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Kittie Bernott


Intuitive Silversmith with Viking roots, creating jewelry designed to Empower your Inner Nature.

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From chaos, order 🌚The grandest plans are built on details. Therefore I'm taking time to sort a box of findings, which spilled years ago, back into properly divided storage containers. 🦁Sometimes this seagoat needs an extra dose of that shining Leo love... may this action now, benefit my work to come.
Sunny alignment 🌞Upbeat reading for my sun sign husband today! I'm glad he'll get max advantage from this heated up conjunction. 🌚I, on the other hand, will be loving the creative energy from as shady and fan-cooled a space as possible. These Fire days simply melt me ♑️
Grilled Naan 🔥Because everything tastes better cooked outside. Also it's wicked hot inside.
Et Voila! ⚒My first piece of leatherwork. Elegant little earbud wrap for my husband, who's traveling a lot right now. I had a lot of fun playing with dying/distressing techniques... didn't end up tooling, but that's ok, I have lots of leftover leather to work with!
At the beginning ⚒I envy artists who thrive on the mystery before the creation process. It just scares the pants off of me. 🌱But I 100% respect its necessity. I think that's why I've always been a more technical artist... but no amount of material work or assembly is compete without that Something From Nothing spark of creation. I need that. Like water. 🌊
Both of us rising 🌙 Can't seem to sleep past dawn these days. But I sure do have plenty of time! 😴 Excited to spread out my supplies and dive into some leatherworking today... still feels odd to travel that path, given my metalwork inclinations, but when the muse strikes, it's insistent. 🌞
Miles being Miles 🐯 And a good reminder to rest when it's available #catsofinstagram #relaxing
Pondering his options 🐒My husband and I are attached at the hip - and proud of it. 💍Today marks the start of his Traveling For Work season and we're both a bit emotional. Still, as much as I dislike the separation, I am so proud of him. 💜And I believe he will kick butt out there while also loving his family *and* selling a house. It's a lot and he does it with grace.
Coastal beacon ⛵️I never thought we'd be house browsing so close to the coast... #makeawish #stayontarget
Waiting to see what unfolds 🏠 In the meantime, here are some local flowers! 💐
Exploring the Area 🍻 This Little White Lie (Belgian White) is exceptional! So thrilled to be living in such a brew-rich area 🥂
Blushing Beauty 🍅My little patio garden is thriving, and I'm grateful it survived the move. 🏠Our house went on the market today, and somehow I feel this one little tomato is symbolic of the whole process... not that I could explain why! 😹
Make A Wish 📿Blue Lace Agate + Sandpiper Feather with sterling silver accents. 24" for that summery drape. 🌕Full Moon energy meets emotional support and the living energy of the tideline 🌊Because we know how to create, and deserve the support.
Sweet lil succulents 🌵I hope the people who visit our open house next week think so too! #houseforsale #onthemarket
Random pic to @derekjbender summarizes my life; bright, moving, and full of jumbled furniture. 🌞 #moving #houseforsale
Garden bounty prep 🍔🍹#holiday
I will miss my Pollinator Garden! 🐝🦋And I'm excited to plant the next one.
Just a girl and her rake 🏠 #moving #gardening
This is when things get real 🌱Multiple hearts, one desire. Amplification. Camaraderie. Focus. 🏘We are on our ways. Want to join in? Just let me know.
It must be summer! 🌞Mission Figs roasted with honey, thyme, & balsamic with a little lemon zest.
Baking Day 🥖No knead boule using leftover whey from Saturday's cheesemaking session! Home is where the heart is... and also the baking hearth 😻