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Hi, American clouds. ☁️ #backhome #merica #deltasucks
Long story short, successfully got on the last flight leaving PR last night and feels good to be back in the US mainland. #hurricanemaria #category5 #longstory #adventures #cocacolaorlandoeye #jetblue #prayforpuertorico #staysafe #24hours #deltasucks #deltatreatcustomerlikeshit #orlando
About to dig into a well-rounded dinner (fruit, protein, and popcorn) and "enjoy" a complimentary stay at the Country Inn & Suites Atlanta Airport ... thanks, @delta, for making me miss #weektwo of #nfl. (We had to wait for a broken down plane to be towed from the runway (itself discomforting, considering our plane TO New York had been delayed 3 hours for a mechanical problem - #thingsthatmakeyougohmm); then we lost our place in line, and after an hour the pilot announced there were still 25-30 planes ahead of us...this girl is tired and looking forward to a nap (gotta be back at #hartsfield in a few hours)! Rant over. (Hashtags begin, but rant over 🙄) #deltasucks  #gladihoardedsnacks #thisplaceisntcountryorsuite  #toothbrush would be super  #theresnoplacelikehome  #deltaairlines, you are dead to me.
Thanks for nothing #delta I can't imagine any better way of spending 9 hours of my life on a Saturday afternoon then being stuck in Detroit airport due to your delay making me miss my connecting flight home!  #deltaairlines #deltasucks #wastingtime #strandedindetroit
Sorry, not available, busy raising the best sports on the planet 🌟 #disney #taketwo #unstoppable #bulletproof #girlgang #fu #delta #deltasucks
So we are on our way home, fly 12 hours, with connection at #jfk, check in with plenty time. Crappy flight that took off late, water dripping on me from the ceiling, no food even tho its a 3 hour flight over the dinner hour. I get to destination  tired & hungry only to find @delta took my bag back off the plane at JFK and sent it on another flight hours later. I have the @delta app too, but I got no text, no email, no message that my bag would be delayed. If @delta would have said something I could have stayed on the concourse. Now I am stuck in the baggage claim b/c @delta won't give me a gate pass so I can at least go to a restaurant while I sit here for hours waiting for my bag. @delta manager was rude, refused to assist in any way and suggested I take the light rail to the @mallofamerica to get something to eat. #worsecustomerservice #deltasucks
Wondering what my vacation looks like so far? Well you're looking at it. My flight has been delayed since 6:00 am and is now tentaviley set to leave at 11:00 am. Thanks a ton Delta Airlines! #delta #deltaairlines #deltasucks
Keep ya feet on the ground, and ya head in the #clouds #deltasucks
Saturday @kait_mary_ got married (and I cried through most of the ceremony and some of the reception), yesterday I took this photo of one of my favorite veggies at the farmers market while spending the morning with momma (I love her a lot), and then I traveled to NYC where I got to hug and kiss some of my favorite people (and finally had dinner at Traif, which was AMAZING) followed by a couple of hours of dancing, singing and a lot of giggling with one of my favorite bands (which is made up of some of my favorite people @smcongregation ) and today it took me 6 hours to get on a plane to Nebraska, so karma is real? #stayhumble #deltasucks #imtired #whataweekend
@delta Get off your ass and go get the people you stranded in Turks and Caicos #deltasucks
On my way home from work I had to stop at CVS to buy a toothbrush and some razors because @delta and @airfrance have not found my luggage or my bike. To who should I start send bills to?  When I start looking for new cycling clothes and a new bike is @delta and @airfrance going to slip the bill? #deltasucks  #airfrancesucks
A man stares fore-longingly into the great abyss ahead, wondering if he'll ever find those farts he's been looking for.  _____________________ Shot by a fucking scumbag paparazzo  _____________________ #tonyhikesinjeans #jeans #tonytellsinsidejokesinjeans #tonygoestocaliforniainjeans #jeansaregreatin90degreeweather #paparazzisuck #deltasucks #tonyfliesdeltainjeans #loweffortshitpost