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Grab some amaretto #biscotti at our porch market this weekend. #bedandbreakfast #downtowndentonmd #turnbridgepoint #turnbridge #freshbaked #fromscratch #chefsteve
From the Estern Shore of Maryland, Happy Labor Day! A Summer's last hurrah. We entertained family yesterday. I made ribs and panzanella salad and this brownie shortcake I love to make. Taking it easy today. . .  As my soul recovery journey continues, on my blog post today, I consider its unfolding this far. . . "We are what we do everyday. And for a very long time, I did things based on fear. I did what I did because I was afraid of running out ... I kept on thinking the same sad thoughts about what little I deserved so I never updated my expectations and thus my life’s actions." . "All the “can’t” thoughts that make me feel oogy lapping up onto the shore of my psyche like toxic waste. Until I refused to acknowledge them as valid. And then I told myself to stop the cycle. I sat and held my breath and refused to play. And eventually, after this weird space of stubborn almost quiet, it was quiet." .  I am not through. I'll always be updating myself, my process, my daily doings, my philosophy. But I have made more space and freedom in which to do this. Read my post titled Ceasing the Knee-Jerk and Making Mental Room to Move On To . Link in profile to my Blog at Shalavee.com .  #dessert #laborday #easternshoreofmaryland #downtowndentonmd #ontheblog #taleswithfriends #selfdevelopment #writerslife #emotionalstorytelling #emotionalmaturity #vintagelinens
--Stone-- #augustbreak2017 .  There is a movement here on the Eastern Shore, and perhaps everywhere, to paint rocks and leave them for others to find. It's a very interesting community project. .  So Fiona gathered these stones (or rocks) to paint. Those are small stones in the birds nest. Out on the porch, our gathered stones and sticks on the vintage wood table the same color as the stones and the color of our ashes in the wind. .  #returntotheearth #stones #taleswithfriends #naturelovers #gatherers #delmarvarocks #easternshoreofmaryland #downtowndentonmd
-- I Love -- #augustbreak2017 .  My community, my friends. The lady in the middle of the front row is a dear dear friend and also the director of Parks and Recreation for the County which puts on this marvelous end of Summer Festival in our front yard. .  We came here 17 years ago and many people here are now family. We are entwined in friendships and partnerships of all kinds. It's community like I've never had before. And I love raising kids in the middle of it. .  The belly dancing troop are such an inspiration, as is our friend Miss Sue @carolineco_recandparks and  this performance is one of the highlights of Summerfest! Thanks Sue @sue_in_caroline_co.md .  #carolinecountymaryland #downtowndentonmd #summerfest #bellydancing #taleswithfriends #gratitude #soul_selfie
For the Altar #christchurch #dentonmd #pattispetals #downtowndentonmd
Colors of summer ❤️#summertime #celosia #pattispetals #downtowndentonmd