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Kittie Bernott


Intuitive Metalsmith with Viking roots, creating jewelry designed to Awaken Your Natural Wisdom.

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Luminous Spring 🌸 This past week was a bit of a studio wash, between collective illness, recovery, and social times. But that’s life. I’ve got so many lovely things in progress that I’m excited to share asap. And it’s nice to feel spring stirring in my veins. 🌱
Happy Caturday! 🐈 I’m back in the studio today after two days off (it was Danny’s weekend). We got a lot of house things done, including hanging artwork. The Treehouse feels a lot more homey now. 🏑
Got a question? Craving some insight? Leave me a comment here & I’ll pick one to read with the runes today! 🌲 I’ll be using Instagram Stories live in my forest studio, so the recording will be available for your perusal. Looking forward to it!
Majestic Clarity 🦌 Jan 2018 was Studio Kittie’s best month ever, so I designed this necklace to celebrate! πŸ’Ž Especially since 2017 was spent mostly on a journey of rediscovery. I’m over the moon to be back in the world, doing the work I’m called to do. Sending each and everyone of you blessings and thanks for every bit of support. πŸ’šπŸŒ²πŸ’š
Now available for Runesmithing! βš’  Each crystal will be hand-carved by yours truly in my forest studio. Choose Elder Futhark runes, or let me design a Rune Stave that will empower your endeavors.🌲 $19 each for the three smaller stones; $24 each for the two larger; includes S/H! My feed has lovely examples of previously runesmithed crystals. Check the comments on this post for descriptions of each crystal available this week. πŸ“œ
I’m learning to make candles! πŸ•― And I got to extend the life of some of my favorite scented (but not well designed) candles in the process. #winwin #candlemaking
When the family unwittingly creates their first album cover πŸ“Έ #sonomacoast #latergram
When Dreams Take Wing πŸ’œ So pleased to share this Runesmithed crystal heart I carved for my dear friends Sonya and Ra of @ra_moonhawk_wands. Not all talismans need to be wearable! Runes assist anywhere and crystals make great living space companions. πŸ’— Amplify the intentionality, and people rise to meet us!
Facets of a Full Moon πŸŒ• These last 24 hours have been so nourishing and encouraging. Holding space for several beautiful souls, preparing to create runic talismans to aid their progression. Space being held for me in turn, as I continue to heal and progress. βš’ It takes community to build anything that lasts and whether it’s two or two milllion the energetic effort we put forth amplifies and expands. πŸ’— That being said, you better believe I’m going to fall asleep on the couch in about an hour! 😴
Imagine your own personal runes carved here! 🌝 The Lapis Lazuli is reserved but I have two Amethyst and two Rose Quartz crystal pendants available. πŸ“Ώ These will be infused under the Super Full Moon Eclipse by myself (I’m staying up!!) and then hand-carved with empowering runes to encapsulate this potent transitional energy. πŸŒ• These will be available after the lunar transition, but if you reserve your crystal now, I can hold space for your intentions and runic empowerment in real time. That’s about as powerful as it gets. πŸ’Ž Each crystal comes with your choice of gold or silver chain, or natural leather cord, in a moss-lined gift box. $29/$39 for sm/lg, and that includes S/H. Message me! πŸ“ Wear & Awaken your natural wisdom. 🌱
6 crystals + Lunar Event + Runesmithing = Extra Magical jewelry announcement! 🌝 I will be awake on the morning of 31 Jan, infusing under the extra-potent Super Full Moon Eclipse energy. I picked out these six pendant crystals to be part of that infusion.πŸ’Ž I will handcarve an intuitive, Moon-inspired rune stave into the crystals. Or a rune of your choice! βš’ There are 3 large pendants and 3 small. Each will come with your choice of metal chain or natural leather cord. πŸ“Ώ I’ll put the crystal amplification notes below. In the meantime, if you’d like to reserve your stone and choose your custom runesmith carving with me ahead of the Full Moon, message me ASAP! πŸŒ•
Runesmith Necklace work in progress. πŸ“Ώ If you are, or know, a horse person... stay tuned! 🐴 This piece will be Ehwaz infused big-time.
Rune Stave work in progress. βš’ Moving from sketch to stone is always a rush because there’s no eraser for carving. I can’t wait to share pics of the final design once this runesmith crystal arrives at its new home!
Housewarming gift! β˜•οΈ Thank you Danielle and Micah for the amazing tea blend. It’s delicious and so thoughtful. πŸ’• Mint and Rose with Skullcap and Lemon Balm. Perfection. 😻
A fountain in the rain. ⛲️ We went wine tasting along the river yesterday and discovered lots of great places! @macrostiewinery included.
A few snaps from a morning walk. I live somewhere magical. #rionido
These crystals are now available for Runesmithing! βš’ Hand-selected and energetically cleared by yours truly, each stone will be hand-carved with a Rune Stave custom designed to support and empower you through whatever is emerging right now. πŸ’Ž DM me if interested! It’s just $24 per runesmithed crystal this month (that includes US s/h), except that large Fluorite which is $29. πŸ’š These were shared with my mailing list today too so don’t stall if one speaks to you!
Hardware swap! πŸ”© Installing gunmetal grey buttons on my birthday boots this morning. It took me ages to find a tall pair of sturdy leather boots that don’t have zippers. I’m beyond excited to try these out on our steep forest hillsides where grip and protection both matter.🌲
The best Icewine I’ve ever tasted. πŸ₯‚ Skål to my lovely friend Christina for this birthday gift that’s above and beyond... hand-carried all the way from Canada no less. 🍁 Tonight I’ll be toasting the six Rune Readings I sent out in the best possible way (that isn’t mead)!
Six rune readings in two days! πŸŽ‰ Talk about getting back into the swing of things. It feels amazing to be reading for people again. And I’m deeply grateful to the six beautiful souls who trusted me to shape my new offering based on their life insights. 😻
Miles is, as always, very here for my Rune Readings. 😹 #behindthescenes