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The BEST project you'll ever work on is YOU! #jarprservices #jar #werjar www.JARPR.com
• 💡 remember when I taught you sweets how I make photos from videos in order to get good lash photos easier? ↑ | Its | So | Money | Try It | 🙄 |
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Are you busy? Do you feel like this mama in the picture? 🙋🏻 A common concern of people interested in the Rodan + Fields business is not having enough #time. They wonder how on earth they could fit it in their already jam-packed schedules!  What if someone showed you how to manage your current responsibilities well while earning a legitimate income that could help you ALSO take control of your financial life? 🤔 How would it make you feel to check your bank account with confidence? Would it be worth it to find a few minutes a day to let someone #teach you how to change your family's #future? If so, reach out, and let's have a conversation about what this might look like for you. ❤️ I have space for THREE people to join the group that I will be coaching in July! You can participate from home, on the go, on vacation, on your lunch hour at work, whatever works best for you!  Our team is exploding and excited to welcome YOU to our family! ❤️ #rfteam  #momlife #thursday  #kids#summer  #future#chaos  #skincare #lashes #business
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Marque aqui sua amiga que é toda ouvidos! Hoje dia 29 de junho é dia da telefonista. . Quer aumentar a exposição na internet e ampliar os ganhos? Conte conosco, temos ótimas soluções para alavancar a visibilidade do seu negócio. . Curta nossa página. . #telefonista #diadatelefonista #redessociais #crescimento #marketing #mark #goias #mercado #negocios #oportunidade #goiania #goias #brasil #midias #midiasdigitais #impressos #vendas #business #com2b #com2bmidias
Bring your teenager to work day! Great Instagram talk from Jacob today!
Daddy and Coco having cuddles.. 💖 Tomorrow my love @chuck_chuck_chucky has a knee operation from an old injury.. I know you will be fully recovered in no time.. Me and Coco Pops will surely be picking you up to give you lots more cuddles Daddy.. you deserve it and we love you so much xo
“I’ve had the privilege to volunteer and work in Sport for over 30 years.  My consistent goal, to deliver Best in Class operations for teams, be it at the provincial, national or international level.  Working with large groups, I wanted to ensure people excelled at their job, felt valued and knew they contributed to the team’s overall success.  There was a hierarchical management structure at the Canadian Olympic Committee when I first began with the organization.  A very limited number of management personnel were involved with pre-Games planning and on site briefings at the Games.  I took it for granted that everyone else associated with our operations had the necessary skills, knowledge and information to meet our deliverables.  But it was during the Salt Lake City Olympic Winter Games, my first as Director, Village Operations, when I realized this was not the case.  A couple of staff confided in me they were not working to the best of their abilities. They were not receiving key information in a timely fashion and did not fully understand critical processes and procedures.  This created gaps in our operations, causing some distractions for athletes and coaches.  How could this be?  Our unit was not running as seamlessly as I thought.  I felt immediate weight on my shoulders, I let my team down.  My initial assumption, that all staff were knowledgeable and informed on all games related matters, was incorrect.  And so, I decided right then and there, everyone associated with team operations, regardless of position in the organization, would attend daily meetings and critical briefings.  We shared information and collectively worked through challenges, issues, and opportunities.  Staff not only felt a greater sense of ownership of team objectives/goals and but they also felt empowered to make appropriate and informed “in the moment” decisions.” Betty Dermer-Norris: Multi-Sport Games Specialist, 34 Games experiences including Canada Games, Pan American
#tbt .... our client greeter and door bell, she loves her winter mornings in the sun. Not a bad life 🐶  #dogslife #goldcoast #sunshine #receptionist #beachhouse #naps #business #workfromhome #workfromanywhere #gcbusiness #labrador #businesscollaborator #southerngc #goldcoastwinter
DOUBLE TAP FRIENDS🙌 🔝TAG FRIENDS 🔝 Good one via @luxuryallday_