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so long suckers! i rev up my motorcylce and create a huge cloud of smoke. when the cloud dissipates im lying completely dead on the pavement

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Me getting ready to go on a bike ride/painting/hanging out with my friends 🍤🍋🍷
Now with 100% more baby #katiestrangerthings
Saw my friends play music>spent time with devil cat>mastered the ancient art of turning people gnome-sized
Florida circa 2005 on probably the cheapest film they had at CVS or maybe an old digital camera. Either way, no filter needed.
Some of my favorite drawings I've done recently! Ruby Tandoh making the same face I make whenever Paul Hollywood speaks might actually be my favorite out of all 200 or so I've done. #postit #art #illustration #drawing #artistsoninstagram #pencil
Starting a grassroots campaign to get cast in in #strangerthings3. We can do this people! Please use any social media clout you have to make this happen and use the hashtag #katiestrangerthings thanks . . . #strangerthings #strangerthings2 @netflix #dufferbrothers
A week's worth of sunrises from my office window.
I could be your nightmare...or your wildest dreams
I nearly jumped out of my SKIN when I saw this spooktacular Halloween card from @katiegstalder!!! OMG girl warn me first! What a thoughtful and talented #westmaynardacademy alum! 🍁👻
What ordinary activities might @st_vincent get up to in her spare time? 🤔#stvincent #masseduction #fearthefuture #annieclark #halloween
Tyra WHOMST? Move over, glamour girls, there's a new kween in town! Miss Eliza has a pretty poncho and sass to spare. Swipe to enter the glamoverse-if you think your eyes can handle the megawatt star style beaming from that diva pout! I want these images displayed on the inside of my casket lid so I can admire them forever because I am SLAIN! #sickening
Diner in Delaware. Taken by my dad on a college visit. I didn't get in.
Me sitting down at my desk and hopefully having a productive Tuesday at the office!
Made an unintentionally spooky dinner of cauliflower and purple and orange carrots, so I topped it off with some black salt and pumpkin seeds and called it a day! Pairs well with red BLOOD! Serve over DEAD BODIES! Prepare to be consumed by the Halloween spirit-eat at your own risk! #lifestyleblogger but only for #halloween
Hoodies, bonfires, cuddling. Fall is here. Comfy sweaters, warm drinks and pretty colors. I love autumn. Who is ready for fall leaves, hoodies, pumpkins and smores. Hoodies, hot cocoa, boots, jeans, cuddling, crisp air, flushed cheeks. I live for autumn. Crisp air, pretty leaves, football, hoodies,
A tribute to a fallen friend 🥛
One last #birthdayretrospective for the road. This picture was taken shortly after my birthday and my grandma's death. My family went to Easton and as we were walking down the street we were suddenly engulfed in a massive mob of teenage girls. They were One Direction fans who thought we were in need of a flash mob to cheer us up; obviously, I had to join in, seeing as I was deep in my undercover fake One Direction fan phase and couldn't blow my cover. I think this picture does an excellent job of conveying the frenzied energy of this crowd, my pose and body language betraying any semblance of positive opinion of 1D. It certainly didn't cheer me up, that's for sure.
The golden hour (*Ashokan Farewell plays softly in background*) 🍂🍎🍁🐃
BREAKING: We interrupt this birthday retrospective series to ask: what was the design on the socks @mitskileaks was wearing last night??? #theylookedcool #burningquestions #burninghill?
Birthday retrospective part II. Look at that huge grin! That's the face of a girl who's about to unwrap some presents, unsuccessfully try to convince her friends to watch all of Lord of the Rings on a 10" TV in a tent, and who will find out in a matter of hours that her beloved cat had been dead for the entirety of her  13th birthday! Now that's an "it's my party and I'll cry if I want to" moment if I've ever seen one. Can't say the idea that I had frolicked with my friends all day mere feet away from Buddy's body made me feel great the next day, but hey, maybe it was symbolic of the teenage years to come.