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Ah. When the husbands away... totally decided to test myself by doing what I call ‘selfish’ self care. And I do things that I want to do by myself, without any people. So, I started by refusing to get up early for anything. Not even my beloved yoga. I’m thinking these dark circles might be due to a lack of rest. Haha. Granted. The beauty of laying in bed all morning, is that IF you do decide you might want to be a “little” health/body conscious and do a little movement, but you’re still not ready for [people]... those losers who got up super early on their day off JUST to work out, have already showered and are well into their day... so now your lazy [lucky] ass will have the whole work out room to herself. Hallelujah! It might be small, but you’re thankful that it comes with your apartment complex amenities, otherwise you’d actually have to use the gym membership that you pay for, but never use, IF you ever get tired of walking around neighborhoods. So. I guess I should also be thankful that I can afford to pay for something that I don’t use. I may not be rich... but I am comfortable. I am able to make choices in my life that do not effect whether or not my lights stay on. And I thank you [Universe] for humbly reminding me that perhaps I need to take a very close look at my life, and determine what is of true value. That we need to shift into, and align with a perspective that is more true and authentic to the life I am trying to live now. Ask the hard questions: what should I completely and fully give up... if I give it up, is it because it needs to be replaced or upgraded, or am I giving this up because it adds no value to my life, either by substance, quality or nourishing of my mind, body and spirit... what should I keep... and that which I keep, how am I going to properly utilize the tools/benefits of this....? Good Lord. Am I talking about gym memberships, material goods, people, jobs, relationships, lifestyle choices, points of view?!!
Throw Back to the DB Conference which was held back in December of 2008, when I was part of an Amazing Team of Designers... all of whom helped to upgrade my skill level. This team was probably the best that center ever had, and we’ve all gone onto great successes after we left. Even then, we were a winning team, as we took/tied for first place on the Banner Competition. (The following year, Paul and I worked on it for the Texas Conference, and we won 2nd place) This banner was such a huge collaboration of creativity, talent, skill... and some might say, future leadership qualities. Hahaha!! I can still remember the “creative difference” that almost broke up the band. What was the color of the Golden Gate Bridge. 🙈😂😭😜 Well, here’s a little trivia for you. The paint color is not ‘Red’... the paint color of the bridge is called ‘Universal Orange’. Hahaha! Good Times! I can’t recall if I was Team Jacob, or Team Edward during all of that... I just remember how proud I was after it was complete. We were able to move outside of our own selves, and work together and collectively create an awesome piece of art. Sure... it might have just have been a ‘banner’... but, it was the BEST Banner. These type of people are really awesome to work with. And I loved working with all of you! Thank you for the “upgrades”.... I miss you guys!! And yay. My last IOS upgrade just gave me an Orange Heart! It might not be same hue as Universal Orange, but I’m certainly sending it out into the digital universe 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡. #synchronicity 😘 Happy Holidays, Guys!! 😘 #universalorange #designers #designlife #kitchenandbath #certifieddesigner #kitchenandbathdesigner #directbuy #2008 #goldengatebridge #art #arteveryday #posterart #colormeolivia #journey #throwback #memories #upgrade #creativity #talent #skill #leadership #firstplace
My fashion queen and goddess friend, Alexandra. She is always slaying!! Her boots were FIERCE!! Also... we were just laughing at how fabulous our sparkling earrings were. See? Slay. #fashionqueen #slay #goddess #pinkfur #holidayparty #colormeolivia #naturalhair #frohawk #christmastree #fierce #sparkling #earrings
This is Paul. One half of this cool couple that I met tonight. I was in love with his jacket... which he designed. I had to get a picture with him since we both had some flair going on with our jackets. Also. My pink fur is fake. Don't "Carrie" my ass! Haha. Later he let me try it on. You KNOW how I feel about gold (I'm turning into my mother) I LOVES THE GOLD!!! hahaha. #designers #gold #iheartgold #goldfinger #goldjacket #pinkfur #colormeolivia
So, what you have here is basically the three PowerPuff Girls. From left to right: Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup. AKA, Olivia, Yaelle, and Jackie. We so sexy!! 😎😘 I adore Jackie so much... and I just met her bestie, Yaelle tonight, and there were high-fives at least three times tonight cause the jokes were on point!! Haha. #powerpuffgirls #blossom #bubbles #buttercup #pinkhair #bluehair #greenhair #colormeolivia #pinkfur #tribe #whyitribe #girlfriends #bossbitches #sexybitches #highfives #girlcrush #triooffun #wait #what
Yay!! If I HAD to miss my OWN company's Holiday Party, because of double booking (I'm SO popular!)... then there was no place better to be, than the TBS Design Gallery's Holiday event tonight. Great food, the Loveliest of people, and a pretty good DJ...cause, I DANCED! A HUGE Thank you, to my wonderful host and friend, Mamuka, and his amazing team for inviting me! And bonus surprise! My boss showed up! 😂 Apparently, this WAS the party where the cool kids were. 😎 My life is a John Hughes film! 😂😂😂#ColorMeOlivia #accountmanager #careergirl #cosentinosanfrancisco #tbsdesigngallery #holidayparty #redvelvetcupcake #moonshine #johnhughes #sixteencandles #thebreakfastclub #prettyinpink #naturalhair #pinkfur #coolkids
Inspired by the woolen beauties to keep my toes warm, I carefully chose my outfit this morning by matching these lovely colorful socks. I feel like Stripes make any color combination work well together. Why can’t we all be like stripes? Hahaha. Also. Tree pose. Nailed it! Actually, I tried to get my foot higher... but these are skinny jeans, and the spandex is strong in this one. Hahaha! #colormeolivia #socks #stripes #yoga #treepose #paintchips #behrpaint #oliviacolorgoddess #ilovecolor #iheartstripes #skinnyjeans #spandex
ColorMeOlivia is super excited right now. Every time she walks into her accounts and sees all of the “Seasonal” decorations, she just starts smiling... because for the first time since she and Bear got together 8 years ago, they will be spending Christmas with her family. And she’s going home to Charlotte. SUPER EXCITED!! Now I’m trying to figure out what sort of festive hairpiece will work with the FroHawk. I still have time to make it. 😍🎄💖🤶🏽🎅🏼🎁🎄✨💖 #colormeolivia  #thisischristmas #holidayseason #homefortheholidays #mrandmrsbear #iheartmyfamily #iheartmybear #oliviaandbear #naturalhair #curlyhairdontcare #paintchips #makingchristmas #ornaments #joy #christmastree #seedoflife #seedoflifetattoo
Raaawwwr! Olivia SMASH!! Hahaha. Cleaning out my closet is always fun... sometimes I find the craziest and weirdest things I had forgotten about. Despite it taking way too long to clean it, make-up and fashion shows “reasons”, I did manage to get my closet back in order. Which basically means I can actually reach my clothes without having to step on the pile of shoes in the middle of the floor. And... I only lost one shoe. It’s here somewhere in this apartment. Either I took it off halfway to my room and it was kicked somewhere, or I was picking it up and carrying it from somewhere and got distracted and put it down. But... I’m sure it will turn up eventually. Hahahaha. I’m a messy, creative genius... and I did remember to finish dinner 😜#Dinner #kissthecook #journey #awakening #spiritual #hulk #smash #closet #cleaning #genius #colormeolivia #shoes
It’s almost like the all time and space jumped off my pants and greeted me this morning. On my way to a sound healing/yoga retreat. What a perfect way to go into the weekend. #colormeolivia #timeandspace #journey #awakening #spiritual #yogaishealing #soundtherapy #sound #space #time #universe #galaxy
This will be remembered, as one of my favorite birthday celebrations. Heartfelt Gratitude to my beautiful friends, who gathered with me in a circle tonight. So much love was present, and I just want to express how blessed I am to know you. I love that you all brought Vegetarian dishes to honor my lifestyle change... while I actually brought meat egg rolls just in case . Hahaha. My name in lights, a delicious cake... and an amazing turn through the circle. Thank you, for celebrating my birth... and honoring me with your friendships. And a special thank you to @jesalyneatchel for capturing these wonderful birthday moments. I love that I bought you that tripod as a present. It was a great investment all around... for everyone. Hahaha. 😘 #tribe #whyitribe #girlfriends #sisterfriends #birthdaymonth #scorpioseason #novemberbaby #journey #spiritual #awakening #universe #everythingissacred #connection #synchronicity #colormeolivia
One thing I love about the Universe, is its sense of humor when it’s trying to show or teach you something. When I planned my day to visit a couple of my accounts in Carmel and Seaside, update some towers, and then swing by the grand opening of one of my accounts for maybe 45 minutes... so that I could finish my day by the ocean. It was two weeks ago and the weather was beautiful. Hahaha! I woke up on Thursday to RAIN! And it was a heavy rain that followed me for all of the 100 miles I drove down there. But, I still decided as I was chillin’ and listening to my music that I would still go sit by the ocean... in the rain, because I was adamant about seeing the ocean. Well. When I stopped for lunch, I saw this giant truck with this on the side, I laughed and I took a picture thinking to myself... “I think this is the Universe’s way of telling me this is as close as I’m getting today.” Hahahaha. But sure enough, I had so much fun at the grand opening, that I wasn’t in a hurry to leave. And it turned out to be a pretty amazing night. Sometimes you have to let go, and trust the process. 🧡#Journey #spiritual #awakening #arteveryday #artislife #music #livemusic #connection #universe #colormeolivia
Out of all of his paintings, this one was my favorite. 🧡#Journey #spiritual #awakening #arteveryday #artislife #music #livemusic #connection #artistjabu #colormeolivia
Just a lovely progression of this Elephant painting, by @artistjabu 🧡#Journey #spiritual #awakening #arteveryday #artislife #music #livemusic #connection #artistjabu #colormeolivia
On Thursday I was invited to the grand opening of a new showroom, down in Seaside, that I helped with their main displays. And wow... they do amazing work. The reception desk is BRILLIANT, especially with my Silestone on top! When I came in, I was so blown away by everything and kept telling them how beautiful it was. They were so gracious about me being there... but, exuberantly so. They kept telling everyone how awesome I was, shouting my name from across the room. And I was like... “Its nothing, seriously... it’s my job to help you”. But they were like “Nooooo!! You’re the best, have more food!!” 😂 And then they even offered to get me a hotel so I could drink, and didn’t have to make the 2 hr drive back home. I laughed so hard, and told them told him next time to have their party on a Friday. 😂 But one of the highlights of the evening, aside from being super pumped up by the team was meeting the Friend of the owner. He is this amazingly talented and brilliant [famous] Artist from Santa Monica. His name is Jabu. I was there early so I had time to really sit and talk with him about the impressive pieces he had around the showroom... and we had the best conversation talking about spirituality and connection thru art. And then later he did a live painting, which was awesome to see developed in stages over the evening, and a special treat for me, because we talked about how much I loved elephants. And. The perfect backdrop to the evening. Music... There was a Kick Ass Band!! Such a surprising day. Those are my favorite kind of days... when you finish out a productive day, and you get a little encouragement/thank you gift from the Universe. I didn’t even mind the two hour drive back home in the rain 🧡#Journey #spiritual #awakening #arteveryday #artislife #music #livemusic #connection #artistjabu #colormeolivia
Wow. Time flies. Last night I was sworn in on the New Board for the NorCal NKBA Chapter, as the Programs Chair. I'm starting my fifth consecutive year with this full-time “volunteer” week. Just taking a walk down memory lane, I realized I'd accomplished a lot in the last four and a half years. My first year and a half, I was the board buddy under the VP of Academics. Under that position I actually created and started the Student Design Symposium (SDS), a very successful program, which is now in its Four Planning Year... and growing. While I've passed the torch/responsibilities on this... and released any attachments (... as a good designer should) I definitely felt good handing over the program. Just knowing that it was my creative flame that lit the program, is awesome for me. I just like kickstarting life/dreams... even though I always seem to manage it while in the midst of chaos. Shocker, I actually pulled together the SDS (along with my committee) in just under three months, while dealing with the loss of my grandmother, flying cross country for the funeral AND then planning my wedding which happened two weeks after SDS... all while working a full time job. #bossbitch #bossbitchanewhope  Then, the following two years, I was elected as the VP of Communications. Under that role and position, I single-handedly upgraded our Social Media presence: in followers, in check-in hits, running our eblast... and made a point to showcase all of our events and members on our Facebook page(s). Our Events Album selection is pretty fantastic, and better than some I've seen. And I’m not saying that because I was the photographer at the events. Haha. Also. I won a Design Award that year. #levelup #thebossbitchstrikesback Cont. in comments
Much Love to everyone. I LUBS you!! 🙌🏽💖😘 #birthdayweekend #november13 #scorpiobaby #colormeolivia #scorpioseason #44thbirthday #journey #spiritual #awakening #birthday #healing
Happy Wedding Day to my Cousins, @ellejay515  and @slimjones23!! Even though I couldn’t be there in person, I’m glad I was able to contribute to your special day, and be there in Spirit. Love the picture my dad sent me of the bouquet with the cake. A perfect match. 💖🎂💐Many Blessings to you! Love you! XOXO #gameofjones2k17 #colormeolivia #customfloralarrangement #madewithlove #wedding #brideandgroom #vintagejewelry #vintagebuttons #prideandprejudice #handmade #creativeendeavors #goldfinger #pearls #jewelry #shiny
As I progress through the spectrum of my chakras, one aspect that seems to be consistent along this journey, is healing through food. Specifically, the pairing up of foods, that matches each individual chakra by color. I have eaten earthy red foods to ground my root chakra, sweet/savory orange foods to spark my creative sacral chakra, and fiery, spicy yellow foods to strengthen my solar plexus warrior. However, when I reached the heart chakra over a year ago, I was unprepared for length of time I would remain among the leafy greens. Weeks became months, which then turned into a year, and I began to realize that the healing foods needed more than the nourishing effects of color. Almost intuitively, I began to explore the method in which I prepared my meals... and I relearned how to cook with intention.  Growing up, my family ate together. Recipes handed down. Toys put away, hands washed, everyone at the table... and we blessed every meal. When I moved away, time passed and I let go of traditions.  When I started to reconnect through my cooking, one of the first things I started doing again, was blessing my meal before I ate. I asked for nourishment and strength, and I blessed the hands that prepared the meal. But, one day I started to thank the farms, gardens... and the animals for the meal. And that’s when things started to change. I won’t say that I no longer eat meat, but I no longer eat meat as I once did. A few times a month is all that I allow... as most days, I really just don’t have a taste for it. But. Soon after my dietary changes started, I had this thought that instead of blessing the meal [before] I ate, I should actually BLESS the food before I even began to prepare it. I realized that I was putting more than just spices into my meals. What I was feeding myself, [and my husband] was literally carrying the essence of my energy at that time. How else could I explain the same recipe tasting so different, unless I factored in my mood while I was