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Life is full of little surprises and my Shiba Inu IP7. GRD4.550D.EPL-8 A Taiwanese woman who is married to a Singaporean husband. 柴犬Se7en&Aki *2014。

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Goodnite 🌙
I think she really need a pillow 🤣
Happy gals 😍
Best X’mas gift ever 🎁 💕
We love fruits 🍎🍏🍐
Spa today 🚿 🛀🏻
With BooBoo Bear 🐻 today
Look at their happy face 😃 💕
Favourite ,這幾年的心頭好 💕
Good night 😴
Rainy day..... ☔️
Night patrolling today 🐾🐾
Spot the Shiba 🙈
[Update! Kuro boy FOUND!!! Thanks 🙏🏼] Se7en’s nephew slipped off near Zhongshan mall just now, please help to share and help him home 🙏🏼
Me time ✌️
終於結束什麼事都卡住,像走進迷宮一樣的2017最後一個工作日,動彈不得,無比的煩躁,什麼事都不順利,負能量排山到樹而來,點播一首”像什麼男人” 給我的小人同事 也解不了的氣,不知道提醒自己深深深呼吸多少百次,然後冷靜20%之後,按捺捉狂邊緣的情緒想盡辦法去思考和面對問題,2018,請對我比2017再好那麼10%可以嗎,真的不用多,還有不要再為難我的任何contract 了! 🙏🏼 End my last working day of 2017 with all negative thoughts (or people? ) and it’s driving me crazy as no matter how I struggle and it seems not moving at all!! Can’t imagining how many times I try to hold back the bad energies and try to ask myself clam down to face those not difficult issues but very difficult nonsense people....! Dear 2018 , please be nice to me just a little bit more!!!! 🙏🏼
Aki: I knw how to selfie 🤳 but just a little bit close only ....😁
NZ 🥝 Souvenirs from @mabellowyew & @verisnotonfire 💖