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Intro Yes it's me Loren Banks.. welcome to another season of my love Story 😘now let me just tell you its not gonna be as planned as we thought 💕 Loren's POV February 23 2018 8:42PM I was on my way to me and Daniel's love place💓 which was the beach😉he said it was an emergency so I literally dropped everything to go to him *Beach* L-DANIEL?!! DANIEL?!! BABEEE!! Then I saw lights turn on at the spot I was at then Daniel popped out of no where!  L-Babe? what's all this?! He didn't answer he kept walking and then was in front of me,kneeled down on one knee and pulled out a ring! 💍 L-Babe what's going on?  D-I know that we just started to date, but Loren I want to spend my whole life with you! There is no other person who I want to give my heart too💕 Loren I knew you my whole life and I want you only you! Because no matter what life threw at us you still fought for our love! So.. Loren Banks will you marry me?  I started to cry really bad!  L-YES DANI YES I WILL MARRY YOU!  D-YESSS!  He got up put the ring of my ring finger he wiped off my tears looked deep into my eyes and kissed me for a long time!  D-My soon to be Mrs.Seavey😘💖 L-And I can't wait to be😏💋 (Swipe to see setup and engagement ring)  April 29 2018 Daniel and I were engaged for already 2 months I was going to Germany for a photoshoot for Selena Gomez!! *Airport* D-Do you have to go babe?! L-Yes babe it's honestly a big opportunity! Don't worry though I'll be back after 1 week D-Promise?  L-Promise!  D-I love you so much 😘 L-I love you so much too babe💕😍 We kissed each other and it was time for me to go Daniel was still holding my hand then we let go D-I'm going to miss you!! L-I'm going to miss you too but I'll be back!! 💖 *Plane* I was going to video chat Daniel, but then The plane started to act weird  FA(Flight attendant)-TO ALL PASSENGER THE PLANE IS NOT WORKING PLEASE EMBRACE YOURSELF!!! All-AHHHHH!! I was crying my heart was beating so fast!  More In
Okay so I was watching this video and Daniel literally wears FIVE DIFFERENT SHIRTS like wtf 😂 @seaveydaniel @seaveydaniel #danielseavey #loganpaul #evaneckenrode #brendannorth #markdohner #edits #edit #youtuber #youtubers #vine #vines #vinestar #viner #ripvine #maverick #kong #kongdasavage #lit #beamaverick #jankster #logang #logangsters #logang4life #dohnation #dwarf #love #dwarfmamba #whydontwe #wdw #invitationep
Video Creds: @w.d.w.limelights ••• Am I the only one who absolutely loves Jack’s hair like that? Probably but it is just like ZAYUMNNN. I wish he would still style his hair like that a bit more but WHATEVSSSS YOOO! ••• @jackaverymusic @corbynbesson @seaveydaniel @imzachherron @jonahmarais @whydontwemusic ••• #wdw #whydontwe #jackavery #danielseavey #limelights #zachherron #corbynbesson #jonahmarais #dolantwins #graysondolan #ethandolan #bromieomie #logang #loganpaul #alissaviolet #ricegum #fazebanks #beamaverick #ionlystanlegends
#beamaverick @loganpaul
Do you like his new moustache?🌚#Logang4Life #beamaverick #loganpaul #respect
Got it ! #beamaverick
Link in the bio to listen to this song  @loganpaul @moreloganpaul #beamaverick
#beamaverick 😍🤘 @loganpaul
OUTTA MY HAIR more like GET OUTTA MY HEAD... no wait stay in my head I LOVE THIS SONG  @loganpaul @moreloganpaul #beamaverick
Song is on replay and will be for another year I frickin love it bro  #outtamyhair #loganpaul #beamaverick
Chapter 18  After that situation you and Logan just talked and rested on the trampoline. Shared a few laughs and made more memories together. You couldn't of asked for anything more. Then when you and Logan were done talking and stuff y'all said goodbye to jake and team 10 and left to go back to Logan's apartment. Y'all got out of the yeti and headed up to the apartment you both went inside and sat on the couch. You both talked more and you eventually fell asleep along with Logan. **skip to one week later** You woke up to the sound of your horrid alarm. It read 3:30am. You had a modelling shoot in San Fransisco so you had to leave early and catch the sunset to take some dope pictures(I TOTALLY FORGOT TO MENTION YOU DO MODELLING TOO ARGH IM SORRY). You got dressed into some sweats, packed your bag and headed out the door to start driving to San Francisco. **skip to the photo shoot** they did your hair, makeup and got your outfit sorted. You took some pictures with the sunset in the background. On break time you got a notification on your phone, so you checked to see what it was. It was a YouTube notification from jakes channel, so ya clicked on it. The title was "LOOKING THROUGH LOGANS OLD LAPTOP **SURPRISING VIDEO FOUND**". When you read the title your eyes widened. You instantly knew what the "surprising video" was. It was the video of you and Logan at the airport. You skipped through the video to find the segment of the clip of you and Logan. While you were watching it you got a little testy eyed but you pushed through it. You were a little more than half way through the clip and then boom. You and Logan kissed. YOU COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT THE KISS BECAUSE YOU ALL DIDNT WATCH THE FULL VIDEO!! You immediately texted jake. 📱texts between you and jake📱 You: JAKE WTF? J: what? What happened? you: YOUR VLOG HAPPENED!! THE CLIP OF ME AND LOGAN!! WE KISSED IN IT J: wait what? You did?! You: YES JAKE WE DID AND I COMPLETELY FORGOT SINCE WE DIDNT EVEN WATCH THE
Dammmmmm 😍#beamaverick
Chapter 19  JAKES POV  I woke up this morning with no content or ideas for today's vlog. Until it hit me. I could show the jake paulers the video of y/n and Logan. The fans will love and go crazy over it. This idea just screams views. **skip to a few hours later** I just finished the vlog and now I have to edit it. I went to the file to put the video of y/n and Logan in. I edit in the video and also finish the rest of the editing. I upload it and make it live. About five minutes later I got a text from y/n. She said she's seen the video and they APPARENTLY KISSED?! I fxcked up. Big time. I didn't even watch the whole video because I thought it was just more hugging and crying. But apparently they kissed. Welp. I'm expecting a beating from Logan. Ughhhhh what did I do.  YOUR POV  With not even less than a minute your phone started blowing up with notifications of screenshots and video reposts of this clip with you and Logan. You decided to text Logan to see if he has seen it. 📱texts with Logan📱 you: have you seen jakes vlog? L: yes. you: are you ok? I mean Imma little salty but are you like really mad? L: I'm beyond mad y/n just leave me alone you: woah ok. Why? What did I do wrong?? L: nothing y/n just don't talk to me You: what? Why😭 L: fine. If you really wanna know meet me at my place at 3:00pm You: umm ok😕 📱end of texts📱  I started to have a panic attack. I just don't know what to do. What did I do wrong? Ugghhhhhh I have so may questions rn it's not good at all.  I get done with my shoot and then drove back home. It was 2:50pm. I'm way too nervous to go but I really wanna know what's wrong so I have to. I start making my way to Logan's apartment. It's literally across my door lmao. Ok y/n concentrate!! //next chapter is gonna be juicy but heart breaking😅💔// #loganpaul #logang #loganpaulfanfiction #loganpaulfanfic #beamaverick
Ayy the new song is firee #beamaverick
That Maverick spirit! #beamaverick #logang4life
Outta My Hair out NOW!! Make sure to check out the Music video (link in bio) by @loganpaul @maverickbyloganpaul @kongdasavage  @moreloganpaul . . . #logan #paul #loganpaul #outtamyhair #kongdasavage #maverick #parrot #beamaverick #denttheuniverse #logang #logang4life