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Nhìn ít mà ko phải ít đâu á 😭 #bigsize #porkricebowl #tokyodiningcafe #toofull #dietfailed #so #fcking #fat
Feeling guilty for eating so much this week. #dietfailed #sushi ya JAPAN, #oliver Italian
🙃🙃🙃 So much for loosing weight!  Go on, Judge me, I'm guilty as charged for the sin of #gluttony 😩😩 #dietfailed 😝 #wafflehouse #aftermovie #blackpanther
Happy tummy, happy me!
痩せたいと言ったのに~ #dietfailed #eater #gourmet #banananugget #omija #doughnuts #koreanfood #icecream #myholiday #instafood
👌🏻My friend Salama who is the brain box behind the awesome page @madegains which if you haven’t discovered yet you should go check it out AFTER reading below. - 🙆🏼‍♀️Salam loves pictures of broccoli as much as I do & is on a mission just like me to help more of you realize that extreme food restriction really truly honestly isn’t the way to go if you want longterm weight loss success & that adopting a more flexible approach is the way to go. Read what he had to say below & be sure to check out the research attached. - @madegains said the following wise words. - Often, people think flexible dieting is an excuse to eat as much junk food as possible as long as it “fits your macros”, but this isn’t true. Flexible dieting is meant to be a healthy well balanced diet that allows people to incorporate foods of their choice (dessert included) without feeling guilty about it.  This has psychological benefits. - A study done on 188 non-obese women compared rigid dieting to flexible dieting. They found that women that used rigid dieting strategies reported symptoms of eating disorder, mood disturbances, and excessive concern with body size/shape. [1] Too many food restrictions can be stress-inducing, and funny enough, restrained dieters tend to increase their food intake when stressed. [2] - A study that looked at different diet and training protocols found that a negative energy balance, regardless of the method, was responsible for weight reduction. [3] - While eating a variety of healthy, nutritious, whole foods is important, having a long list of "forbidden foods" isn't the healthiest idea. - References:  1. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11883916  2. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16171898  3. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18025815
終於飲到啦♡朱古力豆奶 やっと飲める、チョコ豆乳🍫 #豆乳 #チョコ豆乳 #飲みたい #hkig #vita #chocolatesoyamilk #dietfailed #soyamilk #年初二 #新年 #減肥失敗
What is evidence based, peer reviewed research? It's research conducted by scientists with a high level of education (most are PhDs or MDs). The most reliable studies study large groups of people (in the 1000s or more) over long periods of time (years versus months or weeks). They are sponsored by a University or national organization, rather than a business that profits off the results. There is also a control group (one that doesn't change anything) to make sure that any changes that happen aren't random. The scientists write up their results, and then other fellow scientists read and make sure the information is valid and well tested. If approved, it is published in medical journals.
👌🏻MAKE YOUR ENVIRONMENT IS FAT LOSS FRIEND NOT A FAT LOSS SABOTAGER 👌🏻 - 🤯 If you want to succeed at anything it makes sense to make sure the environment that surrounds you is having a positive influence on what you’re trying to achieve. If you are struggling with your fat loss journey then you need to look at your life & make sure it’s working for you not against you. - 🔖 Keeping food in the house that you know can lead you astray or may trigger a binge is really a form of self sabotage. If its out of sight it’s most likely out of mind.If all you’ve got to pick up at it is radishes then most likely that’s exactly what you’ll do. - 😎There’s always one friend who is food & drink pusher. Someone who rolls there’s eyes at the word no. You either learn to have the power to say no thanks & not care what they think or reduce the amount of time you spend with them. Find a support network that you can help you if your struggling we all need help sometimes & it’s a sign of strength to reach out & ask for it. - 🛵I am yet to have a message claiming really restrictive diet has done amazing things them long term.I am happy to see that more people are starting to support that heavily restrictive diets aren’t the answer & that a bit of party food amidst an otherwise balanced diet is not unhealthy & leads to better adherence. - 🐝Being more organized daily makes with life easier. If the healthy food you are less likely you are to dial a pizza which if done often enough could sabotage your fat loss.If you have set positive behavior triggers such as gym kit by the door, water with you & “better “snacking food to hand you will find this keeps you on track & develop long term habits. - 🐝 If you refuse to accept patience is necessary for fat loss especially significant amounts. You will keep using extreme approaches that lead you further away from your goal. Its boring, it’s frustrating & it’s tough but that’s real life. -
#年夜飯 with my bestie @chai_vivian_yan !! Can't wait to take Bobo home tomorrow to celebrate the new year with the fam😍  #happycny #yearofthedoggo #dietfailed #foodcoma
Food food food...🤦🏻‍♀️ Day 36 till 45  #2018goals #dietfailed #foodie #balitrip2018 #toomanycheatdays #tooyummytoresist #ineedmotivationtoworkout #omg #helpme #imtrying
Gimme my breakfast😌
What food or drink would suck to give up?
Happy Valentine’s Day 💕  Thanks for rush back bring me dessert and flower~ Hope you like the home cook dinner and I’m waiting for my ‘special arrangement’ dinner ya.. haha... @maxlee_89 . . #feb18 #ahearthand #minitattoo #valentinesday #valentinesday18 #14feb #waffle #dessertgram #instadessert #couplegram #instacouple #wafflegram #dietfailed #lovely #surprise #rose #pinkrose #roses #coffee #axm08 #axm2008 #axmthecouple #happyvalentinesday
Cinnamon and vanilla pancakes with banana and maple syrup 🤭 #dietfailed #pancakes #veganpancakes #pancakeday #banana #maplesyrup #treat #mumlife #mumofthree