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My plane had mechanical failure and had to de-plane ✈️ . 2nd time arriving at the airport today. I know OR Tambo airport like it was my neighborhood convenient store #dutyfree #deltasucks #internationaltraveler #yankeeabroad
Meet Toothless. He’s a kitten who is recovering from being hit by a car in St. Thomas post hurricanes Irma and Maria. I am transporting him from St. Thomas to Boston, where he will be adopted by a kind soul. My flight on JetBlue was canceled due to mechanical problems- and I had already paid a $100 transport fee to them. I was rebooked on Delta where they extorted a $200 fee for travel. You know, since USVI is international. (It’s a US territory, Delta, and JetBlue charges HALF of your crazy fee because they know geography and history). I just was finishing a tour working in STT post-hurricane under a FEMA mission assignment, and this transport was for charity. Please share and spread the word about Delta being awful. #deltaairlinesfail, #deltaairlinesextortionring, #dontflydeltawithpets, #deltaairlines
Normally I don't complain but this time I have to do it! We bounced on our way to Bogota in Atlanta.  First we had a delay of an hour, then two, then three and so on. After eight hours without any information, without food and drinks we could got into the plane. After an hour in the plane they cancelled the flight.  At the end we started to Bogota with an delay of more then 18 hours.  That is not worth for a company like #delta  #ineverflighdelta #deltasucks #norecommondation #neverever #norefund #reallybad This advertisement says everything!
48 hours of delayed and missed flights, my luggage is lost, I’m so tired but so happy to be almost home. #justwanttosleep #sotired😴 #deltasucks #justwantmyownbed #missmycat
When you fly to Turks & Caicos and your luggage gets lost, what else do you do? @deltaairlines #deltasucks #noclothes #deltalosesbagsallthetime