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Nancy Guthrie put words to something I often struggle with in my parenting - I tend to vent my frustration on my boys, justifying it as a need to teach them respect, order and timeliness. I needed these words today to remind me of how the Lord parents me. "What if we really believed that our anger does not, in fact, produce the righteousness God desires in us or in our children but actually does damage? What if we were willing to change the rhythm and pattern of our instinctive anger and replace it with an inclination to listen - to draw out what is really going on in the hearts of our children? What would happen if, instead of venting our accusations and complaints, we slowed down before responding, making sure our words were kind and tender? What if we were slow to speak and instead took time to listen, to see, to love, and to change our response to one of grace?  In essence, James is calling us (in 1:19-20) to parent in the way that we have been patented by God." - Nancy Guthrie  Read Psalm 103:8, 13-14 today and join me in asking the Lord to enable us to parent our kids as He does us. He is our model to follow. . . . . . #intentionalliving  #intentionalhealth  #intentionalfitness  #intentionalrelationships #intentionalparenting  #intentionalnutrition  #intentionalplanning  #intentionalfuel #gospelcenteredliving #gospelcenteredparenting #gospelcenteredmarriage #whensinnerssayido #intentionalmarriage #cultivateyourmarriage  #cultivatewhatmatters #powersheets  #boymomlife #boymom #iparentboys #iparentpassionateboys  #mealplanandprep  #youthministerswife  #worshipleaderswife  #homeschoolingnewbie #juniorkindergarten  #memoriapress #thisiswhathomeschoolinglookslike #homeschoolingboys #classicalhomeschooling
Love is looking for you are you ready?  Provocative question:  Life is full of surprises enjoy each day tomorrow isn’t promised... focus on the wonderful things in your life today. Love will find you at the appropriate time. Be blessed!.. . .  #cultivatewhatmatters #relationshipadvice #relationshipcoach #coaching #coachinglife #businesscoaching #imageconsultant #thestyleconcierge💋 #evokingchangeeffectingchangeinlives🙏
It feels like ages ago when I took this picture of my little Heidi-fan when actually it‘s only been a few days. But a few days where all of your kids have fever and you‘re feeling horrible too but just need to function can feel like half a lifetime, right? Yet during this time I was so vividly reminded of the power we Mamas have to make or break the direction that the atmosphere at home takes. At some point in the week I started doing my Mama duties with a big groan, I was feeling horrible and actually just wanted to hide under the duvet with hot tea. My husband gently reminded me that considering our little people weren’t doing well my negative attitude wasn’t helping. An that‘s all it took - a gentle reminder. My attitude changed right there, the atmosphere instantly improved and despite having a house of sick people we were still able to have a really good time together. Even though it sometimes FEELS like hard work, positivity has a Domino effect and ripples through the people around you. And at the end of the day, we grown-ups hold responsibility for how our home feels and the vibe it has - no matter what is going on❤️ • • • • • Guten morgen Ihr lieben! Und Hallo❤️ an alle neue Follower 👋 Generall schreibe ich meinen Text hier auf English - gelegentlich übersetze ich ihn dann auch auf Deutsch. Ist das okay für Euch?  Wir waren vor ein paar Tagen auf dem Bauernhof und seitdem hatte ich mit lauter kranken Kindern (und ich auch krank) zu kämpfen. In diesen Tagen ist mir wieder klar geworden wie wir Mamas tatsächlich durch unsere Einstellung die Atmosphäre zu Hause maßgeblich beeinflussen. Sind wir schlecht drauf und lassen es allen wissen wird es den Kindern auch nicht gut gehen, aber wenn wir das überkommen können und den Tag zuversichtlich mit Positivität starten können dann werden wir sehen wie unsere Kleinen vor unseren Augen aufblühen 💗 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • #bethegood #bestofmom
The only solution to experiencing something beyond fear is to do something about it. To get up out of bed and live. Don’t be afraid of mistakes. Don’t be afraid to learn. Making a choice — any choice — is better than confining yourself to fear continuously. Have faith in your power to choose, and in your power to act upon those choices (especially that part). You don’t have to be right. You just have to be courageous.
It's Day 5 of the AJ Apothecary 2-year Anniversary Celebration! . If you enjoy exercise and outdoor activities today's blog post is for you!  I am sharing my favorite fitness equipment brand, @Live.Infinitely!  This business offers high quality, well designed equipment for exercise and outdoor adventures.  I love their exercise ball, resistance bands, foam roller, and insulated infuser water bottle!  Check out the blog for more details, and don't forget to enter to in today's giveaway gift from Live Infinitely! https://www.ajapothecary.com/live-infinitely/
That's me for sure!!😆 Unfortunately texting language has killed written communication skills and is slowly creeping into abbreviated and over casual oratory skills too!! Never underestimate the power of a seductive vocabulary! Upgrade your communication skills, project a cultured image  and get noticed. Communication is an art to be cultivated #communication #written #oral #nishagupta #etiquettecoach #imageconsultant #theartofsmalltalk #beclassy #cultivatewhatmatters #cultivatedstyle
Doesn’t cost a thing to smile, you don’t have to pay to laugh. You better thank God for that. -India Arie  _________ Have a Hope-filled weekend ✌🏽🖤. #sheendures
One of the core things about learning how to be productive and learning how to focus involves balance and being present. ... Focusing on the task at hand is getting harder and harder with all the distractions of our daily life...sometimes it's about figuring out where to really begin. ... Make sure to balance focused attention with moments of letting the brain "take a breath". And remember that whether your focusing or relaxing you are truly present. ... ...
What can happen in a month!! It was only a few weeks ago Annika  and I were chasing colors along the lake in northern Michigan. Now the leaves are nearly gone, the frost has come night after night, fall is giving way to winter. And this girl just passed the 300 mile mark way yonder on the Te Araroa trail through New Zealand !! Proud of you, lady!! 🤘🏼
Thankful for good friends and hearty laughs! Delicious wine doesn’t hurt either😉 #thankful #handwrittenstoriesofmylife
Precious gift with my 94 year old grandmother today. We've told lots of stories about my Daddy this past week, and when we left her home today I told the boys what my Dad used to always say about his mother. "Good ol' Nam. Can't beat her." No one like her, indeed. ❤️ #cultivatewhatmatters #sacrificeofthanksgiving #tellthemstories #theartofremembrance
I know, it is not even Thanksgiving yet BUT today is the last day to order your @allgoodthingscollective Advent Calendar!! It is such a great tool for the holiday season! It is part of our Christmas traditions every year and this year they added daily prompts on the back of each card and we are so excited about that!! 🎁🎄 Use Code: OAKANDOATS15 when you check out to save 15% off your order!! Probably get some Christmas gifts while you are there!!
Day 17 of #myfulllife, today's prompt  #rest I've been learning to practice this only recently. There's so much wisdom in scheduling time for it the same way we honour an appointment on our calendar. For a very long time I didn't.  In a previous life I'd work insane hours feeding a need for busyness that after many years left me burnt out. Pausing and taking time to rest felt like a weakness and other than scheduled vacation time once a year, rest felt guilty to me.  These days I'm learning that just as rest days are essential to a healthy running routine, and need to be scheduled in order to perform well on the days I run; resting regularly is equally important for my week's work to be done well.  This week has been LONG. Really good but I feel the fullness of it in how tired I am. I caught myself  earlier today beginning to feel guilty, like I needed to be productive and busy, instead of slow and spent.  But then I realized I did spend myself fully into the week's chores, appointments, people and projects that God has called me to this season. And felt compelled to embrace and learn to just be and rest.  Love how God, being supreme and one who does not tire, still modeled this for us. As Genesis states, after His creative work, He rested. And later in Deuteronomy, through Moses, He provides instruction for the people, to rest.  It always strikes me how His rythm is never rushed, after all the Bible says He is not a God of disorder. A slow pace and gentler rythm to my days is not something that comes naturally for me, but the results thereof make the times that are hard and busy much more meaningful. Rest helps make what is not rest, better.
Better a dry crust with peace and quiet than a house full of feasting, with strife....
Brown Sugar & Pecan Sweet Potatoes!! That is the answer to the last gram!! Check out the blog today for this twist on a holiday classic! 🍁  How do you like to eat Sweet Potatoes? 👇👇👇
“Sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans read the book.” ― John Green, The Fault in Our Stars  I am an AVID reader, and a  majority of my inspiration in art and my spiritual companions are books. There are the classic literature stories that I think should be mandatory reading for all human beings such as - Pride and Prejudice, Gone with Wind, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Chronicles of Narnia, Orthodoxy by Chesterton and so many more. .  Thank you for allowing us to share part of our story this week and allowing us to tell you about the next chapter that is coming with @the_greenhousecollective & @meaningfulmarket .  Now I am dying to know what books are you zealous about and think everyone should read?