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I attended a diverse and interesting conversation between a panel about domestic violence today. I loved how they could have differing experiences and opinions. Yes I applauded the two men in the room of about 88 women for making the time to attend today, but I felt upset that we physically make space to appreciate the men who take the time to attend, and I truly do appreciate the men’s interest to prioritise attending, but where is the acknowledgment towards all the women who are beaten emotionally, financially, physically first by the person who is meant to love them and then by the system. The women who every single day make the effort  to contribute and create change and who come to these events despite knowing the lived reality, and often living with unresolved trauma or battling generational trauma in their children, or permanent injuries from the abuse, or social trauma in feeling or being alienated or financial hardship and debt leaving them in constant survival mode. These too are courageous people and deserve clapping to acknowledge how they have been abused and how incredible they are to still open their hearts and minds to engage and risk in the hope of speaking about abuse and being part of change. These are women whose hope was manipulated and taken advantage of who now use their hope to work to dissolve the patriarchal system. These women attend these events, ever hungry to hear of how the system may be changing. They don’t want to fight. They want everyone to be safe. I honour these women. I am one of these women! I also love and appreciate the professionals being a voice for the thousands of women they represent. I am one too! But I would also like to hear and see survivors being valued as experts and asked for their grass roots wisdom and how they see what is needed moving forward.
‘‘Tis the season! ... and there are two ways to give to the Domestic Violence Action Center this Holiday Season:  1) Support DVAC while shopping at Amazon by going to smile.amazon.com and selecting our agency in the drop down menu below the Amazon search bar; a portion of the sales from select items that you purchase will benefit our agency ... and ... 2) On Giving Tuesday (one week from today) visit our website to donate to our agency directly ... every penny counts, and every cent supports the work we do to bring peace to island families. ❤️ . . . #dogood #givingtuesday #amazonsmile #charity #fundraiser #domesticabuse #domesticviolence #domesticviolenceactioncenter #dvac
It is a gross injustice to keep this young woman imprisoned.  Between the mental abuse, physical abuse, and ultimate incarceration for over 10 yrs, her debt has been overpaid.  She deserves the opportunity to have a real life without being caged. This is the worst sentence ever handed down to a child.  Clearly the pathetic justice system is showing that her life has no value.  She was born into chaos, repeatedly misused, and abused; and the one time she defends herself by killing a disgusting sex offender, who purchased her, she's tried as an adult and imprisoned for life!  There is no justice displayed here.  This sentence only tells me she'd still have to defend herself had he lived.  Show your support by signing the petition for her freedom.  The following link is in my bio - https://petitions.moveon.org/sign/free-cyntoia-brown #bullshit #allday #badgalriri #ti #kimkardashian #nojusticenopeace #takeaknee #no #woke #freecyntoiabrown #colinkaepernick #sextrafficking #domesticviolence #domesticabuse
Welcome to Transparent Tuesday on IG! I share a peek into my past experience with domestic abuse. Check out my website riteconnections.org #domesticviolenceawareness #domesticabuse #survivorsofdomesticviolence #survivorsofdomesticabuse #abused #abusedwomen
Welcome to Transparent Tuesday on IG! I share a peek into my past experience with domestic abuse. Check out my website riteconnections.org #domesticviolenceawareness #domesticabuse #survivorsofdomesticviolence #survivorsofdomesticabuse #abused #abusedwomen
Tonight was an eye opener... I meant some really amazing people!! There is always a reason why people come me into your life...pay attention then the people that you meet and the ones that stay in your life! #fearlessbeautii
I come from a single parent household, young wife and mother by age 20, life of abuse both to myself and from the hands of others, drugs and alcohol avoided, depression, anxiety, a suicidal attempts, low self esteem, low self worth, bad relationships, lost, lonely, stressed, worry, and anything else positive you can think of it was definitely ME!!!!. . . .  But out of darkness light is found and I have slowly gotten myself in a much better place my daughters are j w grown and doing well for themselves, I have a new husband 10 years strong that truly love me and I love him....I am and have devoted my life to empowering and inspiring g other women to live a life unapologetically and without regret living themselves to the fullest and to live a life they deserve and want and on their own terms!!!! . .  Queens are born everyday but they are not acknowledged as often as they should be!! I salute all Queens ❤️ #fearlessbeautii
What you’re doing to better yourself is also helping someone else to better their life....most of the times we don’t even realize what is going on in our lives is also helping others and what we are doing to better our lives is helping other people that are watching us...better their lives because they now believe in themselves ❤️ #fearlessbeautii
This is so pertinent in recovery. Do not play the #painolympics - It is not a competition. Just because someone’s story sounds “worse” it by no means invalidates what you’re going through. A lot of people don’t speak up because they don’t think it was “bad enough” —whatever that means. If something happened to you that was unwanted it’s okay to have emotions surrounding it. You don’t need it to be extreme for it to be valid. Your feelings are valid, always ❤️
Amazon book "His Power Over Me"
He would try to control what I ate and drank. Telling me I needed to work out and stop drinking because I was “alcohol addicted”. When we had drinks receptions at work he would tell me I wasn’t allowed to drink.  At parties he would take drinks away from me or tell people I’m not allowed to drink because I’m an alcoholic. If I wanted “fat” foods like chocolate or donuts he would judge me and tell me that my ass would get too big. My boobs were allowed to get bigger “because they aren’t that good” but I wasn’t allowed to get fat.
'Before I started hope dealing i fiend for it'  inspired by @poetic_style. Now keep in mind that I'm an artist, and I'm sensitive about by shit. Word to Ms. Badu 💕 #tryingsomethingnew
If girls he was targeting found out about me, he would tell them I had mental health problems and he was obligated to spend time with me “for fear of what I might do”. After the awkward dinner with the American girl instead of being honest with her, he pulled her further into his network of friends and told them that I was crazy and he was looking after me. That he had no choice because I was self-mutilating and he was scared of me hurting myself.  He told them we were just really good friends so that he would still have a chance to manipulate them into bed and further stroke his ego.
Been 6 months since I ran from my home. 6 months since my life fell apart. 6 months since I last saw my husband. And all I wanted tonight  was to see another  human person. To not be alone. But it seems every  one is all caught up in their lives they haven't the time.  They tell me to celebrate instead. And that they are busy. And sorry. And so just like every other  21st of the month I am alone. Reliving the next week of my life. It's been long enough most people have moved on. I guess I have carried on enough  here with my complaining. #givingup  #alone  #6months #domesticabuse #exhausted #hitabrickwall #brickwall  #totallyalone #couldsleepfordays
There is a Natural Balance in the world. And it comes to those who are honest, respectful, and kind to others. #lifecoach #ethical #peaceful #breathe #kindness #fit #fitness #nature #truth #inthemoment #abusiverelationship #toxicrelationship #exgirlfriend #selfabsorbed #psychopath #domesticabuse #disloyal #mentalillness #thenarcopathstory #stayaway
People always ridin for celebrities don't forget about this young Queen who was used as a sex slave and defended herself from a child molester 43 year old piece of shit. Instead of getting off on self defense she was given a life sentence. We need to protect our girls from predators and sick bastards like pimps. #fuckapimp #sexslave #protectourgirls #justice #blackfatherhood #domesticabuse #childslavery @africanunification