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Jurassic Park. As seen by packraft. 🍃🚣🏼 PC: @moonmountainman
There are no shortcuts to any place worth going. Or rather, taking shortcuts can cheapen an experience that would otherwise have the potential to be remarkable if earned. Imagine the difference between visiting the summit of a tall mountain via a gondola vs. visiting the summit after an entire day of grueling effort. Which one would be more appreciated/memorable? Or in the case of this photo, experiencing the worlds largest natural bridge after several days of arranging logistics in a foreign country, getting giardia along the way, and rafting a remote canyon for a few days with portages and whitewater to navigate. It is possible to visit this place in a single day, but I know it would never have been so magical and appreciated without the persistence and dedication it took to complete the entire journey. In the age of instant gratification, we are always looking for the quickest way to do anything, but it's taking those shortcuts that steal gratification in the end. PC: @moonmountainman
When @moonmountainman invited me on a river trip down a canyon in Southern Mexico, I almost didn't go. In fact, the only reason I said yes was because I had a back injury preventing me from skiing, so I figured it would be an alright way to pass the time while I healed up. Now that the trip is over and I'm back in the States, I can only shake my head at my original thought process. The places that river took us were amongst the most beautiful and remote places I've ever been in my life. Travertine waterfalls, lush jungles, parrot-filled caves, awesome rapids - the list goes on... So yeah, lesson learned - No matter how much you think you've seen, don't underestimate the ability of the natural world to inspire! 🌎✌🏼 PC: @backcountry13
Think outside. No box required.  @jacksonhole @fjallravenusa
Drawing S's on the moon. Er, I mean... on the slopes of @jacksonhole! If you're in need of some ski inspo, you should definitely go follow the @jacksonhole account, you won't be disappointed!  Photo by the talented @dyrlandproductions
Pretty sure that canyoneering is just one big adult game of "Don't touch the Lava." #onlysomewillgetit  PC: @ericrhanson
Be a dreamer. A doer. A thinker. There is possibility everywhere.
Connection amidst chaos  @fjallravenusa
My passion for skiing powers me through the winter season. I don't have time to be held back by a winter cold. So when I feel something coming on, I power through with #theraflu so I can get back to what I love ASAP. Can't miss a day on the mountain due to sickness! What's your main winter activity? #whatpowersyou #sponsored  PC: @forestwoodward
Currently post-holing my way through physical therapy for a protruding disk in my lower back (recent ski accident). I'll be back out there soon, enjoy that snow for me in the meantime if you're out and about! ⛷✌🏼 @jacksonhole  PC: @dyrlandproductions
"Oh hi, hi biscuit. Hi sweet thing. You're so pretty. Can I take your picture? I love you." Me when I see an animal
I definitely agree with Edward Abbey when he said, "The idea of wilderness needs no defense, it only needs more defenders." #protectwhereweplay #haydukelives
Keep it simple, Stupid. @jacksonhole  PC: @dyrlandproductions
It may not look like much to you, but it's everything to us. #keeppubliclandsinpublichands
I'm excited to announce that I'm joining #teampowerbar this year and supporting their #cleanstartpledge! My pledge this year is to try to improve my form when skiing. Growing up racing, I used to focus heavily on my form. But after switching to backcountry skiing nine years ago, I can tell that I've let a few things slip. Time to crack down!  Submit your own pledge for improvement through the link in my bio. PC: @dyrlandproductions
Celestial encounters 👽💫
Yesterday evening, I pulled into the parking lot of a frequently visited Teton overlook to see a couple feeding this fox m&ms out their car door. I informed them that feeding wildlife is very damaging the the animals natural behavior and causes them to become reliant on humans for their food. They didn't care and went right back to videoing the fox with their phones. After they left, I watched the fox run up to every new car that pulled into the parking lot to sit right outside the car door and beg for food like a dog. THIS IS NOT OK. Though I enjoyed getting to see this beautiful animal (and take photos of him from a distance with my zoom lens), I would have much rather not seen him and have him still behave like the wild animal he's supposed to be. Please be conscious of the impact we have on the natural world and respect wildlife by not feeding them.
"Wooosh, whoosh, yeah, whooosh, hahaha, whooosh, ungh, whooosh, whoosh, woooo!" Just in case you've never skied fresh pow and are wondering what it's like. 😜⛷@jacksonhole  Thanks for the photo and for accompanying me on this adventure @dyrlandproductions!
Heading to SLC for the @outdoorretailer show tomorrow for a few meetings and hopefully a little skiing squeezed in. Anyone going to be there? Give me a shout if you are!  PC: @forestwoodward
With temperatures in the range of -10F to -20F these last couple of days, my mind can't help but wander to this day at my favorite Belizean waterfall, where the temperature was literally 100F warmer than it is where I am today. Whew! @TravelBelize #visitbelize  Thanks for the snap mom!
Fun day skiing @jacksonhole with friends @forrestjillson, @casey_jillson, and @kyehalpin yesterday. First time on Cody this year! @fjallravenusa @gopro