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booty work on my sat night
How do you stay motivated? For me, it’s looking back at pictures like these and remembering all the obstacles, challenges and hardships that have been presented to me in my life. But despite them all, I continue to push through and reach my goals. This is 2 years of hard work and consistent training. YOU are the only one that has the power to change your life, no one can do it for you. Stay focused on your journey because it’s so easy to stray when you have a lot going on. Find that balance, stay positive, set goals and reach them whether that’d be fitness related or not.  _  #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnessgirl #fitnessjourney #progress #hardwork #passion #gymmotivation #girlsthatlift #workoutmotivation #gym #dedication #fitnesprogress #weightlifting #nocardio #fitgirls #fitgirlguide #twoyearsdifference #bootytransformation #quadgains
Can’t word this any better than @ohilyssa already did... #repost @ohilyssa ・・・ “It’s recently come to my attention that a well-known powerlifting coach and an acquaintance on social media, Stephen Correa (@s_correajr), has been sexually harassing his clients through means that vary from sending nude photos, to graphic videos, to much worse. Completely without consent. Eight (8) women (EDIT: Now 20) have come forward. I’ve spoken with several of the women, who wish to remain anonymous, about their experiences for which they have visual proof and receipts. (I have seen the proof—not that it matters—and there is no consent) Other current clients have been reached out to, and several of them have chosen to do nothing. What’s more, there is also visual proof that Stephen’s wife, Lili, is both aware and a soliciting participant in the sexual harassment of these former clients. This morning she victim blamed and said that these women “wanted it” on Twitter. Because I have a larger platform, I’m utilizing this space to share this story to tell you the following: 1. We believe survivors. The onus is never on them to defend their actions or question their behavior to see if it “elicited” this kind of abuse. The abusers are to blame. 2. Whether a victim of abuse wishes to speak publicly or not, or whether there is legal action or USPA/USAPL/NASM reprimands for Stephen Correa and his wife Lili or not, it does not in any way invalidate the experiences these women have had. In regards to the former, action has been taken and I am not privy to information on where USPA/USAPL/NASM stand at this moment. 3. Stephen is, in every way, wrong. We do not give him the benefit of the doubt. We do not say “but he has always seemed okay to me…” We do not side with abusers. We call them out and, again, we believe and stand with survivors. 4. The women affected do not want anything from Stephen (or Lili); they want to prevent other young women from facing
I believe that diet plays a huge role in determining one’s mood.  I’m gonna be honest, I’ve been an asshole this bulking phase. Ive sort of been doing what’s easiest or most convenient without really taking into consideration how it has been affecting my body (bloat, acne, fatigue, digestion issues, colds lasting weeks, stress and anxiety, etc). I can recall recently going days without touching a fresh vegetable 🤢(I am excluding veggie tots #datdontcount 😭😂 )  For the past 2 weeks I have been A LOT more health conscious. I’ve started to  incorporate vegetables into every single meal (still eatin ma poptarts doe) more whole food carb options, and a @1upnutrition vegan organic superfood shot every morning and what a game changer!! My skin has cleared up, I have more natural energy, and anxiety is little to none.  If you have a hard time fitting fruits and vegetables into your diet I would highly HIGHLY recommend you try the @1upnutrition organic greens and reds superfoods.  They’re an easy way to get almost a day’s worth of vitamins and minerals into your diet, without the hassle of having to cook them or prepare them. Just mix with 10 oz of water, maybe throw some lemon and honey in there if you’re feelin fancy, and drink up.  And another plus is they don’t taste like someone sharted in your mouth 👌🏼 (I’ve had some realllll nasty greens before)  You can use my discount code ❤️Sarah20❤️ if you’d like to try.  They also have vegan protein and vegan bcaa’s for my non meat and dairy eaters out there. I’ve yet to try but I’ve only heard good things ☺️😙 #1upnutrition
trying to build that tan back, hello summer 💃🌞🔥@balibody helping me out ✨  how cute is this swim top @zaful 🖤 ——- new post about motivation during the holidays - link in bio!! 😘😘
Yay it’s Supplement Safety Saturday! Today’s Supplement is CREATINE! Creatine comes in MANY forms but we are going to talk about creatine monohydrate since there isn’t sufficient data on other forms. . Background: Creatine helps produce ATP in the body, which is the body’s source of energy. It’s no wonder Creatine is one of the most widely used supplements for fitness. In order to work properly, you should take creatine every day (even on days that you don’t work out). For some reason creatine has a bad rep but it’s really one of the safest supplements out there! . Common Adverse Side Effects: The only common side effects are gastrointestinal distress and cramping. Of course, this doesn’t happen to everyone but can be prevented by taking creatine on a full stomach and drinking plenty of water, respectively. . Other Concerns: What most people worry about when taking creatine is kidney function because taking creatine can elevate your blood creatinine levels which is used to diagnose and assess kidney damage. BUT, this elevated creatinine while taking creatine is just because you’re consuming more creatine which turns into creatinine! Pretty simple to understand, right?! . Have a question about supplements? Comment below or DM us with your questions and we might pick you question to answer during next week’s Supplement Safety Saturday! @muscularityrx
lovely morning with @courts_andrews talking all about powerlifting.🏋🏼‍♀️ Courtney messaged me a few weeks back asking if she could feature me in a magazine she was creating for her final year at uni because she thought my story of losing weight and transforming myself through lifting was interesting and motivating to other young women, obviously I jumped at the opportunity to talk about lifting for a couple of hours (ha) but I was also super happy to know that I motivate people I wouldn’t have expected to and hope I can continue to do so through this platform . we chatted about competing, my 40lb weight loss, flexible dieting, social life on prep, scammy products, people who motivate me, boyfriends, best friends, cheat days and a hell a lot about instagram (obviously)... sorry in advance for the spam of sick picture she took that are about to get posted 👸🏼
🤦🏽‍♀️ Ich weiß viele werden jetzt den Kopf schütteln für dieses gewagte Foto😌 ich kann euch hören 👂 „ das geht gar nicht ...„ „mimimimimi“ ey Who cares? 🤷🏽‍♀️ ich bin stolz auf mich, meine vielleicht langsame 🐌aber stetige Entwicklung🔝, meine Persönlichkeit und darauf zu zeigen dass jeder es schaffen kann💪🏽🙌🏽 Und jetzt zu dem Bild 🍑Booty Vergleich September vs. Dezember 🔝 es ist wirklich mega schweißtreibend und es wird noch lange dauern aber es verändert sich etwas und das gibt einem ein gutes Gefühl 🏋️‍♀️🍑💪🏽🔝 Danke liebe @jenndance26 für deinen Zuspruch 😘😘 #bootytransformation #fürmehrrealitätaufinstagram #dellen #cellulite #trainhardorgohome #strongisthenewskinny #booty🍑 #bootytransformation #bodyforming #läuftlangsamaberläuft
MOTIVATION 💯 "Booty on fleek 🍑 Tag a Friend You Want to MOTIVATE 👭 Follow 👉 : @bootyandfitness 📸 :  @florinafitness
spreading xmas joy to those who need it most🎄🎄🎄✨✨✨ ignoring the squinting eyes, perks of night shift 🙃 #christmas #festive #summer #holidays #nurse
Me and my butt at different stages of my life. Where you are isn't where you will always be. (Not just in terms of the way your butt looks but with everything) • • • #fitness #workout #edrecovery #anorexia #fitspiration #fitfam #workoutmotivation #bootytransformation #fitnessjourney #weightlossjourney #depression #bingeeatingdisorder #weightgain #eatingdisorder
sometimes having two accounts sucks :) accidentally posted this pic on my personal account but meant to post it here and type a long informative caption for you all 🙌🏼, anyway people lately have been asking me for tips on what to do/eat to achieve your goals: . . . . ▫️first and foremost, what i eat might not necessarily mean you should be eating the same thing as me! Everyone’s body is different. I may be more sensitive to fats than your body, etc. ▫️second, focus on your portion size to start, don’t go on a crazy diet because It may help you at first but in the long run It is not ideal and it won’t help you reach long term goals ▫️third, seek a professional who will assess your body based on your age, weight, height, and much more including questionnaires! every little thing matters to creating the right regimen for someone! ▫️fourth, BE Active. Sometimes being active just takes 30 minutes of doing something just to increase your heart rate ▫️& FIFTH work HARD and be CONSISTENT (can’t say this enough hehe😛) . . HOPE THIS HELPS ❤️ #badquality #oopsies