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Via @oracleofyoursoul ๐Ÿ”ฎโœจ "Moving into your own power and authenticity is a process that will make you most angry and frustrated, dumbfounded, lonely and in grief right at the moment you move more into it... because that's when you are able to see it - while before you were totally in the living of your certain conditioning as part of what we all came here to experience as a soul, all on our perfect set-out journeys in eternity NOW - and there are several of these moments, but once you understand what is at play - that it is about you realizing your own responsibility, that nobody can really make you happy for example, and that nobody should be burdened with that task just as you can not do it for anybody else - you will be glad for all the heartache and newly becoming aware of your UNIQUE TOTAL NATURAL AWESOMENESS and CREATIVE POWER ~  That it is only YOU who can align yourself with the One and Only Creative SOURCE that lives within you and within ALL and once you realize who IMPORTANT and absolutely unquestionably VITAL that is, YOU ARE DOING THE MOST SIGNIFICANT THING any BEING could EVER do and that is you realizing your SELF, your INBORN and SELF-EVIDENT VALUE, WORTHINESS, BEAUTY and POWER of undeniable Sovereignty - you hear this, you are a total being of magnificence on your own, ALL OF US - and by doing so you are a unmissable pion to STAND as A TRUE ANGEL OF LIGHT, BEING the LOVE that is able to ignite and reflect the essence of what lives in ALL and all who are ready to pick it up ~  No matter how you are received in the world, let it only guide you more inside, to more of who you truly are, to be that unbreakable, not to be overthrown TOWER OF LIGHT, not by anyone or anything, for you come from LOVE, the Source that created All, so who's gonna mess with you :-) you only BLESS ALL with your Powerful Lighthouse Intention of Love - seeing GOD in ALL as we realize the GOD in us, as ourselves, our SELF - understanding that all behaviour is either a cry
Can you?
Guess what?  I awaken him.  After I see the latest Episode of Noho's record, I think Sun Wukong will awaken very soon.  Anyway, I will post my first impression of Awaken Kris soon on my YouTube Channel ^^ #sevenknights #7knights #sevenknightsid #7knightsid #screenshot #game #netmarble #sevenknightskris #kris #awakening #awakenkris #awakenedkris #awaken #awakened #demonruler #demonrulerkris
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Just look at Awaken Rudy! He's more emo and edgy so he suddenly move like that!  #sevenknights #7knights #sevenknightsid #7knightsid #screenshot #game #netmarble #sevenknightsrudy #rudy #awakening #awakenrudy #awakenedrudy #awaken #awakened #video #edgy #emo #arena