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Flashback. Be unapologetically you. Beyoufuego Photo 📸by @deiira sept2015 Makeup by @deiira Hair by @jsloan1122 Photoshoot for @lecharme_magazine survivor edition of #domesticviolence Before cancer  Be the voice for those who do not have one.... #beyoufuego. #survivor  #selflove  #selfworth #love #stopdomesticviolence #hero #houston #slay #breastcancer @beyoufuego_ #slicksickchic  #fuckcancer survivor #iamlulu #warrior  #fitness #dance  #mixfitz #bamf  #health #chemo #radiation #masectomy #physicaltherapy  #beforecancer  #totalfuckingconfusion #bodyimage #breastreconstruction @lulu_fuego - #regrann
Stand up. Speak out. Act to prevent violence against women. ✊ #whiteribbonday - 📸 : @mackillopfamilyservices
BraceletSharePoem/Do you believe in LOVE?💕or have you been CHEATED by LOVE?💕 Does your LIFE consist of LOVE?💕or have you RESISTED LOVE?💕 Do you Show LOVE?💕or do you OWE LOVE?💕do you AGREE with LOVE?💕or do you walk around all day denying a HUG? Do you LACK LOVE?💕or do you need to learn how to HACK LOVE?💕 Do you RESIST LOVE?💕or do you MISS LOVE?💕 Do you have  a PROBLEM with LOVE?💕or is your solution LOVE?💕do you STEAL LOVE?💕or does your character REVEAL LOVE?💕@braceletshare_  #lovequotes #lovepoems #loveme #iloveyou #sweetheart #humanitarian #worldhunger #philanthropy #charityshop #bracelets #giveback #heartbroken #endviolence #domesticviolence #cancersurvivor #cancersupport #feedthehomeless #feedthesoul #lovequotes #iloveher #nyc #miamilove #giveaway #helpothers #hisandhers #ilovepoetry #romancequotes #romanticism
This could be a nice gift 🎁 for anyone. Repost from @elizabeth_smart_official using @RepostRegramApp - We are excited to offer these beautiful gold filled necklaces, purposed to encourage a friend, loved one, a stranger in need of support, or to serve as a reminder for yourself. 10% of all sales will go to the Elizabeth Smart Foundation.  Shop this necklace and others at link in bio.  ____________________________________ #breastcancer #cancer #sexabuse #crimesagainstwomen #illness #mentalillness #giftsforher #daughters #mothers #people #instagram #survivors #warriors #domesticviolence #aprilmaye #thelifestylebrief
Today is the start of an epic two-day bike ride from #maccas Swansea to Vineyard to raise awareness for #domesticviolence. Full story on our website, link in bio.
This is very important💪🏼 Go Australia! #strong #violenceagainstanyoneiswrong #domesticviolence #familyviolence #awareness
Be Mindful and Be Aware upon how you and your spouse/partner are around your children. YOU are their first love, their first disciplinarian, their first friend, their first educator, their first romance, their morning, their night. YOU are their World. If your spouse/partner calls you names and belittles you in front of your children, do you know what that shows them? That they too can treat others the same (and many other things). If you allow for your arguments to turn into fights to turn into violence in front of your children, you’ve either instilled fear and retracted their ability to love, or you’ve demonstrated that That IS love. That they can uphold such behaviour. Ultimately? You’re robbing them of their Childhood. Of their Innocence. Of their outlook upon the World. Of their ability to Trust. Of their ability to know Right from Wrong. Don’t allow for your babies to be hurt by HOME. We all know the World and Life’s circumstances upon leaving Home can lead us into moments of Hurt, Fear, Desperation, Isolation. But AT LEAST Gift your beautiful little ones the chance to Grow Up STRONG and LOVED within your nest. // #iamresilience #mindfulness #abuse #domesticviolence #familyovereverything
Today and every other day! As a young woman who has been exposed to violence against women my entire life (physically, mentally and emotionally) raising awareness today and every other day is so important ♡ Rather than give you some statistics that demonstrate the severity of this issue in Australia, I thought I'd give you some tips on things you can do to not only help keep women safe, but also to make sure they FEEL safe.  1. Be conscious of your tone of voice. Everyone knows men have scarier voices than women, sometimes the voice of an angry man can be enough to trigger an anxiety or panic attack. For women who may be experiencing PTSD from abusive relationships, this is absolutely no joke (🙋‍♀️ I've been there). 2. Don't abuse your physical strength to intimidate the women around you. Even if you aren't verbally saying anything, your body language (even from a distance) is capable of intimidating people. In fact, body language accounts for more than 70% of the message we send when we communicate.  3. "Rape Fear" is a very real thing. So if you are walking down the same street, behind a woman, particularly at night, be conscious of the fact that having you just a few paces behind her may make her feel extremely scared (even if your intentions are completely innocent). If you aren't in a rush, pull back or cross the road, put some distance between you both.  4. If you identify a woman who seems like she may be a little anxious in the presence of a particular man, stand (or sit) by her side and have a casual conversation with her. Sometimes, simply having another person beside her can make her feel more safe. Ask if she's okay?  5. Lastly, and just as importantly - START this conversation.  ASK the women in your life what behaviours make them feel safe and, what makes them feel uncomfortable or scared. SHARE this information with your mates and be conscious of your ACTIONS ♡  Together we can create a better future, not only for ourselves and our
White Ribbon Day Oath: I swear to never commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against women. This is my oath.  www.whiteribbon.org.au  #whiteribbon #whiteribbonday #oath #iswear #stop #stopdomesticviolence #domesticviolence #taketheoath
Empower the women in your lives 🖤 . . To the women suffering at the hand of domestic violence - there is a better life awaiting you. The walk free might be cold and lonely some days but the sun will shine brighter once you are free. ☀️ . . For the women who have left - your strength and courage knows no limits ♥️ . . Be brave enough to say no to violence against women ✌🏼🎗 . . #whiteribbonday #saynotoviolence #empoweringwomen #strongwoman #strongmum #strong #fit #domesticviolence #domesticviolenceawareness #newlife #newbeginnings #myfitlife #healthylifestyle #healthy #fitfam #fitness #keepmoving #active #fitmum #beach
Started setting up for the 46th Annual Holiday Craft Fair ‪November 25 & 26, 2017‬ 10am – 4pm Dutchess Community College ‪53 Pendell Road‬ Poughkeepsie, NY 12601  I will taking a portion of my sales to purchase holidays gifts 🎁 for children living in a local domestic violence shelter. Here are some items that shelters are needing to surprise their children this holiday season. I’m hoping that with your help I will be able to purchase many of these items and bring some joy to a few children 🙂  For Children & Teenagers -Hoodies, pajamas, socks, underwear, t-shirts, leggings, hats, gloves, scarves -Ethnically representative dolls -Spanish language books and DVDs We have many teenagers in need of holiday cheer as well, and they will have their own section in our holiday workshop. We know, teens are harder to shop for then kids. We suggest gift cards so teens can pick out something they'd like. Target, GameStop, Hot Topic, iTunes, Toys R Us, and Barnes & Noble are all great gift card ideas for teens. Crafting kits, sporting goods, makeup kits and pay-as-you-go phone cards are also great presents for teens.  #awareness #victor #f4e #domesticviolence  #survivor  #quietdistress #freedom4ewa #domesticviolencesurvivor #tryingtomakeit  #freedom #skeletonkey‪ ‬ #strengthinnumbers  #steampunk #rapesurvivor #madewithlove #loveconquersall #oneofakind #breakthesilence #nomore #love #loveyourself #handmade #abuse #ptsd #selflove #enddv #movingon #anxiety  #breakthecycle
No more excuses. Putting my health and being the best mom I can to my sons first. Ready to keep pushing myself harder everyday. Here's to loosing all my pregnancy weight, weight from stress of being in an abusive marriage and to not making wise choices food choices. #weightlossjourney #domesticviolence #survior #momofboys #healthylifestyle
“Don’t judge yourself by what others did to you” ~Carl Kennedy. You deserve better than that, and you deserve to cut yourself a break. Check out Hit Reset at www.hit-reset.org, and see how we can help in your rebuilding process. #hitresetorg #hitreset #domesticviolence #domesticviolenceawareness #dvawareness #survivor #dvsurvivor #carlkennedy #selfcare #metoo #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #abusesurvivor #positivity #positivityquotes #motivation #fitnesstherapy #exercisetherapy #traumasurvivor #itsokaynottobeokay #rebuild #recovery #strongertogether #recoveryisworthit #domesticviolencesurvivor #speakout #reachout #helpishere #motivationalquotes
The Karratha City Markets return tonight, in conjunction with @whiteribbonaust and the Pilbara Community Legal Service.  The event includes: - United March against violence - Candlelight Vigil - Welcome to Country - Smoking Ceremony - Market Stalls - Food Vans & Stalls - Live Music from Bryan & Pete - Free Face Painting - Kids Rides - Roving Performers
Looking for information on addiction and treatment? Read our blog. This week's article is about addiction and abusive relationships. Sometimes, love and addiction are a difficult combination. Read: http://ht.ly/zbel30gMC7e #gethelp #addiction #dv #domesticviolence
Today is White Ribbon Day.  3 years on from nearly losing my life this topic still pains me and upsets me for so many reasons.  Not just because of my own experiences but also those of my friends, those of the people I do not know and the people I will never have the chance to know because they were not able to be saved.  This issue is an issue that effects us all.  It affects both Men and Women.  All my life all I ever wanted to do was help people.  I was able to see the good in others and see past their actions to the reasons why they might behave the way they do.  However, unfortunately this lead me into trouble.  I never wanted to lose my caring, open, forgiving heart but I nearly did.  I nearly turned my heart away from Men.  Until a wonderful counsellor reminded me that not all Men are bad.  She reminded me that this is an issue of humanity not of gender.  I believe it starts at home.  We need to show our children examples of respect.  Both to men and to women.  Examples of forgiveness.  Examples of understanding.  We need to show our boys and men that it is ok to express their feelings and their emotions so that perhaps they might feel less inclined to hold it in their fists.  We need to show our girls that boys are not the enemy.  That plenty of boys out there are respectful and decent and loving and kind.  That starting a gender war is not the answer.  We need to plead our government to make a justice system that protects the victims and serves both Justice but aid to those who perpetrate.  These people need consequences but they also need help.  Rehabilitation and support.  White Ribbon day is an opportunity to shine a light on the reality that the #metoo movement shone such a brilliant insight onto.  That it affects so many of us. "Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.  It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil
"AN IMPORTANT NOTE: In relationships that become violent, there’s often an extreme level of intensity in the way he pursues the relationship in the early stages. A tactic often referred to as love bombing, which in itself is another form of control." 🌺Mimi #whiteribbon #whiteribbonday #dv #feminism #feminist #relationships #domesticviolence #awareness #love #healthy #health #safety #knowledgeispower #domesticviolenceawareness #abuse #abusive #love #romance #attraction #dating #sydney #australia #violenceagainstwomen
WHITE RIBBON DAY ⚪️🎀 A day that is close to home for me. A day that breaks my heart because I know that so many people out there are hearing the words Domestic Violence or seeing Instagram posts and are living this life, sitting next to their partners with that lump in their throat knowing that they are in this category but too trapped to get out.  1 in 4 women. How heartbreaking. Looking at the front door of your own home and realising that the door is only a temporary escape. You’re so worn out, so confused and your spirits just completely empty. To start with, I was the happiest person on the planet I met this charming, funny person who I had so much in common with. 1 year in things started to change. It started with words. Words that he knew got to me. Things that he knew I was self-conscious about-my skin and my body mainly. Just little comments that I brushed off as I would always get an apology or flowers sent to me or presents to make up for it. But bit by bit it was eating away at everything that was me.  I would go home and visit my mum and she would make comments about the way I was now. I hated myself. I had no self-confidence, no self-worth, no soul. I was dead inside a living body because I was giving everything someone else who was just constantly draining the life from me. ‘Why don’t you realise how beautiful you are anymore, what happened to your confidence, you used to be so confident’. The thing is, I had built a life with this person, made connections with important people in their lives. I knew what they were doing was wrong and they also knew. I remember every time it would happen, it would pass and then eventually I would be cradling a fully-grown man bawling his eyes out at how sorry he was often followed by self-destructive comments or suicidal actions. That’s the problem with having a kind, helping soul-you see someone else upset and struggling and drop all your feelings and hurt and focus on fixing them. I would then