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Sophia Ance


Nelson Crew Salon πŸ’‡β€β™€οΈ Goldwell Trustar Educator🍎 2 Time Goldwell Colorzoom New Talent US SemiFinalist πŸ† 904.333.4231 text for appointments

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when the glorious hair is too long to fit in a cropped photo,  so you can't properly edit the dryer out, but you still want to share...she wanted soft caramel,  light brown sunkissed pieces that wouldn't shock her but would make her feel light! using all Goldwell color of course! #missionaccomplished #goldwellapprovedus #bringmeallthehawaiianladies #happybdayt
found my #influx sketch from last year...can not wait to share my #elemental concept in a few months ...#colorzoom
I'm SO EXCITED to be on the Goldwell Trustar team! Co teaching my first class in a couple weeks with @luckynumberevelyn and @steven.dimmick and I'm ready to share the Goldwell love ! #chasingmydreams #goldwellapprovedus #goldwelleducation
such an honor to be participating with @studiosagehair ladies doing  makeovers with @rethreadedinc... #beawesometosomeone #studiosagehair #survivors
Auburn Dreams πŸ’πŸ‡πŸ«... created this dimensional color using all Goldwell color where I  played with the elumenated naturals to create a color that shines from the inside out but has depth ! Feeling inspired from my Goldwell Trustar training last weekend ! @goldwellus #goldwellapprovedus
I love this so much. I think it's so important to find the things that make us unique and be brave enough to let them show. Doesn't matter if it's a spunky personality or crazy cowlick, I love helping people find that characteristic that makes them THEM and help empower and encourage them to know how beautiful they are! Embrace your chaos! Live the life you want, it's ok if people don't get it or like everything you do.They don't have to! Let them go and appreciate the ones that are constant and love you πŸ˜™ #feelinggrateful
and also look how cool we were in #2013 when I was your assistant 😻 @ericakeelen_hair_love... can't wait to work with you again one day 🌿
I was nominated by @ericakeelen_hair_love to share my 1st ig pics. since I have 2 Instagrams, one professional amd one personal, here is the first pic from both! that's my oldest daughter Alexandria back in 2012
when your hair is super dirty and you really just want a pic of your jacket...#unrelatedhairnews
my beautiful adopted Italian grandmother...( she isn't really my grandmother,  but she is quite special) #blondehair #byebyegreys #iamgoldwell
today required a @sensistudio hat from @gypsetandpearl due to rain and curly roots ...
love getting the client car selfie shout out! πŸ˜™ @k8yrose85
took my beautiful client from a heavily foiled blonde to a dimensional faux root. Since she had been bright blonde her whole life, we wanted the look of a root, but without the serious commitment of a base in case she didn't like feeling dark...so I  was strategic with my low light placement, and gave her the look of a root, with diagonal forward sections off of her part 😍 baby steps! used all goldwell color and evo products...#lowlights #blondehair #dimensionalblonde #fauxroot #iamgoldwell
hi mom( that's really my mom)! you're a beaut! come back to jax so I can do your hair forever...ok bye! #blonde #byebyegreys #champagneblonde #iamgoldwell
the struggle is real today in FL πŸ˜‚
this was so me! THANK YOU to all my amazing, beautiful, loyal, thoughtful and kind clients for making this the best holiday season for me. Thank you for your support, gifts, cards,prayers love and friendship! So excited for all the new adventures 2018 will be bringing for me professionally ..can't wait to share... Xoxo Sophia
uuuummm how gorgeous is she? I mixed Cupid and Blush to create this custom pink  @pulpriothair @igkhair  #pinkhair #longlayers #igkbeachclub #igkmistress #noboringhairever #jacksonvillehairstylist #pulpriot #modernsalon #americansalon #behindthechair #fuckinghair #jacksonville
snag your spot before they are gone! #thankful *** update as of 11/30 all appointments are booked except for 12/6 at 2pm color/cut and 12/7 at 2pm for cut only
Go big or go home! This client wanted a big change! Swipe for the before!(the blonde)#iamgoldwell #goldwellapprovedus #colorcorrection #igkhair #noboringhairever #thisringlightisgivingmelife
love when clients send me carselfies πŸ’ž before(right) and after (left) ...new richer color and lob for this beauty
she didn't like this pic, but I think she is a knockout! new bangs for the season paired with a fresh cut and style for this gorgeous lady !