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I’m a retro lover at heart,but History really does give me a kick for recreation. Working a little outta my comfort zone and showing no neck at all (def a problem for me) #plumptopretty #pink #pinkhair #pinkkitsch #sbl #sbloggers #ootd #psblogger #fat #plussize #selflove #bodypositivity #lovethyself #plus_isamust #thickthighssavelife #curvygirlsvip #effyourbeautystandards #mcm #blogger #fatblogger #curvesfordays #plussizewise #iamsizesexy #bigblunt #plusisequal #summerinmyhead #summerstyle
When you're 5'3" but have 5'7" goals. Almost at my goal weight...time to tone up. Finally embracing my boy arms. #selflove #bodypositivity #fourinchheels #messyhairdontcare #messybun
We know it’s painful to foam roll😂 BUT Why is foam rolling so important? 1. Improves mobility and flexibility 2. Helps aid to recovery  3. Reduces pain, soreness and fatigue Do you foam roll?!
Weekend, is that you? | Another Photo by @boudoirbyjnp | Bodysuit from @torridfashion 🌿
Make a promise to yourself not to put yourself donw with other people anymore ❤ We so easily tend to do that with acts, words or by thinking when we don't want to be seen as selfish or arrogant. / / But, don't waste this precious life by living half flame with yourself, acting smaler than you are.  Isn't it a miracle that you were borned here 🙏 / / Think that it's not arrogance to be confident with yourself - it's only respecting yourself and also trusting other people that they can handle that beautiful you without feeling small either 😗 / Wishing you the best F R I D A Y 🌟🌟
quando penso em algo que passei anos da minha vida escondendo, com certeza eu penso nessa parte: braços. . meu corpo começou a muito cedo ter sinal de estrias e a primeira coisa gorda sempre foram os braços, muita pele, muitas marcas. me lembro de como minhas tias pegavam no meus braços gordos quando eu era mais nova, e faziam uma cara de nojo. aquelas expressões não sairam da minha cabeça por anos. .  passei anos usando blusas que mostrassem o menos possível dos meus braços e deus me livre mostrar as estrias, me sentia manchada. sentia que precisava me cobrir pois meu corpo era uma ofensa. no extremo dos meus pensamentos imaginava como seria se eu pegasse um tesoura e cortasse tudo. pelo menos a gordura saia, né? . foram anos até que eu conseguisse usar uma blusinha de alça, me sentia inferior apenas por ter marcas de crescimento que não podia controlar. quando eu colocava uma blusinha de alça e alguém tirava uma foto, ficava me sentindo mal depois e pensando o quanto meu braço era enorme e horrível. já imaginei como seria melhor se eu não os tivesse. . lembro que sempre que eu comprava uma roupa com alças, eu pensava "pelo menos em casa eu posso usar", como se fosse tudo bem eu me esconder. . depois de um tempo, me desafiando a mostrar mais essa parte em específico, me desafiando a fazer fotos bonitas onde meu braço iria aparecer muito, eu vi o quão forte era todo aquela ódio que eu cultivava a uma parte tão importante no meu corpo. a uma parte tão presente para que eu possa fazer o que eu amo. . chegou uma hora que eu simplesmente não via mais sentido em me odiar. 💪
Friday!!!!! YEAH WE MADE IT through this crazy hell challenging week! Congrats to you, congrats to me, deserved week-end coming! Just sharing this lovely picture because I think it can summarize pretty well what happened in my week and life lessons of the week! I can see this type of messages all over instagram and bopo accounts, but to be honest it never totally made concrete sense to me before this week! So it’s my turn to share! So yes guys, recovery is long, slow, baby steps after baby steps but forward is forward!!!! There is no speed evaluation! What matters is you, your own path, your own speed, your own and personal ways to get wherever you are going to! Today I had to let my car at the garage, it has always been something super challenging to me because when I do not have my car I feel anxiety and agoraphobia soooo strong, it looks like I’m trapped in own skin. Because my car is my only way to get out my place. Also, the garage is 30mn away, so it means I have to walk back... and it scares me so much... that my body will not carry my weight far enough to go back home, that I will sweat so much to be ashamed.... so today was the annual day where I have to do this... and I DIIIIIIIID!!! And survived!! And surprisingly it was really not as harsh as the last time.... So bottom line, it means that even if I do not see it, I do make progresses, I do move forward, slowly but forward!!! Take care 💜💛💚🧡❤️💙
E esse povo de projeto verão, minha gente 🤤?! No meu case, verão eh que estamos trabalhando really hard pra nos gostarmos como somos. E, nos gostando como somos, podemos nos cuidar e nos tornar uma ser humano melhor - fisica, emocional e espiritualmente, tá galera?! Pq ser gata não basta... . - "Andrea, vc sempre acorda gostando de vc como vc eh?!" . . . - Não, óbvio que não. E, no momento, quase nunca. . . . - Ah, Andréa, mas vc vive postando que a gente precisa se gostar... . . - E a gente não precisa?! A gente sou eu tb (nao me excluam, pelamor!!). Eh um exercício pra todas nós. TODAS! . . - mas vc eh tão bonita e, se o corpo eh o problema, nem engordou tanto assim. Pecado reclamar... . . - se todo problema fosse engordar 10 kilos, neam?! a questão não eh só essa e entendedorAs entenderão! Até  tento explicar depois. Por hora, mais do que o que verão no verão, eh o que vemos no verao, no inverno, na vida... lembrem que não eh fácil, mas eh possível! Embora possamos não estar enxergando, temos muito, mas muito mais o que agradecer do que qq outra coisa. Boa sexta, gentes lindas que me ajudam sem nem imaginar. Taí um grande motivo pra agradecer hj: vocês! ❤ . . #todasjuntas #juntasomosmaisfortes #naoehfacil #masehpossivel #amorproprio #selflove #bodypositivity #agepositivity #woman #womanbody #womanhealthy #womanlife #respectyourbody #loveyourself  #repost @jessraeking (@get_repost) ・・・ My most “liked” photo of this year. And zero retouching 💥 What’s that tell ya? 💫 You shouldn’t have to change yourself for people to like you - or better yet - for YOU to like yourself! ✌🏼 @ivyerlingerphoto @lidija.mua 💖 • •  #curvy #curvybe #curves #curvee #curvynstyle #bodypositive #bopo #plusmodelmag #aussiecurves #curvemodel #fashion ootd #beachbody #swimwear #bikinibody #love
Too often people see the colour of skin, the clothes worn, the tattoos adorned and make assumptions about our tribe 💜#FTBOWM⠀ .⠀ Reposting @theimtiredproject: ⠀ ...⠀ "“I'm tired of being identified by my tribe. "”Hi, and what is your name?" Usually how you start a conversation right? Well in my country of Kenya, your name is also used to determine which part of the country you are from which comes with certain stereotypes. Especially during an election year, my people seem to forget we are all from the same land and are quick to judge each other based on their ethnic group.⠀ “With 42 tribes in Kenya it's easy to highlight our differences especially for people with ill intentions. Our politicians use tribe to divide and rule our country. They stand on podiums and incite hatred towards various tribe and we, as a gullible people, somehow never seem to understand that the politician is trying to divide us for his or her selfish gain. As a result, every election year, hundreds of people are slaughtered, usually from ethnic minority groups.⠀ “Our parents from a young age always lecture us on who our friends should be based on their tribe even though as a kid, you see no reason to judge your friends.⠀ “In business, it's common practice for people to identify themselves with Anglicised names like "Joe or John" simply because they're far more likely to lose a contract if they were to identify themselves by their real name - their African name. Mention your surname and one immediately identifies which part of the country you're from and lo and behold if you're not from the same ethnic background as your employer, it can often cost you your opportunity for progression.⠀ “I'm tired of the stereotypes. I'm tired of the hate mongering. I'm tired of the divisions and classes we put each other based on our tribe.⠀ “I hope one day we would wake up as a people and realise, we are one. One people from one land, one country, our country Kenya.”⠀
It’s FRIDAY again!! So exciting! There’s supposed to be more snow today so we’ll probably have some fun winter adventures this weekend! What are your fun plans?!
Love yourself, love your body, your age, your personality, your wrinkles, your blemishes; love all of you ❤️#bodypositivity #agepositivity #agepositive💗💗💗💗 #womenempowerment
Heal yourself, Find yourself, Know yourself, Take care of yourself, Believe in yourself, Be yourself, Respect yourself, Speak positively about yourself, Listen to yourself. Love yourself!  A friend of mine wrote something similar to above a few days ago and it really stuck with me. She is not an part of Beachbody but I can truly say I have learned all these things while on my journey with them.  Take time to take care of you, of what you want and desire. You're happiness is your number one priority! There is no possible way you can help anybody else if you don't help yourself first. That is not to say to be greedy or selfish, but really truly take care of you.  Today I want you to say one good thing about yourself. I want you to take care of you! Why? Because you deserve it!  PS Today my body really needed sleep, so I listened, turned my alarms off and slept. Thankfully I didn’t have to go into work early! . . . . . #sleep #rest #personaldevelopment #roughnight #takecareofyourself #takecareofyourbody #knowyou #loveyourself #selfiesforselflove #honormycurves #selflove #empower #inspire #empowerment #effyourbeautystandards #womenshealth #womenempowerment #womenempoweringwomen  #bodyacceptance #bodypositivity #bopowarrior #bopo #water #healthylifestyle #healthywomen  #introvertproblems #introvertlife #anxietysucks #anxietyhelp #anxietyrelief