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tbh it's very different for me now and i'm so grateful for that but jesus lmfao
one of my like two total emotions
huge mood
i love my friends i love being sober i love the water i love the summer i know i already posted this on my personal but idc i'm double posting
my love for my friends knows no bounds
tag your crush to scare them the frick away!!!!
big thank you to @shopwitchsy for supporting so many artists and letting me pick out this rad patch
fb filters complete me
me and my self care
i have FOUR moods
never mcfreakin forgetti
we are at the psychiatrist lmfao self care
cursed image @versace_tamagotchi
holy fuck. they sent me the transcript of the talk i did with dre (@gothshakira ) and jack (@versace_tamagotchi ) a few months ago. this was the most nervous i've ever been and i knew i said some shit id regret but i didn't know it was this bad ... god forgive me
spirits successfully summoned
these fb algorithms are really heckin me up
a special circle of hell
if you send me free clothes i'll stop making memes about you and also stop dressing badly @eckhaus_latta