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Imagine seeing views like this everyday 😍 • When you take the step towards your dreams, you'll feel less distant and more connected than ever before. • We want YOU to be one of the people that we help make that dream into a REALITY. Click the link in our bio to apply now! 🌏
What do YOU really want in life? Comment away💪🏼(wisdom via @iisuperwomanii ✨)
The community spirit fostered by a co-working space is very unique. It helps us share ideas and learn from other companies. #mondaymotivation
So Wanna know what I did last week? - As you already know, I like exploring nature and little known places. Last week I wanted to visit son lakes and waterfalls and of course, son beaches too. - It was a whole day trip. I woke up at 3:00 AM just to get ready and take the bus that would take me to those places. - To some of those magical spots was very easy to get. I got to take some photos at the Cabrera Beach, later I went to the Blue Lake. - Then I went to the Dudu Lagoon. Also a very beautiful place. It is a lagoon inside a big crater, but it is way down, and the blue was also really blue. You could see some branches and fishes from above. - It was one of the best places I've been recently. And guest what? - I jumped down right in from the very top of the crater. It was a long, long way down into the water. - There were other people that tried junmping down.The best part was the sensation of flying in my way down. - It was the best. - But there was one girl that was really excited about jumping. I even walked all the way up there with her. - She told me that recently was doing a lot of hiking a tours and was interested in visiting Dudu Lagoon just to get the chance to jump in. That was the goal of ther trip. - When we got to the top. I let her jump first, but she just stood there. - She was paralyzed from the fears and the doubts that were getting inside her head. - I told her just to stop thinking about it and just do it. She did nothing. I jumped to show her how easy it was. - And still she did nothing. - That got me thinking. Isn't it the same with entrepreneurship? - People overanalize things so that everything works perfectly and that there would be no mistakes, but what happens is that time goes by and they still haven't do anything. - A lot of online entrepreneur who I have worked with have being in the same place, not knowing how easy is to just let go and work towards your goals. - No matter the mistakes, no matter the failures, no matter the time it
Need good ☕️ in #todossantos? Make a beeline for Taller17, whose owner, Juliana, was inspired by Chef Thomas Keller’s book Bouchon. She studied the recipes and taught herself the craft, and now she runs this tiny, adorable joint in downtown Todos Santos. If the heat becomes unbearable and you also need an afternoon boost, indulge on her iced vanilla latte. #bajasur #visitmexico #golapaz @golapaz
Mondays are fundays!!! Always a lot going on.  Some people dread Mondays...because it means back to a job they hate. If this sounds like you...or if you would just like to earn some extra cash on the side... Go to link in my bio: ==> @ gypsywinelady
Our #venturepop2017 breaks were fueled by coffee provided by @luludotcom. ☕️ @julietmeeksdesign designed these cute stickers printed by @moo.⠀
Hallo loves aus #gera ❤️ Ich mache gerade meinen Führerschein mit der @fischer_academy & @teslamotors 🚘 Heute war meine erste Fahrstunde und es war megaaa!! Ich könnte den ganzen Tag rumfahren, großes Dankeschön an meinen geduldigen Fahrlehrer Daniel.😅❤️👯 Gerade sind wir alle am lernen, so ein 7-Tage-Kurs ist nicht zu unterschätzen 😅 #workworkwork #fischeracademy #tesla #teslaclub #dianajune #dianajunetravels
This is not a drill. I’m addicted to cherry Capri suns. Send help. On the plus side I got all of the writing done today so there’s some fresh stuff coming your way on both solo travel and general ramblings. Berlin, you are perfect. #caprisun #cherry #juice #sugar #drinks #drinkup #travel #writer #digitalnomad #travelwriter #happiness #australian #travelblog #wanderlust #freedom #berlin #europe #germany #writinf
Nog 3 weken en dan gaan we heerlijk op vakantie ☀️ zo aan toe 👍🏻 #holiday #vacation #newzealand #october #countdown #cs_travel #travel #instatravel #travelgram #digitalnomad #wanderlust
1AM #airport shuttle, typical #toronto lounge and #customs crap, and lack of #booze aside..? The second leg to #la was pretty sweet, all things considered. #digitalnomad #travel #inviteonly #crosscountry #eastmeetswest #losangeles #aircanada #flying #business #hustle #work #play
Amerikában gyakori eset, hogy az autókölcsönzőben lefoglalt kocsi “nincs”, abból a kategóriából az utolsót is elvitték még tegnap, sőt, a kategória sem létezik. Ez azért van, mert a kölcsönzősök sokszor tisztán jutalékban vannak foglalkoztatva (mint az ingatlanosok), tehát ha ott helyben lehúznak rólad még néhány dollárt, nem halnak éhen. Ergo lehúznak rólad még néhány dollárt.  A képen látható eset Las Vegasban történt. Lefoglaltunk a család számára egy értelmesnek tűnő méretű járgányt egy értelmesnek tűnő kölcsönzőnél, hogy elautózzunk a Grand Canyonhoz, de érdekes módon, amikor ki akartuk venni, kiderült, hogy szedán egyáltalán nincs elérhető, soha nem is volt, soha nem is lesz, kabriók és SUV-ok maradtak csak. Nomeg persze kisteherautók. Négytagú családnál a kabrió kiesik, a SUV uncsi, legyen akkor szőlész-borász autó!  Na de abból akkor már nem veszünk ki picit! A plató ugyan semmire sem jó, mert a szőlő otthonmaradt, de legalább nem lehet vele akárhol parkolni, és nem fér be a plázákba! Ez bőven kárpótol azért a bosszúságért, amit az autókölcsönzős okozott!  #életstílus #lifestyle #travel #utazás #digitalnomad #lasvegas #grandcanyon #bukás #failure #rentalcar
Tupac Meets Matisse by Elise R Peterson
Today we visited the Egyptian Museum where tutankhamun's 11kg golden mask is exposed.  Visitamos el museo Egipcio donde tienen en exibición la máscara dorada de 11kg del joven rey Tutankhamun.  #travel #digitalnomad #museum #mummy  viktormorales.com