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★ ✫ ♛ Kelly Is A Ju~Ju~Be Furbie @ Petopia! ♛ ✫ ★ ❁❁ Check out Photo Bundle details @ https://goo.gl/MQLpk1 ❁❁ Check out Kelly's JU~JU~BE MOMENT captured straight after a styling session! :) It's our 7th Birthday @ Petopia and we're celebrating with every furbie with a commemorative 7th Anniversary Ju∼Ju∼Be Furbie Photo Booth!  Besides receiving a Have A Beary Day Kawaii Choker* (comes in 2 unique variations), guests coming for Full Styling sessions from 20 May to 29 July 2017 can just top up $58 to capture their Ju~Ju~Be Moments!  Not only would your little Prince and Princess receive a framed photo memento, he or she will be entitled to a unique spa experience** (option of Ayurveda Herb Pack with Far Infra Red, H2+O2 Bubble Dip (new!) or Amino Foam Pack (new!) at the attractive top-up rates!  When your little Prince's and Princess' framed photo memento is being prepared, he or she will be entitled to a unique spa experience** (option of H2 + O2 Bubble Dip***, Amino Silky Foam Pack or Ayurveda Herb Pack with FIR) at attractive top-up rates! :D  Plus, receive a limited edition Ju~Ju~Be Jubilee Bib when you book a photo bundle with a spa top-up for your furbie! ❁ Just inform our fellow crew members from the Guest Relations Desk of your desire to book the photo moment session when making a Full Styling appointment :) * Have A Beary Day Kawaii Choker options are available while stock lasts as each guest receives one on a first-come-first-serve basis **Ju~Ju~Be Jubilee Bibs will be available to only guests with Full Styling reservations with photo bundle and spa top-up *** H2 + O2 Bubble Dip is another unique spa treatment which took Japan by storm since Dec 2015 ~ this therapeutic hydrogen bubble dip harnesses a high level of reduction power to rid impurities from skin and coat (dead cells, waste buildup, chemical debris from product use) and eliminate any residual chlorine present in the water.  #pets #puppy
These arrived today. They're such a good idea.  And the best thing is, we're helping our animal shelters in the process. What's not love about that?! "Through a partnership with the Australian Pets Association, each and every item in the Fetchy Store when sold, feeds 5 shelter dogs.  Every tee, hoodie, mug, piece of jewellery etc provides 5 meals to small, Australian rescue shelters.  How do we do this?  Simple, each month we select a small Australian shelter. Then at the end of the month, we tally up the items sold and send them the equivalent amount of bulk dry dog food, delivered right to their door through PetCircle.com.au  So let’s do this.  We have set the crazy goal to feed 100,000 dogs in 2017 so let’s get to work!!" @fetchyau 😚
2017/06/22  Between rain. #lyallstagram #soccerfield #humidity
#shoutout to @smurgalicious  and @fleeve
I'm told by potential customers all the time that I could never paint their pet's portrait because it's got black fur, and it would just look like a black blob. I hope this is proof that I'm able ;) Huck | Oil | 8x10
Mom... I don't have any yellow, and it's SUMMERTIME! ☀️💛 #wehadatalk
You know you have trained your human right when you can take the whole lazy boy and no one dares to move you #theking #mythrone 👑
Mum told me to jump up onto this tree stump and pose. It'll be fun, she said. So I jumped up and it fell apart right from under me! I stayed on it though! I got balancing skillz. #opaltheaussie⠀ --------------------------------⠀ #aussieshepherd #aussiesofaustralia #aussienation #aussielovers #australianshepherd #ilovemyaussie #ilovemydog #aplacetolovedogs #dogscorner #australianshepherdworld #dog #dogphotography #petphotography #dogs #dogsofinstagram #instadog  #redmerleaussie #backlight #campingwithdogs #nundlestateforest #hangingrockstateforest #nundle
We had a little agility practice this morning. First we were not really on the same page, but then we got some good practice. Lexi got to do some slalom, dog walk and practice some S-turns. Now if she's going to do a bit more agility she will have to learn some handling as well 😁. Allan got to do a bit of fooling around with the start of some running contacts on the dog walk (we really need to set up a serious plan for that though 🙈. He also got to do some short combinations with slalom and some seesaw practice which went really good!
Me too 😴