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Welp, most of the freckles disappeared ╮(╯▽╰)╭ - #yamaguchicosplay #yamaguchi #tadashi #yamaguchitadashicosplay #yamaguchitadashi #haikyuu #haikyuucosplay #hq #anime #cosplay #animecosplay
Master, can I be your cat today? ฅ(• ɪ •)ฅ Ph: @axilirator Retouch: @sweetgunther
First photo done from Katsucon. 😊💚 @rae_bootn kills it every time for sure. 😄💚
I’m not insane, just irrational, but isn’t that the same ? here’s some more yurio! I’m slowly working on making my yoshino cosplay (you can check out the progress on my story highlight , though there isn’t much there yet). Also, I’m currently waiting for my rutile wig to arrive! I really loved houseki no kuni and I’m so excited to cosplay my favorite sassy doctor ~