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my venmo is @scariestbugever and i'm very sad

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going phoneless for 30 more days. sorry. i love you. back soon.
28 days sober, who knew that was the clear skin secret. gonna take another internet break starting now. back next month. if i owe you mail i'll send it soon. if you don't hear from me don't worry. i'm just on hiatus. love you my dudes😭🌽🌹ps - have no money and am on job hunt. use contact button to send me job leads (nyc, la, baltimore, open to wherever at this point) or venmo me if you love me and want me to be able to afford food until i get a job ily (not begging just asking so don't post mean stuff on my happy sober post!!! do not!!!)
hey guys! i'm alive, i'm okay, and i'm going to be posting a lot less on instagram for a while, but when i feel ready i'm gonna come back, new me style. i know a lot of you were concerned about me, i was in inpatient rehab for like, a lot of things, but mostly alcohol and sadness. i'm about a month sober and i feel really good. this is the least i've hated myself for a while. i just wanted to peep out of my hole for a minute to let everyone know i'm doing really well... if u follow me and u need help with an addiction or self harm i will post some links for help as soon as i can. it took me a while to realize i needed this, but i really, really did. my friends and family were here for me the whole time and i'm so fucking lucky. anyways that's all i've got for now. i never thought i could get sober but i'm doing it for me now. hope that someone who needs to see this today hears about how well it went for me. love you all 🌹
i will be off instagram for the next month or so. please enjoy this fluff in my absence. i am fine. see you later!
leaving LA today but definitely wanna come back soon and stay longer. i had an unpredictably good time at the art show despite being super afraid of socializing and meeting strangers, and did public speaking without vomiting. and i got to meet so many really nice people and hug them!! anyways, thanks for the continued support, sorry to the people i've been out of contact with for the past few days because been busy. also got this sweatshirt which was a really good move. thanks to @shannonpartrick for taking this cute pic
in case you thought i wasn't gonna play myself and shitpost today
stole this meme from @howie.s03e05.720p.hdtv.mp4 which means i also stole all the love in his heart leaving none for anyone else
happy valementyines day i'm like especially about friendships on this one i love hou gays
holy shit what
this is tonight! note NEW LOCATION! show up if you are nice and want to hug us! or stay home and internet bully us online! stinky!
i will repost this every time the mold strikes me and you shan't be saying anything
today rules
wow!!! i love it when my friends give me gifts!!!!
just imagine
what movie should me and @problematiqueer watch rn that won't make us sad??? 🤔
i was doing well for like 15 mins today and then someone i thought i trusted hecked me over and now i'm sobbing watching the slender man documentary wyd
sorry for posting troubling shit that sucks everyone into my depression with me bc i love company
sick and also twisted @howie.s02e01.720p.hdtv.mp4