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An excerpt from David Crow’s beautiful book, In Search of the Medicine Buddha. Enjoy! “The healing of humanity's ancient wounds and the rebirth of Dharmic culture rests upon ecological renewal. Environmental restoration is a unifying purpose that brings together families of diverse racial, ethnic, economic, and religious backgrounds in a common struggle against the threat of biospheric collapse. By following the Medicine Buddha's wordless commandment to plant trees, cleanse the skies and seas, and harvest the fruits of sattvic planetary caretaking, the divisive conflicts carried through the ages can be forgotten. As communities and nations join hands in mutual concern for plants, animals, and coming generations, the long history of inflicting pain on others may cease, and truly spiritually reawaken.”
Don't miss the upcoming ‘Winter of Wellness Summit’ featuring holistic health experts Sara and David Crow! Starts Jan 16th‬! Sara will teach you how to boost Jing, your deep foundational energy, to enhance radiance and rejuvenation. David will show you how Ayurvedic medicine can provide you with a profound yet practical system for maintaining physical, emotional & mental wellbeing. Please visit our FB page to sign up! 🙏🏽
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FREE Virtual Event: The Shift Network Winter of Wellness Summit brings together 40+ Top Experts January 16-20. ⠀ ⠀ Register here: http://bit.ly/2ChrUAh⠀ ⠀ #shiftnetwork #mindbodyspirit #holistichealth #alternativehealth #energymedicine #donnaeden #davidcrow #greggbraden #hollytse #dawsonchurch #eft #aromatherpy #newyearsresolutions
As the new year approaches, we can begin to set goals around upgrades we would like to see in our life. Plant medicine can play a significant role in helping us to realize our dreams. Specifically, ‘Power Plants’ can be used to attract, catalyze and manifest our purpose and desires. For example, spritz Inner Star Misting Potion on skin and aura to beautify the complexion and activate the self-love and confidence needed for a fulfilling life. One can burn frankincense resin or Palo Santo to create a clear, elevated space for mediation and ritual. Gardenia Attar beautifully helps lighten the mind and mood and helps attract blessings. Check out our sale on manifestation power plants by visiting the link in profile. 🙏🏽
Envision our world as a sacred mandala of healing 🙏 #insearchofthemedicinebuddha  #davidcrow#healing#plantpower #gaia
Meet Khus Attar! Sustainably harvested Australian sandalwood infused with traditionally distilled and wild-harvested Rajasthani vetiver roots creates a distinctively earthy, rooty, herbaceous and woodsy botanical perfume great for men and women alike. 🌿 Khus Attar is grounding yet uplifting making it a perfect choice to remedy daily stress and/or melancholy by way of its soothing inspiring spirit.
Don't miss the encore for Medicinal Plants for Your Protection taught by David Crow.  Reserve your spot by visiting our homepage (click on top banner to sign up). 🌿During this virtual event, you’ll discover: *How to use herbal and aromatic therapies to support your immunity *Important herbs that protect your liver from environmental and metabolic toxins *Antioxidant medicinal plants that can protect you against radiation and heavy metal toxicity *How to create a home pharmacy of herbs and essential oils to assist in warding off adrenal exhaustion and emotional burnout Direct link here:  https://shiftnetwork.isrefer.com/go/mppDC/medicinecrow/
Palo Santo has a special place in our hearts. We’ve heard testimony after testimony of lives benefited by this sacred tree. Floracopeia was the first to bring Palo Santo essential oil to the North American market. We were the first to bring the flower essence to the world. We feel so fortunate to be able to offer a unique kind of Palo Santo; one handcrafted and distilled by a true expert, alchemist and shaman. Offerings that contain Palo Santo: Spirit Blend, Pure Space Misting Potion, incense wood, Purify and Manifest Flower Essence, Centered Blend, ‘Warming Woods’ and ‘Breathe’ Diffuser Collections, Vata Blend, Manifestation Collection, Shaman Perfume, Kapha Blend and roll-on, Soul Purpose Collection, hydrosol and Sacred Smoke book.
The next time you stop to smell a rose, imagine that its deep, rich floral fragrance is a gift from nature to your heart and soul. In her generosity, the earth has blessed us with over five thousand varieties of this beautiful flower. However, only a few give the world-renowned treasure sought by perfumers: the oil of rose. -David Crow 🌹You can find this revered flower oil in our Radiant Rose™️ Skin Care, Rose Attar, La Vie en Rose Health & Beauty Elixir, Rose Perfume Roll On, Inner Star Misting Potion, Rose Flower Essence Tincture, and pure essential oil. Get 20% off your order by using promo code CHEER.
In their native habitats, plants grow in communities. They must survive exposed to the natural elements, must compete with other plants, and must live in the midst of complex microbial and insect communities. Essential oils are part of a plant's immune system, created by its evolutionary intelligence primarily for repelling pathogens. By harvesting and distilling their oils, we bring the immunological power of the plant communities into our communities. ~An excerpt from David Crow’s article ‘Community Immunity’ on the site. 🌲🕊For the holidays, we’ve put together some limited edition bundles including diffuser collections to keep you and your loved ones healthy and happy throughout the winter season (find those via link in profile). 🌲🕊
Next Wednesday, join David Crow for Medicinal Plants for Your Protection, a free online event exploring the preventative powers of plants for your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Visit our homepage to secure your spot! Photo: Palo Santo wood shavings 🙏🏽
David and Sara Crow travel the world to bring our customers the highest quality artisanal treasures. Here David is communing with some wild lavender.
Good Morning lovely souls. Having just spent a wonderful weekend at the @mbsfestival Mind Body Spirit Festival meeting with you all many people have asked me about ingestion of essential oils & other safe uses for essential oils. With the abundant growth of essential oil industry a wealth of potentially harmful misinformation has been circulating. I have published a video by @shiftnetwork by David Crow an expert in Aromatherapy & Natural Medicine exploring these concerns https://www.rachaelwhite.com.au/blogs/news . Link in Bio . Please feel free to share & comment as I was inundated with people wanting knowledge & information. Blessings  #essentialoils #essentialoildiffuser #essentialoil #essentialoilsforlife #essentialoilsandyoga #essentialoillove #essentialoilsrock #essentialoilswork #essentialoils101 #iamasoulchampion #aromatherapy #davidcrow #goodvibe #aromaeducation
$590.00 - 20% = $480.00 (#DesarrolloPersonal / ALTAMENTE #recomendable) #libro En #busca del #buda de la #medicina La #sabiduría del #ayurveda #autor #davidcrow #editorialkairós #compras en #libreríanadásdy una #librería con #envíosgratis en la #cdmx #méxico #budismo #buddhismo #exteriorizatucultura
Plants are the foundation of civilization and culture. They created the biosphere of the earth's surface, and they regulate its functions. Plants are the ultimate source of all health and prosperity; they feed us, give us clothing and shelter, provide fuel, fiber, and countless other necessities. Every breath we breathe is the breath of plants, which supports all life. Plants are the origin of medicine. ~David Crow 🌿🙏🏽🌿 #plantmedicine #davidcrow #ecophysiology 🍁🌲🍂As an education based company we have a comprehensive library of books, articles & videos on the site.
We are thrilled! Now live on the site is our gorgeous new homepage and new herbal remedies collection (we’ll be continuously adding to this collection too). These herbal remedies are recommended by David and Sara Crow and are often featured in their online plant medicine courses. Check it out! Link in profile. Photo: elderberry for immunity 🌿
With great pleasure we introduce our elegant new Khus Attar botanical perfume roll on by David Crow! It’s a gorgeous synergy of sustainably harvested Australian sandalwood and traditionally distilled and wild-harvested Rajasthani vetiver roots. To the body and spirit Khus Attar is moist, rich, comforting and grounding.  This attar first meets the nose with the distinctive earthy, rooty, herbaceous and vegetative notes of the vetiver, followed over time by sophisticated soft, sacred wood and subtle sweet aromas released by the underlying sandalwood oil. This uplifting and grounding therapeutic botanical fragrance is loved by both men and women alike. Explore all of our therapeutic botanical perfumes by visiting the link in our profile.
"Wisdom without words Born of inner silence Carried within the heart  Dispensed with loving-kindness, This is true medicine" . . The Medicine Buddha . Love just love . . . . . . . . . . . . #medicinebuddha #compassion #lovingkindness #beherenow #lovejustlove #belovenow #bhakti #davidcrow #herbalist #herbalism #plants #ahimsa #honourthetemple #sadhana #atmansadhana