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Be happy, my friends! One positive step at a time! Cheers to Positive minds ☕😊❤ #mindsetmonday #lifeisgood #coffeecupaddict #coffee
Decking the Halls with all God’s creatures!! ♥️ Day 17 #twentyfivemugsofchristmas
Breakfast of champions! Hot Cocoa and Candy Cane...perfection for the holidays!! ♥️
Saturday’s are meant for sleeping in...then having pancakes!!! 🖤 Day 16 #twentyfivemugsofchristmas
You probably can not tell but I need this huge cup of coffee this morning. Went to my first white elephant Christmas party last night and I was willing to take the necessary shots needed to keep my gift.  Glad it didn't come to that. Did something new and made a new friend. That's my life.  Maybe it's the idea that I like learning about people. Like to hear their stories. Like how someone that just met me feels comfortable sharing their secrets with me. I always go wondering if I'll feel comfortable in a new environment but by the time I leave I'm glad I came. I hear people say .... I don't know if I should go? How do you know if you don't go? Be randomonous , I think I just made up a word. If you don't feel comfortable leave but know your surroundings you just don't know if you needed to go out and miss out on an experience because you just didn't know to go. There are so many missed possibilities that you pass up. So just go and do it and come back and tell me how it went.  My morning wisdom. #coffeecupaddict #mymorningwisdom #coffee #christmascup #whiteelephantchristmas #possibilities #life #random #stories #people #friends #wine #wineinvolved #eggnog #myviewonlife #happy
I think Ray is getting more use outta his mug than me...he LOVES it!! ♥️ Day 14 #twentyfivemugsofchristmas
There’s no denying us Melbournians love our coffee! ☕️ That’s why these Cupy Collapsible Cups would make the perfect gift for that coffee loving friend, family member or colleague this Christmas 😉 If you live in Metro Melbourne, you still have until Monday 18th December to place your orders and have them arrive in time! So what are you waiting for? Shop our range of colours now! 👆🏼
Going to chug back some eggnog (with a little added goodness) to end my evening!! Have a great evening friends!! ♥️ Day 13 #twentyfivemugsofchristmas
Good morning awesome people and welcome to ...#WackyWednesday 😂☕ , ohhh and it's 13th 🤣 Make it a great one , and don't forget to #smile ! #happymama #happycoach #holidayseason #healthiermoms #fun #coffeecupaddict #coffeewithcoconut
Got a new coffee cup! 🖤 #coffeecupaddict #coffee #isittolatetodrinkcoffee
3 cheers for plaid season!!! 🖤⚪️♥️ Day 12 #twentyfivemugsofchristmas