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New for #breathseptember2017  My husband Mark and went out to dinner for a belated birthday celebration for me. Chose a completely new restaurant we'd never been to with a Larin menu and Rum bar.  The food was pretty good. And the decor was trying hard. The blue wall was lit by slowly changing LED lights so it progressively changed colors. Those lamp shades are huge. .  And someone got a surprise party surprise. They were just sitting there and suddenly they pulled back the curtain to a side room and shouted "Surprise". Then the rest of the night, there was a picture montage playing on the wall. Ay one point the woman's putting sauce on the pizza and then she flashes her left bra clad booby to the camera. Ah Surprise parties.  I made sure Mark got to see it too. .  #restaurant #birthdaydinner #latinfood #annapolis #storyofmybirthday #amonthofbirthdaycelebrations #taleswithfriends #interiors #
#kindness for BreatheSeptember2017  I've been at the receiving end of so much kindness recently. I am boatloads of grateful for all of your birthday wishes. Awesome hospitality and people spoiling me confirms what I already knew. I have great taste in friends and family! .  What have I got going on right now? My blog post tells all. Link in my profile to a snapshot of my brain and current life process/progress. .  #taleswithfriends #lifeblessings #fionamariepeach #bunny #ontheblog #gratitude #friendship #amonthofbirthdaycelebrations
The Birthday Proper - Just thought you should witness this! Our meal at Out of the Fire was amazing only made better by the lending of. A birthday tiara by the owner Amy! .  I am so very grateful to my friends.@warriormiss @sue_in_caroline_co.md @karen.phebus @shantel.matthews.lipboss  for taking me out and to my fellow Virgo Birthday Girl @amanda_courie23  for sharing the festivities and spotlight with me. And taking this Fab picture! Thanks for all your birthday wishes! It's been a better than ever self-celebration! .  #birthday #amonthofbirthdaycelebrations #happy #friendship #taleswithfriends  #gratitude .
The birthday festivities continue. A birthday tradition, a huge bouquet of flowers which I get to arrange. Pretty fragrant toys from the earth just for me. .  Last night, a fabulous dinner out to celebrate two Virgos. Today, a dinner hosted by my sweet mother-in-law Mary. Allow others to join the celebration of your life. It's a gift you give to let them give to you.  #amonthofbirthdaycelebrations #flowers #floralarrangement #florals #taleswithfriends #igflorals #sunflowers #igflorals #flowerstagram  #stilllife
The most beautiful birthday cake from Lily Patisserie mixed with gorgeous @rosestoryfarm roses for a belated birthday afternoon tea with my Santa Barbara crew! ... Party designed by @bonfortuneparty #amonthofbirthdaycelebrations
I loved this guy. Even though my pose was silly outside, I was taken aback by the World War I display inside - just so incredibly moving. #lestweforget #wwi #swanseamuseum #amonthofbirthdaycelebrations
Birthday love one month early! Thank you #blaircooperdesign & Leigh for making this old bird feel special. #amonthofbirthdaycelebrations #oneforeachdecade #whendidigetold #neveractyourage #peterpan
Extra long weekend in Palma for Charlottes birthday celebrations. #amonthofbirthdaycelebrations