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"Imagine your life if you stayed within your bubble. Imagine if you never had the chance to do something new or see something so beautiful it takes your breath away. Since I was a child, this has been my greatest fear - missed opportunity. To see and experience as much as I can, while I can. This world is a big beautiful place, get at it! You have a brand new week and a new opportunity to try some new stuff. What will you do? πŸ€™πŸΎβ € β € Me? I’m planning my next trip. β›°πŸ•πŸ”"β € β € photo and words - @risaonaridge
Cut back on the emails and start doing more face-to-face meetings with videoconferencing. Make business personal again! #videoconferencing #neverstopthegrind #videolink #technology #techlife #businessowners #betterbusiness
Work Smarter. Wave 3 πŸ„πŸ½‍β™‚οΈπŸŒŠ #sgodmedia #betterbusiness #blackbusiness #newwave #media #graphicdesign #photography #family #mode #sgod #milwaukee #wi
"It’s easy to forget how food makes us animals. We’ve evolved with so many tools unrecognizable to other species, and yet, we are bound to the same trophic systems as every other living thing on Earth. The deer eats aspen leaves as we eat lettuce leaves. Growth, death, decay — the water and soil cycles. It all repeats."β € β € Wylder co-founder @lindsey.a.elliott's cathartic experiences with hunting have shown her different ways to think about food, ecology, and connection.  Read her perspective in our latest Wylder Journal piece, produced with @thisisrange link in bio.β € β € Photo: @jaineedialβ €
Sometimes I have to take my own advice. There is no excuse. Why would a person personal or in business not support you supporting and promoting them? This is sparked from a phone call conversation I had last night. It was a good business conversation, made rethink my position.  1) Either they just can't secretly stand you. 2) They are just a user. 3) They are embarrassed by you. 4) They fear their partners, fans, friends and family.  5) They are lazy. 6) They are just thoughtless and feel they don't have to.  To me there really isn't a valid reason but just plain old disrespectful. Comment if this has happened to you. And what have you done about it. I REALLY WANT TO KNOW YOUR FACTS AND OPINIONS. @epr77djice @moniquenikkole @comicpierre @faisondaliaison @tovia24 @ohyoonkyungbusan @hatchett1983 @irisdoveran22 #fakefriends #support #nonsupport #stopsupporting #stoppromoting #advice #comments #letgo #itsnotthatserious #betterbusiness #betterclients #newclients #thebiggerpicture #moveon
Tops as flat as my chest in middle school. Never thought that would be #goals 🀷🏻‍♀️ This table will be sitting display in @redeemedhome in Shelbyville! If you’re local head over there to place an order in any custom size and color ❀️ If you’re looking for a different style just let Audra know and we can get you taken care of! - Lizzy  _________________________________ But for real.. every build I learn more, and I know this same table next time I’ll improve on all those little mistakes supposedly only I see. Can’t wait to replicate this but better. Affordable starter tables are just the practice I need. Then imma make me a big ASH table πŸ‘ _________________________________ #sawdustjunkies #staybuilding #redeemedhome #shoplocal #shophonest #betterbusiness #handmadefurniture #makersofnashville #madeintennessee #buildlikeagirl #woodgrain #farmhousetable
Shout out to @astorbusinesscenters I’m about to get some good knowledge outta these! Perfecting my craft! Striving to do better #houston #betterbusiness #smallbusiness #smallbusinessowner #knowyourworth #knowledge #knowledgeispower #knowledgeofself
Do you own a business?  Do wish it was doing better?  That what @jettison_inc does.  Message us for more info or go to: www.jettisoninc.com to contact us. #consulting #marketing #businessowner #entrepreneurship #entrepreneur #helpinghand #contentproducer #socialmediapresence #digitalmarketing #betterbusiness #growyourbusiness
Lead from the road, not from the mountaintop.  #leadership #betterbusiness #success
Loving Instagram! We have a webinar happening this Thursday. All about using VR in business. Come join us! It's free: http://ow.ly/99Zc30itTAf #vr #virtualreality #marketing #betterbusiness
Did you know self-confidence enhances your ability to learn? Yep! And huge volumes of research on the subject of self-confidence have found – overwhelmingly, we might add – that believing in your abilities is the key to success. Remember that… . . . . . #globalsisters #lovethemarket #sistertribe #sisterschool #bettergifts #betterlife #betterbusiness #giftgiving #giveethically #smallbusiness #socialconscience #sociallyconscious #consciousconsumption  #socialjustice #thefurtureisfemale #supportingwomen #handmade #ethicalfashion #sustainablefashion  #supportwomen #ethicalshopping #socialimpact #artisanmade #womeninbusiness #perseverance #selfbelief #selfconfidence #believeinyourself #keytosuccess
Look at my wife, doing adult stuff. #taxes #budgeting #invoicing #betterbusiness #risingtidesociety #carrylovedesigns #badassbusinesswomen
"I’m pretty sure this will go down as one of my favorite memories of the trip. We stayed up watching the sun set behind the mountains the night before (sunset ended around 10:30pm, wild) and then slept in the parking lot - me crunched in the back seat of our tiny rental car and Callen on his sleeping pad behind a guardrail for wind protection. My alarm woke me up at 5:15am and I peeked out to see a tiny bit of light on the mountains. It was hard to motivate out of the little car into the insane wind, but I moved myself and my sleeping bag over to the hillside to watch clouds swirl around these toothy monoliths for a little over an hour. I put on a playlist I always listen to when I’m in places I love, bundled up tight, and let the wind whip my hair as a few tears made their way down my face. After years of experiencing this place - these mountains - through others’ books, movies, and stories, it is amazing to finally be here myself. My Patagonia story doesn’t include epic night ascents, frostbite, sketchy rappels, or harrowing adventure (yet), but it’s finally my own, and that feels more significant to me than any book I’ve read. If you’re the type of person that spends years dreaming of and studying a place...do yourself a favor and go there. Whether it’s a two hour drive or a twenty hour flight, I promise it’ll be worth it."β € β € photo and words via@abbihearne
I've had some issues with ordering things lately from other people and having them not as described. I'm talking large stains, terrible mends, and other obvious flaws. To add to this, bad customer service. It's upsetting and very disappointing from a customer standpoint. βœ–  We're all human and make mistakes - I get that. Some people have more experience than others, or a better eye for detail. But quality checking, detailed descriptions, and good customer service is part of doing the resale business (or any business) well. βœ”  I'm not saying the customer is always right (I worked in customer service and heard QUITE some tall tales) but I do want happy customers, and I want to be a happy buyer too. If you ever have any additional questions about an item that hasn't been answered, please ASK me! ❀  This dress is one of those buys and is a bit as is. She still presents quite well though and will be listed soon! Let me know if you'd like a tag! πŸ‘—
If you are not constantly finding and implementing improvements in your business then you will eventually lose market position, and profitability because your competitors will be. That may be in the form of a competitor you are not even aware of you that enters your market and disrupts your business model as you know it. Keep reinventing and improving your business from the customers perspective, how can you enhance the customer experience. #improve #daily #betterbusiness #businesshelp #startup #growth #turnaround #businessrecovery #profit #sales #revenue #growth #businessadvisor #investor #businessadvisory #zeroexcuses #makemoremoney #betterbusinessbetterlife
Who doesn't love a little helping hand in the kitchen? Emphasis on the 'little'. The 'Le Petit Chef' Complete Kit from @opinelofficiel includes a peeler, kitchen knife and finger guard, so your kiddo can start learning about food handling in a safe way. The knife and peeler feature red finger guard holders to protect tiny fingers, and the knife has a rounded edge for extra safety.