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Real Madrid vs Barcelona🔥🔥 Follow @football.viddeos for more!
#박지 완성하고 #일몰 때... 한 팀이 있어서 무섭지는 않겠다😫 근데 좀 #춥다
Messi , Aguero , Sanchez . 🔥🤷🏻‍♂️ comment yours below ! 😈
Follow the #1 creative feed for Chelsea F.C. . 🔹News Stories 🔹Score Updates 🔹Facts 🔹History . #cheerforchelsea #chelsea #cfc #blog
Chelsea will face Leicester in the quarter-finals of the FA Cup. Comment below what you think will happen when we play them 👇.
Small edit I made to highlight one of Jose’s star signings, Lukaku. With good service he can be a fantastic striker 🔴🔴 #manutd #jose #josemourinho #manunited #mufc #manchesterunited #manchester #manchesterutd #lukaku #romelulukaku #united #bpl #prem #premierleague #football #josemourinhoin
“I used to look up to Pep Guardiola, because he was playing in my position; I used to love Luis Figo when he was at Barcelona. These two were probably the ones I looked up to most when I was little. But this generation of Spanish players, and not only Spanish players, in Barcelona have been fantastic. Post-Guardiola, I think they are still a great side, you can see with Ernesto Valverde they play a different type of formation, especially when they defend they play more of a 4-4-2. They try to put the first pressure very high, always work towards the ball. If we can get past this first phase and not put ourselves under too much pressure then I think that we can hurt them. They will leave a lot of spaces at the back and we have three days to work on the game and I’m sure the manager will find the best solution. I have big friends, friends there that I played with since I was 13 years old, so obviously there is contact. I speak to some of them nearly every day, even when we don’t play them. Probably now we speak less, maybe because of the game, and, as I said, we are all friends. They will try to beat me when I am on the pitch and I will try to beat them when I am inside the stadium. Football is a fantastic thing but when you play against each other it changes completely.” #blueisthecolour #cfc #cfcfans #cfcfamily #cfctillidie #bpl #epl #premierleague #preseason #cfctour #champions #comeonyoublues #wearchelsea #premierleaguechampions #chelseafc #coyb #ktbffh #ifitsnotblueitwillbe #cfcarmy #theblues #chelsea_ktbffh #chelseafans #chelseakwt #cfcnews #cfctransfers #cfctour #antonioconte #conte
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Fabregas also has painful memories of playing against Barcelona, fracturing a leg during one epic tussle when taking a penalty for Arsenal.  He adds: “I was a little bit injured from the beginning of that game. I remember I had a clash in the game beforehand, against Birmingham, but I decided to play. And then in kicking that penalty what happened was I basically fractured my fibula. In that case it happened at a good moment – we came from 2-0 down to 2-2 so we had another opportunity to go to Camp Nou and do something. It didn’t happen unfortunately. As I said it’s my club but when you play for another club [against them], you just want to win and do your best. I am still friends with all their players, particularly Andres Iniesta. He’s still good. For this type of player age doesn’t really matter. Once you have a talent, once you have the class that he and so many other ‘big’ players have, they can play until their late 30s. Physically, it’s important, obviously because the game nowadays depends a lot on [how you are] physically. But when you have the quality, when you have the intelligence, it can sometimes compensate. Iniesta my idol? You’re making him very old! He’s only three years older than me. We played with the Spain under-21s together. We’ve played together from when I was 18 years old. I never saw him as an ‘idol’ because we always played together. I saw him as a team-mate. A person obviously that I admire, but in a different way from an idol I looked up to when I was young.’ #blueisthecolour #cfc #cfcfans #cfcfamily #cfctillidie #bpl #epl #premierleague #preseason #cfctour #champions #comeonyoublues #wearchelsea #premierleaguechampions #chelseafc #coyb #ktbffh #ifitsnotblueitwillbe #cfcarmy #theblues #chelsea_ktbffh #chelseafans #chelseakwt #cfcnews #cfctransfers #cfctour #antonioconte #conte #cescfabregas
Esse homem foi responsável por uma conquista invicta de Premier league pelo arsenal. Foram incríveis 26 vitórias e 12 empates na temporada 2003/2004 #henry #lenda #bpl #futebol #sdv
CHELSEA ace Cesc Fabregas admits it won't be easy, but he will switch off all his emotions on Tuesday.  He said: “Emotional, yes, although it all depends on how you see it. It's my hometown, a club I have supported all my life. So, in a way, yes. But once you step onto the pitch that just goes away. I did it with Arsenal. It's like flicking a switch. It's not something I try, it just happens naturally. You want to do well for your club. It’s a big game for everyone, for the club. For English football it’s always great to welcome these fantastic teams in European football. It’s a massive night for the players, for the club, for English football in general, so hopefully we can do well and give a good image of what we can do, and hopefully put in a good performance. When I was at Arsenal we did quite well the two years we played against them, especially in the second year, we nearly got them! But they are a top side, obviously. We will have be on top of our game, for 180 minutes, or maybe more, you never know. It’s definitely an important game.” #blueisthecolour #cfc #cfcfans #cfcfamily #cfctillidie #bpl #epl #premierleague #preseason #cfctour #champions #comeonyoublues #wearchelsea #premierleaguechampions #chelseafc #coyb #ktbffh #ifitsnotblueitwillbe #cfcarmy #theblues #chelsea_ktbffh #chelseafans #chelseakwt #cfcnews #cfctransfers #cfctour #antonioconte #conte #cescfabregas
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ANTONIO CONTE is a man with a mission – not wanting to break with tradition.  Chelsea have never conceded a goal against Lionel Messi on eight occasions and the Italian manager is desperate it stays that way.  Conte said: “I hope that we maintain this tradition but we are speaking about a club with fantastic players like Messi. We must have great respect but at the same time we must be excited to play this type of game and take on this type of challenge.” He added: “I think it was very important to have this win to go through to the next round and play the FA Cup quarter-final. It is important for confidence because after two bad defeats for sure the confidence wasn’t up. But now yes, we are continuing to work very well and very hard. I can count on the players to show me great commitment, great behaviour and for this reason I must be positive. Stopping Messi won’t be easy because we know very well this player. We are talking about one of the best players in the world. But we for sure will work together, work with the team, not to just try to stop him but when we feel this type of challenge to man mark a player then he can be very dangerous.” “I think that the past is not important. The most important thing is the present. The present is this. We know very well that we have to work very hard to stop this team. On one hand you know that this team is one of the best teams in the world and maybe they are the favourite to win this competition. On the other hand, I think that we must be excited because we have a great opportunity to play a massive game against a really strong team and show ourselves. When I was at Juventus, we played the quarter-final against Bayern Munich when Bayern Munich won the Champions League. But I repeat, the past doesn't matter. The most important thing for me now is this game, it's a new story for me with a new team and I'm very happy to have this type of challenge. We started our studies on Barcelona one month ago and
Will Dembélé come good for Barça?