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The best decision I made in 2017 was every individual moment I chose to sit down and work on writing- especially on the novel. It’s so easy to put everything else first- almost everything is more urgent and makes a bigger louder cry for my attention. But every time I listened to the quieter call to sit down and listen to the story unfolding and write it down, that was time I was more grateful for than anything else.
Best decision of 2017 — in March, I started having dreams about dogs every night, and in my heart felt ready. When I found the adoption listing for 4-year-old Leia (then Laura) I was so charmed by her shy picture, I couldn’t sleep all night. I put in an application, and had a dream where my best friend told me my application was approved. A few days passed and I got a call from the Humane Society to say they hadn’t made a decision but I could meet her. I canceled plans and drove down to the rural Ohio town. We “clicked,” which is to say (I found out later) that she didn’t pee on me 😊 so my application was approved and she came home with me to start a new life on that rainy, foggy auspicious first day of Spring ❤️🧡💚 #decemberreflections2017 #princessleiapresentmoment #thedailytouristselfie
Favourite photo: Window seat please, thank you!😊 i hate the packing bit of travel but once that is out of the way, the fun starts... “...the journey begins the moment we set out to understand what it takes to thrive, not merely survive...” • • • #travel#windowseat#flying#love#thrive#dubai#uae#london#quotes#travelquotes#decemberreflections2017
TAG 15 von #decemberreflections2017 von @susannahconway - best decision of 2017- Das war mein erster und drei weitere besuche in Wiesbaden. Dort wurde meine Hüftverletzung geheilt🤗🤗 Wenn ich überlege wie es mir vor einem Jahr ging und wie ich mich jetzt fühle, ergreift mich eine tiefe Dankbarkeit💕
The best decision of my [every day] is to remain soft. To love and live with intention. It seems so simple but it’s not always, especially on the bad days, especially when my children push me to my limits, especially when my depression seeps in and takes over me completely.. But remaining soft is an invitation to remember honesty, at least for me. It’s calming my mind enough to find courage in phrases and connections. I’m learning to be more direct with things, to stop waiting to be noticed, to point out the beauty in places where people actively love each other, or have the potential to. It’s calling you out for being hurtful, it’s calling you out for having the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen... and then letting the response of those things become integral blooms of change, movement, evolution... #decemberreflections2017 #bestdecision #livewithintention #black🖤holiday
• 15 • best decision of 2017• #decemberreflections2017 with @susannahconway • to trust. On everything: to trust that going away was a good idea. That working while away would work. That taking a little bit of time off from work was smart. That staying in each one of the places we’ve stayed was right. That each piece would fit together precisely where the last part ended. That our incomes would support us. That the locals would make space for us. That ideas would flow and that help would be abundant.
Sparkle: without a doubt this is the @pipilotti_rist exhibition at the @mca_australia - as an artist I would love to experiment with installations and as a designer of experiences this is not so far fetched. Pipi’s work is the most inspiring and mind blowing that I have ever seen in this space #decemberreflections2017 #mcdescemberreflections2017 @susannahconway
Best decision of 2017:  This year was full of contrast and echoes of the past. I saw all the walls I created outside of myself (really confronting) and realized how exhausted I am managing those environments. . Embracing my deepest desire for harmony and coherency was an internal switch, when all these years I chased some external thing to validate my dreams. . Instead of seeing, I’m embracing my knowing. Instead of chasing, I’m trusting and surrendering. I learned that home isn’t outside of myself, but there’s parts of myself that I need to bring back home. . For the last 3 months, I’ve had a consistent meditation practice through the psychic training. In short, deepening a relationship with myself is the best decision I made this year. . Sometimes, our deepest desire isn’t some grandiose act of accomplishment but a gentle whisper of self-love: I see you, I hear you, and I’m here for you. A return to innocence. . . . . . #bestdecisionof2017 #decemberreflections2017 #feelfreefeed #selflove #selfloveclub #highpriestess #wholeness #healing #theartofslowliving #slowlived #livethelittlethings #thatauthenticfeeling #liveauthentic #seekmoments #seekthesimplicity #seekinspirecreate #simpleliving #returntoinnocence
Day 15: Best Decision of 2017. The best decision of 2017 was eliminating our standard suburban front lawn and replace it with a beautiful garden to support the bees, butterflies and birds (and froggy🐸). It also supports us with fresh organic herbs, romantic moonlit walks and a connection to Mother Earth. Yep! Best decision ever! Highly recommend!😊 #decemberreflections2017 #mysecretgarden #nolawns #nopesticide #organicgardening #banpesticides #butterflygardening #garden #suburbangarden #nature #trees #plants #frog #ducks
Softness.  This is not an easy photo to post. Stretch marks and fat galore. The former doesn’t bother me much. It’s the latter that offers constant self-deprecation and hatred. It’s the latter that makes me feel worthless and that other people are constantly judging me for how I look. It makes me feel unhealthy. Unloveable. Unsalvageable. It’s tough being a woman. Even tougher being a bigger woman. I have zero qualms when it comes to anyone else who is bigger. I love all bodies....but I just can’t seem to wrap my head around loving myself. So I guess this is a photo of the softness that shows and hides the hardness of what I am going through. I was never a big person. So this adaptation has been a tough pill to swallow.  #softness #decemberreflections2017
Day 15 of #decemberreflections2017 - BEST DECISION OF 2017. This is a hard one to pick as I have three: 1. Obviously applying for Oman. 2. Leaving a job I didn't like for one that I LOVE. 3. Restarting my OU course on a subject I'm passionate about. #decisions #positive #reflections @susannahconway
Doing a bit of catch up with #decemberreflections2017 - this year I discovered that I'm stronger than I know. I let go of so much that wasn't serving me despite being scared to death of what would happen next.  No regrets 🌈✨🙏 . . . . . #emotionalhealing #healing #decemberreflections #reflection #idiscovered #discover #2017 #unravelling2017 #learning #knowledge #accomplishments #letgo #lettinggo #strength #iamstrong #innerstrength #sobriety #soberlife #overcomingfears #fear #journaling #journal #changeyourlife #spirituality #positivevibes
Day 14 #decemberreflections2017 5 things about me...I am a very proud Grandma of 4 beautiful wee boys; I love to travel...to hot places...with elephants; I absolutely love to dance...especially salsa...and best when no-one is looking!!; I enjoy live theatre...musicals are my favourite; I have three amazing sisters...love you all!
10 years ago ... we had our last christmas in germany 🎄  #decemberreflections2017 #tenyearsago #xmas
Day 15:  Best Decision of 2017: One of the best decisions I made this year was traveling to Kenya, with an empty notebook & mic to record my grandmother's stories. I was reminded to revel in simple joy, reconnect with nature, and gain a deeper understanding of the lives of my womyn ancestors. From this one trip, I created a new blog,"Questions for Ancestors", and began a journey to the heart of what will become my third book. I also made other decisions, rooted in a sense of creative purpose-- including traveling to Vancouver to perform for students and reconnect with my dad, making a mandala on Pelee Island, and teaching kids of all ages at the Varley Art Gallery. Here's to deepening these connections in 2018! #decemberreflections2017 #nature #kenya
Day14 10 years ago. No.1 son. Before the arrival of son no.2. Family of three, happy days on Anstruther Beach. #decemberreflections2017
#bestdecisionof2017 FLYING MOAR ✈️ But leave it to me to lose a boot in the x-ray machine 😂 Let's see if it's Always Sunny in Philadelphia 🌞❤️
Day 15: The best decision of 2017 #hittheroad #jopo #lifeischanging #decemberreflections2017
Day 15: best decision of 2017! Accepting that I, too, can be beautiful (despite the crappy photo). This was taken at a restaurant in Porto, in front of a mirror, that remind us all that we are beautiful. #decemberreflections2017 #dayfifteen #bestdecisionof2017 #youarebeautiful #iambeautifulnomatterwhattheysay
15. Best decision of 2017: I started working out seriously and at home. Proud of my results, but still a long way to go. I don't want to be pretty, I don't want to be thin. I wanna be strong 💪 💪 💪 #decemberreflections2017 #ffdecemberreflections2017 #strongisthenewpretty #bodyboss