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#deuteronomy 8:2-3 #remember how the #lord your #god led you all the #way in the #wilderness these #forty #years, to #humble and #test you in order to know what was in your heart, whether or not you would keep his #commands. He humbled you, #causing you to #hunger and then #feeding you with #manna, which neither you nor your #ancestors had known, to #teach you that man does not live on #bread alone but on every word that comes from the #mouth of the Lord.#ThankyouLord God for #everything!! β˜οΈπŸ™ŒπŸ˜‰πŸ‘ŒπŸ™
There is no one else like ME on this planet... just as there is no other YOU. Born in NZ I am of predominantly Danish, English & Maori ancestry... my soul is wise, my heart a gift, nature my fuel, love my compass & fun my power. I am gentle yet strong... a Warrior Goddess, fearless & intuitive... nurturing & empowered . My history full of strength, culture, sensitivity, adaptability, love, home, family... with a deep spiritual connection & pull to the Earth. My lessons harsh, my growth powerful, my wisdom souldeep, my healing fucking magnificent, my future limitless. I know WHO I AM because I know WHERE I'VE BEEN & WHERE I COME FROM... & I'm GRATEFUL for it all . I have a strong spiritual connection throughout my ancestry... sensitivity & awareness, mediumship & knowing... & so much LOVE I feel it always. My ancestors walk beside me, they always have . My words HEAL, my wounds & wisdom gathered to help others. I LEAD. I am a light in the dark, hope for the hopeless. I change the world by being my sassy playful open REAL self. I LOVE. . Do you know who YOU really are? This time a year ago I didn't... I found my way to the answers I'd been seeking, words like 'Empath' 'Indigo' & 'Intuitive'. I found my way home... to ME... to my people... awake at last . I am a Mother. A Goddess. A Leader. I am a Healer. A Medium. A Teacher. I am a Student. A work in progress. A force to be reckoned with.... I burn with fire. I love like no other. I am ME. I am LIMITLESS . Find YOU & love yourself fiercely. No masks, no fear, no walls, ZERO bullshit... just BE. In all your fucking glory & magnificence... BE YOU. Do you know who you are yet? βœ¨πŸ’– if not, keep searching, YOU are worth finding xxx #fearless #warrior #goddess #maori #danish #intuitive #medium #psychic #findyou #beingme #home #ancestors #love #trust #faith #believe #iamfree #iamme #iam #mamaof5 #twinmama #findyou #selflove #bereal #heal #healing #healer #nofear #ownyourmagic #shine #truth
I Never gave too much thought into Hatian Voudoo Bc I Always Respected the fact that it was strictly for Haitians. And I deemed it to be a more Aggressive Sprits/Energy, Than I Was Ready To Take Responsibility For. Even tho I Have many French descendants and was raised as a toddler with Haitian voudon in my household. I would like to feel like some of these sprits have always been with me. I Work with the ORISHA. But As of Latelty Since My Workings With OYA. This Particular Family Of LOA Has Been Calling Me. GHEDE. Not sure how to feel about it. I'm just doing my research. If I had To compare my personality to any Loa. It would definitely be THEM. GHEDE. Party. Dance. Drums. Sexuality. Asexuality. NO Fucks Given Type Of Loa. Life Of The Party.#GiftOfMediumShip #communicationwiththedead #allcharacteristicsofmine πŸ‘‘ You Can't Chose Voudoun It Chooses You. && These SYNCHRONICITIES Are Loud And Clear To Me. How can I Ignore What I See And Feel. Of course I'm not going to rush off and make an altar like a fool having not been initiated or knowing the proper way to serve them. But I Will Studying Them And Trying To Incorporate Their Energy In A Most Balanced Way Into My Existence As An Alchemist. #excited #afrikanscience #melanin #chaosmagic #ancestors #witchesofinstagram #culture #666 #realms #ether #elements #loa #lwa #ghede
Before connecting with ancestors... . . There were a few things I had to do... first, I had to forgive and make amends with any living family members. . . This can be a tough one. Especially if you don't get along with or see eye to eye with immediate family...the key is to reach a peaceful place and understanding. You have to also come to a place of realizing that many of the issues amongst family related to harmony, abundance, and health could be due to a generational inheritance that your ancestors can help to elucidate on later. Therefore instead of holding a grudge or feeling that someone is to blame a parent or whomever - make peace that each member of your current or extended family was or is doing the best they can at the time for both themselves and your family as a whole. . . It makes little sense to try to establish a relationship with further removed family (even if they are more pleasant or a better fit for you), if you are not honoring the family you already have here + now that's alive. . . So, does that mean you have to put yourself in precarious situations with toxic people if that's an issue.. Definitely not. But you can reach a point of peace and harmony, trust you can and ask for divine guidance to reach that point, even with loving but firm boundaries it's possible. There are lessons, themes and wisdom to be learned from those relationships as well. As in most things, reaching a peaceful place means we've integrated those blessings well; if we haven't there's still work to do there before diving deeper into past ancestral history. . . . xoxo
Ancestors... these can be blood related family members you personally knew, that have moved on, or family members you did not know but became aware of - through family pictures... or stories. . . Then there are others you never met or even heard of but were part of the collective culture or cultures that eventually led to your birth (and can be tapped into), or those cultures that have remained embedded in your families' identity, customs and lifestyle with insights to share.  Influencing who you are and your overall ancestors. . . Then there are spiritual ancestors...not related at all in the carnal because they either have not yet incarnated in the physical OR are just tied to your families' lineage and therefore your families - well being because they've developed a relationship as spirit guides with your egun or ancestors (guardian angels, saints etc). . . Learning about all of this and how the echos of their life continue through our DNA and (what does or doesn't manifest in our lives) I found fascinating and a starting point to get to know them. Whether they're physical traits, medical conditions or a unique genetic trait. If you have pictures or information on your ancestors already this can also help in getting to know them (creating a connection) and honoring their legacy. . . Why take the time to honor your ancestors in your everyday life? Because if it weren't for them and the challenges they survived - we wouldnt be here and life is so much more difficult disconnected without them(!) It also adds to the meaning of why our existence is so key and precious. One day we will join them and our children will carry that legacy forward. How much easier and supported will that journey feel knowing you are supported and connected to an immense family tree 🌲? By showing them an example of what that looks like. . Honoring your ancestors can be as simple as retelling their stories, hanging up an ancestral photo wall or asking for guidance during prayer. . . So
While I was watching Pinocchio with the kids this week...the convo turned to our conscience and how it's related to our inner wisdom. . . I lightly explained the conscience but wanted to explain some information coming through from my ancestors or egun I've been reflecting on, getting to know and honoring during my daily spiritual practice for the first time in these last couple of weeks. . . So our body, soul, intuition and conscience are all separate yet interrelated. Our conscience just like it's shown in the movie is a gift from spirit in this case shown as a beautiful gift giving, wish granting faerie 🌟. . . Since Pinocchio is not a boy..his conscience abides with him but outside of him in the form of Jimney the Cricket. Our conscience is our inner compass and it can be developed well or poorly. As seen in the movie if we don't listen to it's counsel it can walk out - but also return if you tune back into it and acknowledge its purpose in your life. Our conscience is related to our due north or North Star, our purpose, and all that's good and true. . . In contrast intuition is related to our psychic power, extrasensory perception and inner knowing by connecting to our highest self and the collective conscience and source energy or Spirit. . . Our soul knowing or history is related to our past lives or the lessons we've already had, and our ability to tap into that record in our body or cells (DNA etc); so that we don't repeat the same mistakes again and continue to grow +  get a wider understanding of what our overall mission is and what we need to do here in this life to attain that. Our body wisdom or knowledge is our body's ability because it's energy, matter, and therefore an instrument - to detect energies, vibrations and information from things, people, animals, plants the earth etc... it allows us to channel that information especially through Mother Earth through grounding and release/cleansing our spirit so that we can remain strong. . . They all
Such a humbling day πŸ™ #heritage #ancestors #louisianacreole
Just discovered Who my great great grandfather was on my mom’s side: Mateo de Regil y de Garcia... born July 8th 1838 in Santander, Spain πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ and died August 5th 1911 in Ahualulco, San Luis Potosí, Mexico. SO COOL 😱 . . . . . . . . . #ancestors #family #ancestry #greatgreatgrandfather #1800 #santander #spain #mexico #españa #origens #sanluispotosi
When you have 90 seconds to #speakyourtruth #truth to a #crowd of thousands.... and thousands of years of #herstory and #ancestral callings are tugging at your heartstrings.... I #dedicate #mymessage tomorrow to all the bad ass, #radical #women who #pavedtheway for us to own this moment in time. I #dedicate my #dance to my #brazilian and #irish #ancestors whose #spirit enriches my spirit. #thankyou #kindreds for lifting me up so that I may lift up others. #uplift #womensmarch #togetherwerise
I love this picture of Arthur at the microphone for a ceremony at the new #orroroo Women's Rest Rooms in October 1937. He and council chairman Lew Toop are getting ready to wheel out the district's oldest resident Sarah "Granny" Teague to lay the foundation stone.
It's fitting the today's #genealogyphotoaday is #startswiths - I'm finally getting STARTED! But I'm actually using S for Seated and for #surnames. A cousin just shared this wonderful photo with me. The lady in all black Seated towards the center front is my great grandmother Bruna Maria Caterina #pagone #ventrella. The lady Seated with the baby is her daughter, my grand aunt, Mariantonia Ventrella #losurdo, surrounded by her family. We believe the lady standing behind Bruna is another of her daughters, either Carmela or Maria Costanza. #genealogy #familyhistory #familyphotos #ancestors
#it #really #bothers #me #when #i #hearπŸ‘‚"blackpeople SAY" "FIX IT JESUS"😑😱#WTF #yall #thinkπŸ’‘πŸ’ "GOT US HERE IN THE FIRST GOTDAMN PLACE SMDH"😀 "BLACKPEOPLE BEEN PRAYING" AND "WAITING ON "god" SINCE THEY INVADED US"πŸ’πŸ˜‘ #our #ancestors AND #ourselvesπŸ’πŸ‘€#we ARE THE "ONLY" #gods/#goddesses "WE HAVE"πŸ’―β€ΌπŸ™Œ "WHEN IS #enough ENOUGH"πŸ’ ALL THAT JESUS AND PRAYING BULLSHIT HAS DONE "ABSOLUTELY NOTHING# FOR #our #peopleπŸ’―β€ΌπŸ’ BUT "KEPT US ACCEPTING" OF THEIR EVIL WAYS AND PRAYING ON ITπŸ’―πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ I'LL BE SOOOOOOO GLAD WHEN THIS #fuckery #ends😑😑😑😑