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Sasha Unisex


Tattoo artist 🥀Rome Bookings are closed Cooperation: info@sashaunisex.com YouTube 👇🏼

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🇬🇧🦊🎡Tomorrow our @sashaunisex_store will participate at @londontattooconvention ! Come to our booth (number 033T) to get some inspiration from Friday till Sunday. Looking forward to see you!  FRI: 11am – 11pm, SAT: 11am – 11pm, SUN:  11am – 7pm.  #itselementarymydearwatson #sherlockholmes #corgi #sashaunisex
ENG/RU ♥️Here 10 facts about me, 3 of them are false. Guess which ones 🤔 1. I have a brother and sister. 2. Once I did a parachute jump. 3. I don't know how to swim. 4. I love parties and crowdy companies 5. In my childhood I colored a cat with felt pens. 6. Once I shaved my head 7. I've started drawing since I was 2,5 years old 8. I've watched all movies about twins 9. Usually I plan for a year ahead 10. I made my first tattoo when I was 15 years old . ♥️10 фактов обо мне, 3 из них ложь. Угадаете какие именно?  1. У меня есть родной брат и сестра 2. Однажды я прыгнула с парашютом  3. Я не умею плавать  4. Я люблю вечеринки и шумные компании 5. В детстве я разрисовала кошку фломастерами 6. Однажды я постриглась налысо  7. Я начала рисовать когда мне было 2,5 года  8. Я посмотрела все фильмы про близнецов  9. Обычно я планирую на год вперёд  10. Первая татуировка у меня появилась в 15 лет #10фактовобомне
New York! Full version is  in my YouTube channel 🔝 #newyorkcity #nyc 🗽
🌸🐰🌸 #veryimportantwhippet #whippet
🥀🦌🥀Everything in the forest has its season. Where one thing falls, another grows. Maybe not what was there before, but something new and wonderful all the same. #bambi #deer #watercolor #sashaunisex
🥀 #beautyandthebeast
The September Kiss 🦊🌹 @beautyarchiveofficial
👨🏻🐰👩🏻🐗Full version is in my YouTube channel 👆🏼(link in bio)  Thank you for watching! 💚 #whippet #veryimportantwhippet Thank you @fooxea 👽
If you could get any tattoo from any tattoo artist, what would it be?
⭐️#temporarytattoo 🦄  @sashaunisex_store ⭐️
Peony prints 🌿@sashaunisex_store🌿 #sashaunisex #watercolor #peony
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🐰🌷🐎 #watercolor  #animation #sashaunisex YouTube 🔝
👽🐰Chanel #chanelegant  #whippet #sighthound #watercolor #sashaunisex
Film by @fooxea 👽 ⭐️ @nickmetropolis ❤️ @dilandeniz 👁 @sashaunisex
🖤 #rosetattoo #temporarytattoo #sashaunisex @sashaunisex_store
White color is a perception that a person gets because of optical mixing of all blossoms of the rainbow. This is the most beautiful color and for me it symbolizes purity, innocence and magic.☁️ #teamnike #nikesportswear #sashaunisex
Magic friend 🌈🐰 #veryimportantwhippet
My custom Nike Huarache ☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️ А у девчонок конкурс! @soledepot Кто хочет выиграть белые кроссовки? 🖤 #huarache #customnike #sashaunisex  @nikesportswear #faceslaces2017