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Oh hi! πŸ‘‹πŸΌ I think magic is filling the air these days. Can you feel it? This weekend we’re hanging outside Christmas lights. πŸ’‘ Next weekend cutting the tree. 🌲 I hope to squeeze in some ginger bread House making too but my partner in crime this year @shelaghhaney3 is not in the country! Who else is a huge fan of making ginger bread houses? • I’ve done half my Christmas shopping on @canadianmakers.ca! The online market launched today. So much heart and soul was poured into this online marketplace and I’m so blessed for this community and for @kbarlowdesign. • Friends, this is my busy season so it felt SUPER amazing to grab a beer and browse the site tonight with my husband on the couch with my puppy curled up beside me. • I freaking love πŸ’• the whole, shop in your PJ’s from Canadian vendors from all across the country. SUCH a cool initiative. • Are you taking the pledge this year? This year we’re encouraging all #canadians to support 3 local shops or makers this year for Christmas gifts. #shopyourthree. Together we can stimulate the local economy and support people who have invested in their dreams. • Knowing you’ll get a great quality and unique product from someone who cares will put a smile on your loved ones face this year. #canadianmakers
When my 3 year old is frustrated or upset I like to tell her, it’s okay, “you can do hard things!” The last time I said this to her, she said in all sincerity, through teary eyes, “but mom! I can’t pick up the couch!” 😳 No baby, you can’t pick up the couch. πŸ–€ _____ I admire the grace and strength I see around me all the time by people doing hard things. Actual hard things - like my SIL battling some serious heath issues. Or our dear friends who have recently moved far away from everything for a fresh start. They remind me we can all do hard things when we have to. And we are stronger for it. πŸ’•
Playing with tape to create something new.. now just to figure out how to arrange the rest of them
The sabbath eludes me. Before grad school, I diligently set aside at least one day a week to veg the heck out. But that’s not a feasible possibility right now. I had hoped to finish the 10+ page paper I’m writing that’s due Friday afternoon by tonight. To at least get a solid draft so I could take Thanksgiving wholly off. But my brain is fried and it’s not going to work to keep staring at the screen. So I’m done for the night. And I’ll spend the early part of tomorrow scrambling to finish the draft. And then I’ll get up early again on Friday and finish the edits. All so I can write another 10 page paper for another class on Saturday and Sunday. I won’t get a full two days off. But that’s okay. A long time ago, an old friend, Amie, who was in school at the time, said though she couldn’t manage a whole day of Sabbath, she’d found a few hours on Sunday afternoon to set aside as sacred. You know I don’t believe in dogma. I don’t celebrate Sabbath as a mandate. I celebrate it because I’ve studied the rhythms of our bodies and view it as an essential piece of health. But I think she was on to something. I will take the hours I do have off and hold them as a holy gift. I will unplug and let go of the running tally in my head of what I have to do by when. And that will be enough. πŸ–€βœ¨ #gradschoollife #sabbath #throwinglight
{NEW BLOG POST!} If you've ever thought about starting a blog but didn't even know where to start, felt overwhelmed, and then didn't know what to write about - I gotchu' covered πŸ’πŸ»In this massive post (3000+ words, y'all), I break down the 7 steps to start a blog and make sure it doesn't suck πŸ˜‚ I even linked 2 of my past blogs to show you how far I've come! I couldn't find my Xanga or Myspace accounts for you, but I'm going to say that's for the better πŸ˜… What's your biggest struggle when it comes blogging? Anything you want to know? Head to the #linkinbio 🍍 to read the full post! ---- I am booking clients for 2018!! If you've been thinking about starting a blog or have one and don't know what to do with it, let's chat! Through my Blog Strategy program, I help you stay consistent with your blog and create an action plan to follow! Have a business but don't know where to go with your blog strategy? That's my specialty! Send me a DM to see how we can work together! πŸ€— • • • • • #brandcoach #minorityowned #brandingcoach #contentcreator #copywriter #storyteller #ghostwriter #blogcoach #blogger #bloggerstyle #bloggers #bloggerlife #bloggerlifestyle #dcblogger #dcentrepreneurs
Cuando no sé qué poner de caption para algunas fotos, pero me encanto esta πŸ“·
Honeymoon dreaming in Udaipur, India by @emelinaah πŸ’•
4.41cts of whisky imperial topaz goodness. These stones are so beautiful and unique in color. I handmade the sterling silver setting and hung it on an 18 inch sterling silver chain. One of a kind and perfectly dainty for every day wear. Holiday Collection drops this Saturday the 25th at 6pm CST. I will also be having a sale in my shop starting tomorrow so stay tuned! . . . . #showmeyourrings #cocktailring #ringbling #ringselfie  #riojeweler #topaz #turquoiseoverdiamonds #stonejewelry #metalsmith #lifeofanartist #crystallove #ladysmith  #hippiespirits  #bohobride #freepeoplestyle #creativelife #makeyournextmove  #ohwowyes #wearethemakers #slowmade  #bedeeplyrooted  #prettylittlethings #naturegirl #handsandhustle  #southerncharm #huntsville
For a Holiday vegan option: Enchilada casserole with black beans, peppers,  corn, soy crumbles,  onions,  and white corn tortillas.  Also, prepping cauliflower for vegan Buffalo bites! Yummy,  yummy! . . . . . . . . . . #thanksgiving #family #cooking #baking #vegan #goodeats #food #holiday #pumkin #butternutsquash #thankful #instafood #cookingwithlove #creativelife #homegrown #celebration #smile #dessert #homeecwednesdays #lovemyfamily
Don't let the end of the week stop you from seeking inspirationsπŸ’₯! #inspiration #quotes #poster #creatives #sydneycreatives  #creativelife #sydneydesigners #sydneylife #designlife #brandingagency #designagency #hustle
MARKET ALERT: We're going to be back at the @wildaboutmelbourne market at Thornbury Bowls Club this Sunday 11-3 . . So get up, get out, get motivated- @jstlbby, dust that hangover off and get your Christmas sh*t sorted early! . . #thornburycandleco #thornbury #melbourne
There is something magical about a street lined with jacarandas in full bloom.  It is our season here in Perth. I love driving down the streets where they are blooming in all their purple glory.  They bring such joy and colour into your day.  So here's a little bit of joy for you.
Seriously wanting to make my own DIY neon sign πŸ’‘// I wonder how difficult it could be.. not even sure what I would want it to say πŸ€” // Oh well... definitely something to try in the future . . .  #neonsign #diy #neon #handy #interor #etsy #inspiration #graphicdesign #goldcoast #branding #logo #design #local #creativelife #illustrations #create #designerlife #inspiration #dailylook #welcome #happydays #dailyquotes #interiordesign #designlove #project