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Vill du också kunna resa när du vill (utan att behöva ansöka om ledigt hundra år i förväg 😝) och/eller kunna jobba vart som helst i världen? 🔜👩‍💻🌊🌴 Vill du också att dina måndagar ska kännas lika YAY! som fredagar? 🎊🔛🎊 Vill du också skapa en egen business byggd på själ, hjärta, meningsfullhet och service till mänskligheten och planeten? 💞🙏💞 @sannearonsson's kurs SOULBOSS SCHOOL ger dig allt du behöver; inspiration, tips, verktyg och hands on vägledning så att du kan starta och driva ditt drömföretag! Kolla in www.sanne.io/soulbossschool ✨💖✨ Jag har själv gått kursen (och använder alla tips och verktyg nu när jag själv bygger upp Retreat Yourself Online) - och jag rekommenderar den verkligen!! Förutom kursen får du också tillgång till ett community av andra amazing SoulBosses att bolla idéer med, få inspiration och stöd av - helt ovärdeligt! 🙌🌟👯👩‍💻🌟🙌 Jag har fått en hemlig rabattkod att dela med er, så är du nyfiken på SOULBOSS SCHOOL, skicka ett meddelande eller kommentera med din favoritemoji så kan du få rabattkoden av mig! 😘 BONUS! Signar du upp den här veckan får du dessutom två extra kurser på köpet; Speak with Purpose 🎤och Write Your First Book 📕 Wiiie! • • • #soulbossschool #soulboss #bossbabe #entreprenörslivet #digitalnomad #drömliv #purposetribe #soulseekersociety #lightworkers #wildwoman #soulsisters #womenentrepreneurs #dreamersanddoers #drivaeget #startaeget
Life is the best adventure you’ll ever take🌹 @ellul.stephen 💋 @lanefotograf
Somewhere out there the thing you want most is also wanting you...👌💞 * * * * #dreamers #dreamersanddoers #dreamsdontworkunlessyoudo #philosophy #trippyart #hippiequotes #universallaw #lawofattraction
Create the life you want to live! Have you thought about what life you want to live on daily basis? Sometimes it's easy to stare at the big goals and dreams. And off course they are important to have. But how about now? Are you happy with your everyday life now? How will that big goal and dream effect your every day? Tomorrow, Saturday 1.15pm, I'm doing a workshop at Soundsplash on the subject. Hope to see you there! otherwise sign up on my email list because I will send an email about this next week. What is important for you in your everyday life? 🌟🤸‍♀️😀❤️💕✨💫 . .  #createthelifeyouwanttolive #soundsplash #soundsplash2018 #soundsplashnz #everydaylife #dailybasis #exploreyourpossibilities #possibilityexplorer #lifecoachnz #onlinecoachnz #freedompreneurnz #wanderlust #findyourpurpose #findyourpath #womenentrepreneurs #dreamersanddoers #solopreneur #spiritualbosslady #spiritualgangster #spiritjunkie #magictribe #lightworker #bosslady #beyourownboss #eatpraylove #bigmagic #youdecide
Feeling an intense pull to make more art, more collages, more visual expressions again. To play and experiment. I have SOMANYIDEAS and none of them are really very clear yet but with patience and an ear always to the heart, I’m sure something will begin to make sense. It always does eventually.  17: #fmspad | thoughtful • #gentlejanuary2018 | I enjoy
More florals. So much of the creative process means taking the time to figure out your style and until you figure it out, your stuff may look, sound, seem like a lot of other peoples. And that’s ok, because it’s part of the process. My florals look pretty generic to me but I’m enjoying making them and more importantly discovering that I can make them! . . . . . . . . #dailypainting #watercolor #creativeprocess #dreamersanddoers #mamamakes #creativelifehappylife #alwaysbemaking
Need a poster for the @womensmarch on Saturday? / / F R E E B I E  A L E R T ! Download this one - or all 10 - of my #womensmarch Poster Designs now . . . link is in the bio. Don’t forget to tag me using #mintandmerit 💕 ☺️
I no longer have any desire in simply chasing dreams- I only long to live them✨ 📸: @danidazey
☕Espresso Yourself🍵
🌿I've always felt connected to the disney princesses. I never felt interested in the love story but in the yearning in the heroine's heart. 🌿 I've felt like Belle who questioned her small town life, and Pochahontas who couldn't stop exploring the deepest forrest, and Ana who held back her power for fear of hurting people she loved, and my latest love Moana who felt like she should fit in but the ocean kept calling her to fullfill her destiny. Their hungry hearts are mine and I just couldn't fit into the 9-5 world how I hard I tried. 🌿 The biggest reason I started my own business was to be able to run with the wildness in my heart. To be able to explore the world, hunt for my purpose and go after my dreams. 🌿 It's still a struggle from time to time. The wild woman inside is not settling down. She's just getting started. So I always have to listen and create new ways of honoring her - and at the same time be a human with a home and relationships! 🌿 So to be able to run a successful business from anywhere in the world is essential for me. A business that supports my hungry heart and is not stifling my growth. 🌿 SOULBOSS SCHOOL is for wild women who are ready to run with their purpose and create a business that SUPPORTS them. Fully. 🌿 Check out link in bio and come run with us! ✨
"Eventually, everything connects."⠀ ─⠀ I found this quote on Pinterest a few days ago and it struck a cord with me. ⠀ ─⠀ To me, it speaks of not giving up your hopes and dreams when you're in a hard place - in the end, you will be able to see that it all happened for a reason.⠀ ─⠀ It reminds me of "Cloud Atlas" which is probably my favorite movie. I love how everything and everybody in the story is connected. How I discover new connection every time I watch it. How it shows us that we can change and be happy if we just don't give up.⠀ ─⠀ And it reminds me of my Instagram feed. Have you ever noticed how it connects?⠀ #cloudatlas #inspirationalquotesandsayings
#repost @rachelnegahban ・・・ I went to my local Creative Mornings here in Dallas - the topic of discussion: Equality. Inspired by hearing equal pay advocate Jacqueline Twillie chat about and the gender wage gap, I picked up the book she mentioned: Women Don't Ask by Linda C. Babcock and Sara Laschever. . While the book discusses several theories on why the gender wage gap still exists, one reason is exactly as the title says. And I'm guilty as charged. Oftentimes I don't ask. . This book is eye opening - and I highly recommend every female - working or staying at home - READ THIS BOOK. Have your significant others read it. Have your children read it. . I have to admit, I often heard about the gender wage gap and thought it was mostly caused by biased employers. And while that is one component that can play a role, this quote below gave me a reality check that there are reasons which are so deeply engrained into aspects of our society that we all have to play a more conscious role. . "Suppose that at age 22 an equally qualified man and woman receive job offers for $25,000 a year. The man negotiates and gets his offer raised to $30,000. The woman does not negotiate and accepts the job for $25,000. Even if each of them receive identical 3% raises every year throughout their careers... by the time they reach age 60 the gap between their salaries will have widened to more than $15,000 a year, with the man earning $92,243 and the woman only $76,870. While this may not seem like an enormous spread, remember that the man will have been making more all along, with his extra earnings over the 38 years totaling $361,171. If the man had simply banked the difference every year in a savings account earning 3% interest, by the age of 60 he would have $568,834 more than the woman - enough to underwrite a comfortable retirement nest egg, purchase a second home, or pay for the college education of a few children. This is an enormous "return on investment" for a one-time
Honor what you feel to be of importance…
Bask in beauty…
May your home be a sanctuary for replenishing your spirit…
Encourage yourself all the time. You deserve it…
Pace yourself. There’s plenty of time. It’s not a race…