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Inktober 18: filthy 19: cloud. Terrible forest fires 🔥 this year. So sad. The clouds of smoke carry ash and drop it over everything.  There are farms that couldn't even grow their crops because of the dense cloud cover. I saw a fire on one of the hillsides in BC, and it is just shocking and horrifying. #inktober #inktober2017 #dippen #inkdrawing #creativebug #cbdrawaday #drawaday #yearofcreativehabits  #makeart #makeartthatsells  #artoftheday #dailypractice #painteveryday #creativelifehappylife #sketchbook #creativehabits #carveouttimeforart #illustration #illustrationart #watercolourpainting #watercolourart
I was getting a little desperate with this one, so I used a piece of a watercolor done by my mother’s second husband. #jillwolcottknits #creativelifehappylife #coloraddict #jillsdailycolor
Sandra McEwen. My patient, fun, incredibly talented teacher this week. She reintroduced me to a skill I never thought I’d revisit but here I am. And here I go! 🚀Lots of practice ahead of me! - - #artspaceraleigh #sandramcewen #champlevé #redhead #jewelrydesigner  #neverstoplearning  #jewelrydesign  #creativelifehappylife #beautifuljewelry
We chose the cover art for our first greeting cards collection based on survey feedback we gathered from our newsletter crew a few months ago. As we were preparing to release the variety pack of cards, a common theme became quite clear—glimpsing God through nature. You helped us shape this collection, but it also feels a bit meant to be. ______________________ PS: You can find The Creation Confides Collection on our site under “Print Shop.” We have a limited amount of packs available, so act fast!
Getting in a Christmas mood (yes, already)
Súper recomendable 👌🏻 otro libro de mi escritora favorita @elizabeth_gilbert_writer 📖 ........mejor si es Acompañado del rico jugo 🍹de @amatime.com_ #amaloverdadero #liberatumagiaelizabethgilbert📖 #creativelifehappylife
Have you booked your session for Christmas portraits yet? If not, sign up for the email newsletter today to receive a free 8X10 with your next portrait order! Email nicki@nevansphotos.com to sign up now.
Art for my daughters room.  Just love getting the creative juices flowing again. Just waiting for a top coat. .  #abstractart #artist #artistoninstagram #artistlife #acrylicpainting #acryliconcanvas #liquitex #textureart #color #homedecor #creativelifehappylife #creative
Whenever my head spins about all the cutting, sanding, painting, gluing I need to do each week, I look at customer photos and reviews to get perspective. ❤️ I am not just spending all this time to make these signs and ship them out to oblivion! They end up in nurseries with precious babies and strong Mama's. They end up in kids rooms, play rooms, bathrooms, and other small shops! They end up in people's home filled with love.  Thank you everyone for continuing to take the time to tag me (if your account is public) or email me your pictures!! Thank you @karagfreeman for this beautiful picture!
Definitely my kind of weekend plans! Tonight I'm trying out my hand at essential oil scent blending and soy candle making thanks to @pfcandleco and @thecraftersbox! 🙌🏻 So in love with the different art forms and skills I am learning every month 🖤#notevensponsored #purelove #thecraftersbox #workshop #crafting #candlemaking #essentialoils #creativelifehappylife
Some tourmaline and diamonds for a Friday night #handmadeisbetter
Carrying on with the #makersgetreal challenge, here’s 10 things you may not know about me for Day 4:  1. I love whales (obviously) 🐋 When I was a kid, I wanted to have killer whale wallpaper in my bedroom (but my mom said no). 😂 2. We don’t have cable, but I love to watch the Mick and Jane the Virgin!  3. I grew up riding horses. 🐴 It was even cooler than it sounds.  4. I’ve been crocheting since I was a kid, but spent 10 years making only dishcloths until I ventured into other projects.  5. I love Marcell the Shell (look it up on YouTube) 🐚  6. I looove veggies. And donuts. And potatoes. 🥒🍩🥔 7. Snail mail is my jam. 💌📬 8. I used to loooove punk rock, and will always have a soft spot for it.  9. I went to college at Michigan Tech, which is 2 hours from the nearest Target. It also got 300+ inches of snow every winter. ❄️ 10. Today is my birthday. ☺️ . Ps. Remember the yarn I got from Alaska? My mom also got a skein in blue, and now I’ll be making her an #everydaytriangle out of it! 💗