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#icymi: In 2015 USGov launched #cleanpowerplan, setting the first-ever limits on carbon pollution from U.S. power plants, the largest source of the pollution in the country.  U.S. EPA is considering a repeal. Tell them NO! #saveourlungs #showyourlungforce Lung Association: NE American Lung Assoc.
Great News!!! #repost @climatenexus 👉🏼 233 US Mayors from 46 States and territories, representing over 51 million Americans, are opposing EPA’s proposed repeal of Clean Power Plan. 🙌🏼 with 🤖@repost.bot .  #cities4climate #climatemayors #epa #cleanpowerplan #cpp #climatechange #globalwarming #repostbot #climatemarch #sciencemarch #womensmarch #climatejusticenow #environmentaljustice #environmentalist #airpollution #sealevelrise #bethechange #riseup #speakout #speakup #activist #changethesystem #civicleadership #localgovernment #politics #politics #actonclimate
The #cleanpowerplan benefits communities across the country – that’s why Mayor @KeishaBottoms is one of 233 US @theClimateMayors, representing over 51 million Americans, speaking out to tell @EPA to #protectcpp. Thank you Mayor Bottoms for standing up for a more livable and resilient future for all Atlantans and Americans! #climatemayors  See more at: http://climatemayors.org/actions/clean-power-plan/
There is less than a week left for the @epagov public comment period on new (weaker) guidelines for carbon emissions that could replace the #cleanpowerplan. Take action today: cleanwater.org/cleanpowerplan
If you care about the climate please RSVP to speak in defense of the #cleanpowerplan, our nation’s key climate change policy.
BREAKING: 233 US Mayors from 46 states and territories, representing over 51 million Americans, are opposing EPA’s proposed repeal of Clean Power Plan. 🙌  #cities4climate⠀ -⠀ Reposting Climate Mayors⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #climatemayors #epa #cleanpowerplan #cpp #climatechange #globalwarming
#kansascity - Join is tomorrow with @repcleaver to discuss bringing clean energy, good jobs and better health to local communities. #cleanpowerplan
Getting ready for press conference on #cleanpowerplan in freezing hail. #kansascity
Thank you @41actionnews for having us on the air this morning in #kansascity. We talked #cleanenergy #jobs and the #cleanpowerplan. Learn more at greenforall.org/kansascity
EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT! Our 4th Annual Clean Energy & Sustainability Extravaganza will be at University of Maryland, on Feb. 23rd! Want to…  Learn about –and join—the cleantech revolution? See how the University of Maryland and local entrepreneurs are pioneering cleantech solutions? Steer your career in a more inspiring direction?  Then DON’T MISS THIS ONE! It’s the 4th Annual Clean Energy & Sustainability Extravaganza! And it’s all about  Cleantech Innovation and Entrepreneurship. For the first time, the Extravaganza will be held at the University of Maryland.  Get tips on careers, meet speakers, and see demo’s of real-world solutions, 11 am - 8 pm, Friday the 23rd of February, at the Stamp Student Union, U of MD, College Park.  Exhibitors include Advanced Biofuels USA, Edison Energy, Lockheed Martin, Nissan Leaf, Standard Solar, and UMD departments on entrepreneurship and sustainability, and more.  Register now for one, two, or all three events — luncheon career panel, university + entrepreneurs' showcase; evening reception- LINK IN BIO
The #trumpadministration & #epa Scott Pruitt actions to roll back pollution limits like the #cleanpowerplan have real consequences in the lives of every American - especially African Americans. - Rev. Dr. Ambrose Carroll #proctor2018 #letusbreathe
Our call to action, per Rev. Dr. Ambrose Carroll: 1) Here are our hands; use them to write the #epa to preserve the #cleanpowerplan; 2) Here are our feet; continue to march the streets of this nation until #trump and his cronies recognize our humanity and their own. #letusbreathe #proctor2018
Our team, along with @busph students and faculty, got to ask questions of @harvardchansph Professor and former EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy. For more than 30 years, she has been working to protect public health and the environment. #cleanpowerplan #publichealth #climatechangesolutions
GIVE ME YOUR IDEAS! . Recently in an interview, our head of the Environmental Protection Agency (@epagov) Scott Pruitt (@agscottpruitt) - said that climate change “might not necessarily be a bad thing for humans.” He argues warmer temps will help in the agriculture sector, and that as a species, humans will “flourish” . Let’s examine this statement, shall we? Climate change affects water availability. With droughts already happening all around the world because of record hot years in the past decade. We need water for farming. Pollinators, like bees, are also mysteriously dying off at alarming rates because of rising temperatures and toxic pesticides. Over 80% of the food we consume today requires insect pollinators. . We’ve seen many arguments from the current administration on why climate change is not even regarded AT ALL as a national issue. Even when 90% or scientists argue climate change is real, and caused by, HUMANS. . So here’s the question- is the root of this issue that the administration only cares in fact, about humans? That other species or natural resources don’t deserve protections? . Trump and Pruitt currently are dismantling the #epa at an alarming rate, cutting budgets to safeguards and regulations, and trying to do away with the #cleanpowerplan altogether. The agency and rules were put in place to make cities and corporations literally clean up their acts and not waste and destroy our beautiful homelands. . I want to know your thoughts on how you deal with “climate deniers” and this style of messaging. How do we stress the importance of biodiversity in the political spectrum? . And in the meantime, please sign the petition for our administration to NOT repeal and uphold the “Clean Power Plan” - more info and link in bio! ❤️🌎
The @350org #fossilfree #fossilfreefast event I got to host this week was incredibly inspiring, both because of speakers like Tara Rodriguez Besosa of @eldepartamentodelafood who is attempting to re-build Puerto Rico to be both climate resilient and carbon neutral, and because of the incredible local work that's gone on already here in Oxford, Ohio (we buy 100% renewable energy by default here unless consumers opt-out!) If you're interested, you can watch the event here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMv8A-ewogk !
as someone who has always had a passion for the environment the idea of repealing this plan makes me sick, we should be doing all we can to prevent further pollution of our planet ,, if you would like to support the CPP the link is in my bio & make sure to spread the word !!🌳 #wwf #cpp #cleanpowerplan #supportthecpp
On Tues. Jan. 30, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator Scott Pruitt will testify at the Senate Environmental and Public Works (EPW) Oversight Hearing. Senator #kristengillibrand is a member of the EPW committee. Please call her at (202) 224-4451 or (518) 431-0120 and urge her to challenge and expose the lack of evidence underlying the bases for Pruitt’s proposal repeal. #cleanpowerplan #climatechangeisreal #climatechange #climateaction #sciencematters #factsmatter #sciencenotsilence #sciencebased #scienceisreal
Mark your calendars for Feb. 28th!: Listening Sessions: Repealing the Clean Power Plan.  Get the details: https://ejstockton.org/listening-sessions-repealing-clean-power-plan/  #cleanpowerplan #cleanpowerplanrepeal #cleanpower #sanfrancisco #epa