road trips. @mtn_michael and I have a few fun climbing/mountaineering inspired travels coming up that I'm super excited about! Do you have any fun summer trips planned?  Photo taken by my mom on a very unique Nevada road. @TravelNevada #travelnevada @MatadorNetwork #travelstoke
Can't resist scrambling around on all of these beautiful red rocks. I love the desert! It was awesome to test out the new #threadborne line from @underarmour while I was down in Nevada. These layers are so light and perfect for hot days! #sponsored
Back in February, @subaru_usa and @matadornetwork did a couple films featuring long time Subaru owners to showcase how their cars fit their lifestyles. Here's a short clip of mine. Love my hearty little adventuremobile, I'm glad it made the cut! #travelstoke #meetanowner #ad
Taking a breather to enjoy this beautiful view while out testing and shooting some of the new @underarmour #threadborne gear. Super comfortable and breathable! #sponsored
Got on a new (to me) section of the Colorado river last week. After rafting sections of it in Colorado, Utah, and Arizona, it was awesome to continue down the river in Nevada with a two day kayaking trip of the Black Canyon. I love this river! @TravelNevada #travelnevada @MatadorNetwork #travelstoke  PC: Mom
Encounters with wild things. @TravelNevada #travelnevada @matadornetwork #travelstoke
When they let you drive the boat.. #buckleupbitches #muahahah @TravelNevada #travelnevada @MatadorNetwork #travelstoke  PC: Mom
That one time we did some ski filming for @subaru_usa in a white out during the Jackson snowpocalypse. Props to @kyehalpin and @kylie.fly (📷) for sticking through it! @matadornetwork #travelstoke #meetanowner #ad
Earthling 👽✌🏼
I was a college sophomore on spring break when I first experienced the American Southwest. My friend and I had never been before and didn't really know what was out in the massive open-ness of the desert, so we picked the two national parks in the area (Canyonlands and Arches) and made a trip of it. Since then, I've discovered so much more about this wonderful place; climbing to the tops of sandstone towers, canyoneering into deep caverns, and rafting whitewater beneath huge canyon walls... And though I love this place more and more with every unique corner of it I discover, I can't help but appreciate that first time seeing the desert. That first time having my mind blown by a place I couldn't believe actually existed... That's an experience I wish I could have back. So if you haven't been, go. There is nothing like experiencing something for the first time. @keen #terradora #keenambassador  PC: @doinglinessince07
As you may already know, President Trump signed an executive order yesterday calling for a review of national monuments, saying that national monument designations "create barriers to achieving energy independence.. and otherwise curtail economic growth." Perhaps what's being ignored here is that the outdoor industry provides the US economy with $887 billion in consumer spending annually and also provides 7.6 million Americans with jobs. This poses a very real threat to lands that have been preserved for future generations as well as posing a threat to the livelihood of many. If you'd like to help to defend America's public lands, voice your concerns to Secretary Zinke at 202.208.6416.
TGIF 📷: @backcountry13
Watch more sunsets than Netflix.
Winter still hanging on up there.  Shot on @getolympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II #capturingwhistler
Open spaces, quiet places, and allowing the mind to drift past the chaos to return to what's good and important. There are a few things that really matter in life, and a whole lot of things that don't. It's places like these that help to distinguish between the two.
What's up Whistler?! Just returned from an awesome couple of days with the @getolympus team testing out some of the new Olympus cameras. Particularly impressive was the new OM-D E-M1 Mark II, featuring amazing weather proofing and image stabilization (my favorite features). Thanks to @bejamin for taking a break from skiing to grab this snap of me on top of Whistler Mountain with the iconic Black Tusk. #capturingwhistler
Hey sweet thing. 🦊 @jacksonhole
It's been one hell of a season at @jacksonhole, one of the best I've ever had. If you didn't make it out this year, put this place on your list for next season! *Pictured: @doinglinessince07 dropping into Once is Enough couloir last week. 🏂 @fjallravenusa
Didn't make it to the top, but I wasn't pissed about this sunrise. @jacksonhole
Jurassic Park. As seen by packraft. 🍃🚣🏼 PC: @moonmountainman
There are no shortcuts to any place worth going. Or rather, taking shortcuts can cheapen an experience that would otherwise have the potential to be remarkable if earned. Imagine the difference between visiting the summit of a tall mountain via a gondola vs. visiting the summit after an entire day of grueling effort. Which one would be more appreciated/memorable? Or in the case of this photo, experiencing the worlds largest natural bridge after several days of arranging logistics in a foreign country, getting giardia along the way, and rafting a remote canyon for a few days with portages and whitewater to navigate. It is possible to visit this place in a single day, but I know it would never have been so magical and appreciated without the persistence and dedication it took to complete the entire journey. In the age of instant gratification, we are always looking for the quickest way to do anything, but it's taking those shortcuts that steal gratification in the end. PC: @moonmountainman