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Fish pie with cous cous and broccoli, full of much needed vitamins after a guilty night out 😂 #bbg1 #meal #food #healthy #yum #bbg #bbggirls #bbground2 #bbgcommunity #bbgweek11 #kayla #kaylabbg #kaylasarmy #kaylasgirls
10 'easy' miles ( I use the term loosely!) done along the canal path. So lucky to have this on our doorstep! 1hr 30min of running 🏃🏾 🏃🏾 #halfmarathontraining #running #runningmum #runningmummy #runmummyrun
Who said that it's unhealthy to eat out? I basically eat out everyday at the weekend just cause I would rather spend an extra ten mins in bed then make myself lunch 😂 but that's where @pretamangeruk saves the day 💪 I haven't gone to the gym this week and I have been craving sugar like no other all due to my period (if that's tmi I don't care but I mean basics every girl gets one so) so I've been making sure that my meals are as healthy as I can make them but also made sure that I had something sweet at the end of the day so I don't end up bingeing at the end of the week. Which brings me onto my next topic, I am really gonna push myself mentally and physically in April but going refined sugar free🙈🙈which means I can only have fruit or maple syrup/honey (but only 2-3 TEASPOONS per meal) I am a sugar fiiieenndd so this challenge is gonna push me to my limits! Stay tuned for more information if you wanna get involved xxxx
Big breakfast, small plate, full tummy ☺️🍽☕️ It feels so good to be able to slow down this morning and ease my way into the day. I rarely get to use the keurig I got for my birthday because I'm always in such a rush to get out the door to work in the morning, so I'm putting it to good use today 😝 If you saw my IG story yesterday, you'll see that I got a solid workout in for the first time in a while. I've still been riding high on those endorphins 🎢 and reflecting on how I feel. I feel stronger than yesterday and optimistic about tomorrow. My health and fitness journey is a lifestyle, not a diet. Diets have a beginning and an end. My journey is something that I'm committing to for forever because I love the way I feel and I love the community and friends I've gained as a result of it. 👯🐥 Are you tired of trying every diet imaginable and having short term satisfaction? Are you looking for a lifestyle change that is simple and flexible for your own schedule? If you are, then lets chat. Leave me the 🙋🏼 emoji in the comments or in a DM and I'd love to hear about your goals and where you'd like to be 6 months from now. Small changes produce big results 👊🏼🏆🎉
Im starting 108 sun salutations for the next 108 days 🤗  I've been wanting to do this for a while now but have been to scared to start or even attempt such a long commitment. But I've decided it's time to do it. Giving up my fear and making the commitment. I will do this, for me. To prove to my self that I can do whatever I put my mind to 🙏🏽🙏🏽 If you want to join me please do!!! All you have to do is for the next 108 days commitment to doing 108 sun salutation A!! You can also join me in drinking a gallon of a water a day and doing meditation. I will be doing this to help with the sun salutations. Making sure I'm staying hydrated and allowing the water to fill me with all the energy and the meditation to help get rid of all the toxic energy 🙏🏽 I will be documenting my journey. So every day I'll record my self doing 1 sun salutation after/before I start my 10&. And on Saturday I will combine them into a video like this one! This way I have a way of keeping myself accountable 🙏🏽 ------------ 👚 @lululemon 👖 @aloyoga 🎼 @edsheeran 'Save Myself'
Don't forget to be proud of yourself! Two more workouts in between me and week 20! Peep my baby arm muscle coming through 💪
Tv selfie? (Yes I'm wearing my pj) Lol i just finished a little after-breakfast-abs workout and i can say that the first week of bbg is done! I've got a lot to study for monday so i'm gonna stay home the whole weekend 😫 even tho its super sunny outside 😭☀️ - - - #motivation #bbg #bbggirl #bbg1 #bbgweek1 #kaylasarmy #hot #hard #health #fit #goals #fitfam #fitspo #fitgirl #passion #workout #weightloss
having the morning off before work means I finally get to enjoy a good breakfast 👅 // tofu scramble, ancient grain rye toast, & heaps of fresh berries 👅 // i hope you all enjoy this beautiful saturday!
Such a beautiful day in London. So excited to try out bounce this evening for my birthday 🎉  And it's down to be nice for tomorrow's bootcamp in Hyde Park if anyone wants to join.  #bbglondon #workout #bbggirls  #strongnotskinny #bbglife #bbgcommunity #bbg1 #bbgfam  #bbgover30  #bbggirl #bbglondonsquad #sweat #weightlossjourney #thekaylamovement  #thisgirlcan #bbguk #bbglondonsquad #kickboxinggirl #trainlikeagirl #fitfam #fitfamuk #fitfamlondon #newbeginnings  #liveyourlife #adventuresawait #sunshine #bikinibody #summerready
Curry spiced  roasted veggies & rice  w/ tofu & sriracha on top. 👌🔥
About to take these pasty legs for a workout! 😂 I'm pale and there's no shame in my game here!  I almost changed into pants because my legs are pale and covered in bruises (not sure why? Lol) and I was embarrassed. And then I thought, wait a minute, IDGAF if someone doesn't like my pasty white legs!! 🙅I'm going to choose to not care and to love myself! It might seem silly, but to me it's a small step in the right direction towards greater self love 💕 //#selflovewarrior
James vs me... I think he won! Haha. Lovely Saturday brunch at our local spot before a day of revision for me... make the most of the 🌞 for me won't you girls?!!! . . . . .  #healthyliving #makehealthynormal #selflove #cleaneating #bbg #bbguk #bbglondon #bbggirls #sweatwithkayla #deathbykayla #bbgnewbie #abs #abgoals #travel #screwthescale #kaylaitsines #girlgains #girlswithmuscle #legsday #fitchick #fitspo #leanin15 #instafollow #bbg1 #piit28 #bbgcommunity #fitnessmotivation  #fitnessblogger #strongnotskinny
JEEZUS CRACKERS THIS COLD WILL NOT LEAVE! 😡 Late morning to afternoon I'm like wow! I can talk again, I can eat the fridge, and half breathe - then at night my body is like NOPE JUST KIDDING! You are going to suffocate, bloat, burn your throat, flood your nostrils, and feel like your head is going to bust from the pain, and will provide a sleepless night until the next morning... sorrrrrryyyy! And home remedies aren't going to cut it! Um excuse me body ☝🏼 , I have been treating you really well and this is what I get?  I have a feeling this is going to be more than 7 days off from any kind of physical activity. 🙄 I just want to go back to my normal self and kick butt!  Well, happy 5th rest day to me! 😂 Anything new? I need some action and excitement in my life besides sitting like a lump of poop!  Have a great Saturday! 😁
- 84/365 - Voilà 2 semaines que j'ai repris doucement mais sûrement le chemin  de la remise en forme. Je ne cours toujours as bcp mais le rythme augmente un peu. Patience est le maître mot.  #instantheureux #instantsheureux #unbonheurparjour #picoftheday #photodujour #remiseenforme #footing #courseapied #bbg #bbg1 #kaylaitsines #bbggirls #bbgcommunity #thekaylamovement #bbgprogress #week2 #semaine2 #instasport