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Lihatlah senyum bahagia dalam keluarga ini ketika pertama kali mendengar tangisan sang buah hati...😖🚼 bagaimana dengan anda.... ??? Sudah kah anda memberikan kebahagiaan untuk suami ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Yuk follow @program.hamil.holistic95 untuk dapat info medis dan jika ada pertanyaan seputar kehamilan sipahkan ajukan via DM (privasi terjaga) . .  Tekan ♥, dan mention teman kamu untuk saling berbagi tentang info kesehatan!!
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My life has always consisted of huge leaps of faith that force me to unfold my wings and fly. Always catapulting myself into change. Forever passing though walls of perpetual fear. . This is how I grow. This is how I get to know myself. Tap into the communicative flow of DNA codes embedded within my very blood. . Spending my 22nd birthday at home with family has been so nourishing. Reflecting on birth. How natural it feels to spend this time with the woman who gave birth to me, breathed air into my lungs. As I grow older, I deeply appreciate the bonds of family - I see them in the fresh light of illumined perspective. The family unit is the very first experience of community that we receive. It is vital to return to the spaces that sustained your growth. To give thanks to those before you that had a role in paving your path. To fill your cup with foundational love and let it overflow into each space that you enter. Each common thread of unity tied between you and the rest of the world. . My leap of faith from the nest carried me straight back to the source. Straight back to a deep appreciation and understanding of my roots. No matter how far I go, how strong the pull of travel entices me, I will always remain rooted in love. ❤️ you can never escape the places that hold pieces of your heart.
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Be a mother in style. @brandstyleaust @janepramsaustralia offers amazing designer products that are perfect for the mum on the go. #asmarterwaytopay #oxipay #enjoythemoment #babies
Not Just a pretty face - The Kaylula Sova Clear is so practical with it's small frame and wheels, you'll be able to move baby around the house and keep them close by while you get some house work done.  Repost @babyhood_australia Visit our website www.supremeglobal.com.my to find out more . . . . #babyhood_cot #kaylula_cot #cot #bassinet #clearcot #organicbedding #organic #toddlerlife #fashion #babyspam #toddler #style #trend #birth #pregnant #mommy #kids #fashionblog #fashionkids #babies #stylish #fashionstyle #newborn #outfit #baby #cutie #babygirl #babyboy #instababy #love
|| LATEST REVIEW NOW LIVE || . “A month or so after Huxley was born, I discovered the book ‘The day you came into the world’ by Frances Lalor, through instagram. I had read the reviews and was eager to see what it was like in person. To say it hit me with ALL of the feels is a total understatement. .  Just as Huxley has changed my entire world, so has this book...” . Click the link in my bio to read more by @hereishuxley 😊😊👍👍
WEEK BY WEEK: WEEK 12. What’s up with mama and baby?⠀ Mama: one of the main reasons women ditch conventional/prescription prenatal vitamins is because they can lead to constipation. And let’s face it, there’s not much worse than being unable to do your daily do. Conventional wisdom is to drink plenty of water, exercise regularly, eat a fiber rich diet, and switch to a natural, food based prenatal. But while that’s fine advice, sometimes we still need an extra... push. Supplementing with a little extra magnesium is one route, also 2 pears a day is an easy/affordable way to smooth out issues. They are high in fiber & an excellent natural laxative. (Stay tunes for a protein pear pudding recipe tomorrow). ⠀ Baby: at this point, most of baby’s vital organs and major systems have formed, so the next few months are all about growth. Some of those organs, however, are on the move. Strange as it sounds, baby’s intestines, for example, have spent the last few weeks not in her abdomen, where they belong, but outside her body, in the umbilical cord. Until now, there just wasn’t enough room in her tiny tummy. Meanwhile, the reproductive organs have made their debut, although still too early to detect via sonogram, but here’s a wild thought; if you’re having a girl, she’s already got around 2 million eggs in those ovaries, your future grandchild might even be among them! Weird, right? #pregnancy #prenantal #weekbyweekpregnancy #fertilization #doula #doulalife #endometrium #uterus #eugenemom #doulasoflanecounty #doulasofeugene #doulasoforegon #week12 #childbirth #organic #pregnant #grandchild #constipation #prenatalconstipation #prenatalvitamins #uterinelining #prenatalmagnesium #fetussex #uterus #birth #laboranddelivery #fertile #gynecology #obstetrics #eugenedoula
Sebagian besar kasus varikokel tidak menyebabkan gejala. Meski ada gejala, biasanya tidak akan berkepanjangan atau menimbulkan gangguan lain. Oleh karena itu, pengobatan biasanya tidak diperlukan.  Namun jika varikokel telah menyebabkan ketidaknyamanan, rasa sakit, penyusutan testis, atau gangguan kesuburan, maka sebuah tindakan penanganan harus segera dilakukan. Tindakan penanganan ini bisa dimulai dengan berupa mengonsumsi paracetamol sebagai pereda rasa sakit atau menggunakan celana dalam khusus. Bila hal tersebut tidak membantu, perlu dilakukan konsultasi dengan dokter spesialis urologi untuk kemungkinan menjalani prosedur operasi.  Berikut ini adalah jenis-jenis operasi yang umumnya dilakukan untuk menangani varikokel:  1. Embolisasi  Embolisasi dilakukan dengan cara memasukkan sebuah selang berukuran mikro dengan disertai perangkat X-ray ke pembuluh vena untuk mencari bagian yang rusak atau mengalami pembengkakan. Setelah varikokel ditemukan dan terlihat di monitor, cairan atau alat khusus berbentuk gulungan akan disalurkan ke pembuluh yang rusak melalui selang. Cairan atau alat khusus berbentuk gulungan ini berfungsi menghalangi darah masuk ke pembuluh vena yang rusak dan mengalir lewat pembuluh vena yang sehat.  Efek samping setelah menjalani embolisasi bisa berupa pembengkakan atau memar selama beberapa hari pada titik dimasukkannya selang dan risiko kecil untuk terkena infeksi. Pembengkakan dapat ditangani dengan kompres es dan infeksi tersebut biasanya dapat ditangani dengan antibiotik. Meski begitu, mereka yang telah menjalani prosedur ini tetap berpotensi kembali terkena varikokel di kemudian hari.  2. Operasi terbuka  Pada prosedur ini, pembuluh vena yang rusak diperbaiki atau diangkat dengan pembedahan pada bagian bawah selangkangan atau perut. Pasien yang menjalani operasi terbuka harus dibius secara total.  Semoga bermanfaat, jangan lupa share. Siapa tau teman anda membutuhkan informasi ini. 😉  Tekan ♥, dan mention teman kamu untuk saling
A HUGE ❤️FELT THANK YOU to @nourishmelbourne & @emmamaidment_  for yesterday’s Modern Woman of Wellness event @oneroofwomen . I’m sure that everyone who participated felt as privledged as we did to be there. We met /spoke /and heard from amazing women all day long. The vision and inspiration for the event & the commitment to see it through are testimony to the power of the creative feminine/ matrix energy of the mother or mātā  @laura_poole so perfectly called to our attention in her talk & meditation. Birthing and holding such a powerful space for us all, would not have come without its challenges and a degree of agony, however the bliss we all basked in was worth the pain.. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 . I was also blessed to be able to share the event with my daughter@umibosh & I know the knowledge she was exposed to will only serve to increase her self care, empower her choices as a woman, support her health and happiness and enable her to be the best possible version of Herself (in its myriad of forms) on any given day! ⚡️💜🌈❤️🔥👊🏽💚⚡️💙
Hidrosalping adalah pembengkakan pada saluran tuba falopi dengan berisikan cairan toksik bercampur nanah. Hidrosalping bisa terjadi pada saluran tuba falopi kanan (dextra) ataupun kiri (sinistra) bahkan terjadihidrosalping bilateral (sepasang kanan & kiri).