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@sierraclub meeting yesterday very #enlightening ! Wow so much to learn! Went to the Mass Sierra Club meeting yesterday. Heard a passionate  overview of what’s happening with #climatechange (yep it’s here) with oceans warming, drought storms and connection with climate and health. What was exciting about this presentation was learning that MA has it’s own environmental goals and standards outside of Federal standards.. (like Trump and his pro- Oil/coal lobbyists he hired).. I was relieved to learn that MA had been coal free for a whole year.. this is great! Also that MA has a RPS(Renewable Portfolio Standard) that needs our help...Feb. 6th is when decisions get made at the Capital and there is a great need to get our local reps pushing for 3% increase in RPS.. so we can grow #sustainable energy sources like off shore wind and solar. Ok what I loved about MA Sierra Club’s director #emilynorton presentation is that there is an action plan:  1. Make appointment to meet local rep. Talk about the urgency of climate change esp. after storms etc..have coffee. 2. Have them bring the issue up with Tom Golden at the capital 3. Push for 3% increase in RPS (not 1%) Makes me feel hopeful about getting our voices heard! : : : #masierraclub #climatechange #cleanenergy #sustainablelifestyle #sustainableenergy #rps #alternativeenergy #getinvolved #action #environmentaljustice #environment
@thekennydisu said; "We can't just sit back and be part of those who complain. If we all take a back sit and from our keypads, tweet and post about it, Nothing will change. All it needs, is a little effort." Here's @thekennydisu turning #wastetowealth. #ecofriendly #dontwastethewaste  #trashhater #pickthattrash #staredownonpollution #beatpollution #greenearth #sdg11 #upcycle #climatechange
She’s Got Drive is back again with  Dr Ayana Elizabeth Johnson Ph.D sitting in the guest chair. Ayana is a Marine Biologist, policy expert, and founder of Ocean Collectiv, a consulting firm for conservation solutions grounded in social justice.  One of only a handful of Black women working in this field  @ayana.elizabeth really speaks powerfully about  her life’s work and what we are doing to this beautiful planet of ours. This really impacted me. You don’t want to miss it. Link is in my bio. Available on iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play #climatechange #saveourplanet #nativenewyorker
Think of this as the Sunday newspaper... except this is all good news! Hooray! Have a happy day everyone...⠀ ⠀ Help us to make our voices heard about how the animal agriculture industry is responsible for climate change by signing our petition to Pope Francis, a committed climate change campaigner. Sign here: http://tinyurl/hzgcnpm ⠀ ⠀ #vegan #govegan #newyear2018 #climatechange #climatechangeisreal #veganuary #animalagriculture #saveourplanet #meatfree #vegansofig #aacc #sundaymotivation #weekendreads #goodnewscalloftheday #trends #foodtrends #vegsnism #vegano #veganlife
I realize that yesterday was the “official” Penguin Awareness Day, but to me every day is Penguin Awareness Day! I had the pleasure of hanging out with this little chick while assisting some of the penguin researchers who go down to Palmer Station, Antarctica every Austral summer. To this day, it is still the softest, fuzziest thing I have ever held.
On October 11, 2016, in solidarity with Standing Rock and in response to the climate emergency we are facing, a team of activists took direct action shutting off the 5 pipelines carrying tar sands oil from Alberta, Canada into the United States. The flow of 2.8 million barrels of oil, approximately 15% of US daily consumption, was stopped. Reuters called it, “the biggest coordinated move on US energy infrastructure ever undertaken by environmental protesters,” an act that “shook the North American energy industry.” This is Michael Foster, he turned the valve on the Keystone 1 pipeline in North Dakota. He faces up to 23 years in prison if convicted, yet his worries remain on the prospect of a grim future for our kids if we don’t do something now to stop it.  If you want to get inspired check out the short documentary Valve Turners (available on Vimeo). And please click the link in my profile to learn more about direct climate action and how you can support the activist that are currently under trail for taking action.  In the words of the great Edward Abbey -- Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul ✊🏽 #actonclimate #valveturners #shutitdown #environment #climatechange #activist #everydayclimatechange #monkeywrenchgang #everydayeverywhere #everydayusa #portrait #directclimateaction #bethechange
Looking forward to seeing everyone next week at #outdoorretailer ! Come say hey - we’ll be at booth #1022ll ❄️👊🏽🔥
I don’t understand the Carnist stupidity😂😭🤔 ••• #govegan. Educate to Liberate. Adopt/Foster. For The People. For The Planet. For The Animals.
Looking forward to seeing everyone next week at #outdoorretailer ! Come say hey - we’ll be at booth #1022ll ❄️👊🏽🔥
#dotm: A few weeks ago we attended @hammer_museum ‘s screening of An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power with special guest, Former VP Al Gore. Our featured documentary for January sparks feelings of hope and encouragement even for those who feel despair, sometimes thinking the fight against climate change is a losing one. Wrote about our thoughts on the blog. #beinconvenient #mytinycaravan
It's a Sunday feeling.
Grateful for the weekend getaway at Eco-Village. . . . #zăpadă #winterwonderland❄️ #keepcool #climatechange  #foreverlearning #ecovillage  #allthingsgreen  #green18
Back to basics. The urge of going back to the nature, climbing that mountain is so damn real. The more I try to breathe city air, I suffocate. I just cannot give a justified explanation but I don't want to stay between the concrete anymore. Money has spoilt us for bad. With that I mean we have become greedy and the hunger is never ending. The rate at which we are exploiting Mother earth, accept the goddamn fact that we are digging our own graves.
What needs to happen in order for the global population to start changing their habits in their day to day lives to save our planet? Who are you waiting for to make a change? We are experiencing more unpredictable weather, global warming, irreversible damage to our atmosphere, lands, and water bodies. Our human and animal species are on the verge of extinction and it cannot be reversed without the buy in, the understanding, and the need to sacrifice for the betterment of our planet. This is the only planet we have and we must see and connect our actions to see the ripple effect of our day to day habits. Just because you do not see the negative results of your pollution/waste instantly it does not mean you're not contributing harm elsewhere. Simple efforts can be turning off lights, computers, reducing heat and wearing a sweater, shorter showers, not using straws, reusable coffee mugs and glass water bottles and walking/biking over driving. Be the change folks! It's not easy going against the grain, but your future hindsight will be harder to deal with. Have a happy, green Sunday! #exploregreenland #climateaction
Ellos son la esperanza y el futuro. Enseñemos que el planeta tierra, es su casa. Enseñemos a reusar el plástico y a evitarlo, enseñemos a recoger la basura aunque no sea nuestra, enseñemos con el ejemplo usando fundas y botellas reusables. Enseñemos que la naturaleza es vida y que es nuestra obligación preservarla, enseñemos a crear conciencia del cambio que podemos lograr si todos nos unimos y hacemos lo mismo. 🙏 #yoga and #beachcleaning #pickup #plastic #cleanbeaches #plasticfree #nature #reuse #pickupyourtrash #pollutionfree #climatechange #reusar #reusa #recogetubasura #noplasticos
Domingo de inspiración✨. “We only get one planet. Protecting our future on this planet depends on the conscious evolution of our species.” - Leonardo DiCaprio. . 📷 @haarkon_ 🌿