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Kittie Bernott


Intuitive Silversmith with Viking roots, creating jewelry designed to Empower your Inner Nature.

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Thursday Night 🤘🏻Lacuna Coil are flawless performers and Cristina Scabbia continues to be one of my vocal muses 💜I can't wait to see them again!
Feng Shui 🐯Because of course this is the perfect place to waltz in for a nap while I'm mapping out our new house 😹
Exactly 👅
Perspective 🦌 This morning I realized: 3 months ago, we'd just moved to a new county. 2 months ago exactly, our house went on the market. 1 month ago exactly, we were having brunch in Occidental, ready for a day of property exploring. And today, we are bidding on a house, and not for the first time. 🌅So much in such a (relatively) short amount of time... and it would be easy to look back and remember the stress, the arguments, the frustration tears, the shaky gut-anxiety of the unknown. But all that pales in comparison to the love that was shared, the joy of opportunity, the delight in new discovery, and the excitement of taking chances on a bigger, brighter future. ♑️And hear me when I say, change is not my jam. This double Capricorn is all about the slow-and-steady progress and watching one foot follow the other. But I asked for something more grand, and life opened the door. All I needed to do was make friends with change, ride the highs and lows I spent so much energy trying to iron down flat in the past. 🦋These past three months have changed me, for the better. And all because I wanted to change. Knowing how does not matter. All one need do is be open, and willing to do the work. The nature of life does the rest.
Layers Upon Layers 🏡Our bid for this house happens tonight! Here's the view from the back hill. 🏰From the front, it's a fortress; from the rear, a lovely house. And that's exactly what the Shield Maiden in me loves about it. ⚔️It's so quiet here. Redwoods and hawks and the breeze rustling bay leaves. You can see nature triumphing in countless tiny ways... the cedar house knew it was magical. This house is ready to be partnered with. I can't wait to awaken what this land holds for us.
Divine Flexibility 🏡 From the moment we considered moving, I was crystal clear: we would end our journey in The Right House. 🔮I wasn't interested in half measures or settling for OK. I trusted that our new home would be waiting, even if we couldn't see it yet. And I've been steeped in that belief - certainty - for over 4 months now. 🗝The cedar house ended up going to another buyer, which was a little sad, because it was so beautiful. However, two days before we got that news, we toured another forest house that caught our hearts unawares. 🌲Whereas the cedar house was a rambling cabin, the forest light house is tall and elegant, a stronghold with so much potential for expansion and personal imprinting. 🌱It's solid, strong, and full of surety. We were surprised at how quickly we saw ourselves moving in. And right now, we're the only ones making an offer! 🍻So here's to certainty, my friends, and leaving room for the unexpected to sweep you off your feet. The right thing can always be just around the corner from what falsely appears as disappointment.
Self Care Day 🍦
Caprese Breakfast Tortas 🍅My little container garden + leftovers + distracting myself with projects = random cooking creations. 🏡Waiting is always the hardest part. #keepingbusy #dreamhouse
Victory In Business For All ⚔️Because a dream come true is sweeter when everyone wins. 🌲It won't be long now... I am a bow string, taut, and remembering to be flexible. #dreamhouse #runestave
Summer Rain 🌧And it's perfectly refreshing. 🌲Tomorrow is a big day and I'm grateful for this lull between waves of heat/intensity. 🏡
Nap time 💤 When you're organizing a list of open houses to go to, because actions speak louder than words (even though there's only one house for you, but you have to wait), and you hear a delicate snoring from behind... 🐯
We sold our house! 🎉Escrow closed yesterday. I got us a Princess Cake to celebrate. Like a mini version of our wedding cake 😸I do feel a little adrift today... but my focus remains the same. Cedar House. 🗝It's an odd feeling, though, to have enough sale proceeds to go out and buy another house for cash -- albeit in a different state. Here in CA, we have juuuuust enough for a tidy down payment. And hopefully enough to fund moving. 🏡
Grin and bear it 🐕Or in this case, foxy wolf it. #shibainu
Sacred Space 🌲When the house you fell in love with happens to have its own little redwood grove around back... 🌱New House update: the owner isn't reviewing bids until he returns from Burning Man. Could this be a more SFBA fairy tale? 😻It gifts us time to get our finances in perfect, sparkling order, which helps. Plus Mercury Retrograde will wrap up -- and while I don't blame MR for things, I'll take every auspicious lending hand that's offered. 🌌I love this house so much... it's difficult to sit back and wait. This Or Better! 📿(but this house srsly plskthx)
Irresistibility 🕯Rune staves in bone with copper. Wearing this to my dream home for its open house. Our bid is in, so this trip is to infuse the land with as much mojo as I can... in hopes it's meant to be.
I loved it. 🗝Danny loved it. Even our river-wary realtor loved it. It's more than a house, it's a sacred space... you can feel it in the rafters, the trees, the land. It's special. It's unique. I would be Blessed to live here. And so now, we go to work. And wait. 🌱
Accidentally in love 🎵 Tomorrow I visit this forest beauty, with whom I've fallen madly in love. Might not be our new home after all... but I have to go see for myself. 💘I spent most of my life not getting too excited, for fear of disappointment. Ive spent the rest ditching that habit. It's a grim way to live... 🌱Tomorrow I'll allow myself to feel the full expanse of my hopes. I'm a little bit scared. But I also trust that if this isn't the house, the next one will be just behind it. And, if I can love this one, I can love another one too. Because love - of any kind - is about expansion. And hope. And more and more.
Strawberry galette 🍓Love pie but hate the finicky crust process? The galette shall set you free. As it did me. #summer #fruit #galette
Fully charged 🌚🌞(swipe left) It was too foggy to see the eclipse, but we sat outside and soaked it up. Plus, my New House pieces got a solid boost! 🍺I also charged up herbs for a future mead brew... lovers mead, it shall be, or something similar. Mead Potions are awesome to work with. 🍯
Juxtaposition ⚖️It's a good day for balancing things. Saying Yay or Nay. Prioritizing. 🌞Tomorrow will be an awesome end to two weeks of unearthing whatever was buried... it all flows, one way or another. But it's a lovely time to identify what we truly desire to happen next. ⚗️