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I was drawn from my new house on the Courthouse Green on that October afternoon 17 years ago by the sound of a marching band. This was a charming surprise  to me. There no homecoming parades where I grew up in the city but now I had moved to a small town. They were a big deal here.  Here I had a little boy who grew up to be a musician, never missing those parades. And this past weekend, Eamon marched in his first parade in marching band playing his bass clarinet. So proud!  I moved to small town USA and became a totally new me. I live in Mamatown now. I am proud to live here and once I stopped feeling awkward about my new address, I figured out how to make it mine.  All the Fall feels are starting to happen now! Recipe for a veggie stew on the blog. And tomorrow, the wrap-up of the Soul Selfie Challenge! .  #eamonspencerpeach #smalltownusa #homecomingparade #liveauthentically #storytelling #taleswithfriends #embracingaslowerlife #creativemamas
The Light - the Creative. Eamon's drawn to the piano to see what he's capable of, who he is through it. I look up and I see this, snatching up my phone to grab this shot before it disappears. I too translate my days, my sights and thoughts through pictures and words to decide who I am in this world. .  A never-ending process full of possibilities. Another etude of life played and shared, another coming soon to savor. Keep your eyes and heart open and it's there for you too.  #thoughtsfortoday #eamonspencerpeach #taleswithfriends #october #light #piano #createeveryday #writersofig #ourcreativeselves #interiors #creativemamas #savouringhappiness
Inside/Outside #breathseptember2017 The season is changing thankfully. The weather begins to be bearable, gorgeous even. Where we were trapped inside in the heat, we're now languishing in breezes outside. .  Inside, I am changed again. Work and play, thought and words moving forward towards a next evolution. Present, witnessing, forgiving, allowing. Breathing new air with a different compassionate me. .  #backyardshennanigans #selfdevelopment #emotionalmaturity #eamonspencerpeach #fionamariepeach #perspective #liveonpurpose #selfawareness #personalgrowth #mindfulness #humanity #personaldevelopment #emotionalintelligence #leadership #qrowthmindset #movingforward #writerofig #itsmybirthday
Gladly I remembered to tell my kid that he was creatively inspirational to me because he worked so hard to better his piano practice for himself. Something that some have reflected to and definitely feel about him . .  On my blog post yesterday titled It's My Blog and I'll Write What I Want To, I felt it a eureka and a "duh" moment when I realized that if you do what you do to make yourself happy, others may be made happy too. But if you do what you do to make others happy first, you will never be. .  Being raised to be people pleasers is a hard habit to break for women. And that is exactly the spell I intend to break in my upcoming 51st year. Caring what I think, what makes me happy first. And giving credit to others and myself for this! .  Link to my blog, Shalavee.com , in my profile. .  #selfdevelopment #emotionalmaturity #ontheblog #eamonspencerpeach #perspective #liveonpurpose #selfawareness #personalgrowth #mindfulness #humanity #personaldevelopment #emotionalintelligence #leadership #qrowthmindset #movingforward #piano
Drink and Joy for #breathesepember2017 .  I get them something I call "blue juice" , a blue raspberry flavored V-8 splash product. Because having blue tongues is so much fun!  #eamonspencerpeach #fionamariepeach  #siblings #silly #creativemama #momentslikethese #childhood  #blue
Grab those moments. Scoop them up and stuff them into your pockets, into your heart. Greedy handfuls of love and devotion and laughter are yours and mine for the remembering. .  #septemberstarts #family #fionamariepeach #eamonspencerpeach #siblings #taleswithfriends #siblings #wholehearted
,At the beach-- I Believe-- #augustbreak2017 .I believe the children are our are future Teach them well and let them lead the way Show them all the beauty they possess inside  Give them a sense of pride to make it easier. .  At the Lewes, Delaware beach for one last day of Sandy fun.  #siblings #sandy #surf #taleswithfriends #fionamariepeach #eamonspencerpeach #summerdays #summersend #familytime
--A Sign-- #augustbreak2017 .  If there ever was a moment when I knew we were moving on away from his childhood, it was this one. He allowed us to give him one last moment of childhood this past April when we were to the circus for his birthday. He said it truly was the greatest show on earth. .  He's even larger now and about to enter 7th grade. And he still kindly indulges us in our whims. Eamon , our baby, isn't a baby anymore. .. PS. blog post on why I'm ok with teaching a Creativity workshop! Link in profile. .  #circus #eamonspencerpeach #what12lookslike #taleswithfriends #wisdomlessons #createeverday #creativemamas
--One Regret-- #augustbreak2017 .  La belle dans sans regret. .  #fionamariepeach #eamonspencerpeach  #nontraditionalageparent  #secondchance #taleswithfriends #stingfan
-- Dragon -- #augustbreak2017 .  I brought kites on our beach vacation last month. The ones from the closet that we'd never opened or used. The dragon kite was magnificent but as much as they tried, they never got it up into the air flying. .  There's that moment when you know you won't win and you have to admit defeat. When giving up is the best choice. Here's to the hope for another windy day on more solid ground so that the dragon kite can truly fly and my son can experience that out of body feeling of being aloft with the kite. My sister gave it to me and I would love for him to feel it too. .  #taleswithfriends #eamonspencerpeach #oceancitymd #beach #vacation #beachmemories #kite #dragon
--Glass-- #augustbreak2017 .  The Gettysburg visitor center bustling with people from all over the world and huge windows overlooking beautiful landscaping. My camera lense greedily grabbing ever moment I could to document our time together. .  On the blog today, 25 year old Crazy Brain. Some of us made silly crazy choices 25 years ago. Good news was, they didn't ruin us and we rechose for this life now. These children are my Mulligan. Link in my profile to Shalavee.com . New posts Mon. & Wed. & Fri.. .  #eamonspencerpeach #fionamariepeach #gettysburg #familytime #taleswithfriends #kidsofig #mywisdomlessons #vsco #ontheblog
Morning -- #augustbreak2017 .  Homework for soccer camp was decorating his ball . With his trademark Ninjas ! Each sporting a different weapon of course.  And he needed to bring a joke. .  Why can't you give Elsa a balloon?  Because she'll let it go. .  On my blog today, my reflections on my 6 year Blogaversary. I feel slightly lackluster this year but I am filling the week with posts of my reality as I chronical my recent dive in and out of a self-doubt storm.  Link in my profile to Shalavee.com . .  #taleswithfriends #fionamariepeach #eamonspencerpeach #brittishsoccercamp #morning #ontheblog #blogaversary #blogger #writersofig
#30daysofwhatmattersmost. Exercise in the great outdoors ! We got Fiona a used bicycle today and rode around the camping loops at Martinak State Park. Green trees all around us. It was good. .  It's so humid, the kids were sweating profusely under their bicycle helmets. But the smell of woodsmoke hanging in the air was delicious. And we did a little playground hopping. .  I'm slightly sick of listening to them bicker so I'm going to try to wrangle some alone time now. Insert laughter here. .  #fionamariepeach #martinakstatepark #taleswithfriends #outdoors #getoutside #childrenofinstagram #eamonspencerpeach
Joining in @michelle_mccartan 's #30daysofwhatmattersmost today to say #play ❗❗❗ I always prioritize playtime outside for my children. Or running in the aisles of big box stores if it's nasty out. It's just good parenting.  But it has become so everlovin' apparent that I too need my playtime prioritized as well. My inner child is glad to do her chores but she better get her recess or she'll get grumpy.  On the blog today, a piece on carving out a Creative place for myself, figuratively and actually. Link in my profile to Shalavee.com.  #eamonspencerpeach #fionamariepeach #playground #playtime #vsco #kidsofinstagram #createeveryday #taleswithfriends #mywisdomlessons #ontheblog
🔈Day 25 #ourcreativemay 🎹25/31  Studying the Spider  #eamonspencerpeach #fionamariepeach #vsco .  I've learned so very much about myself, my process, and my truths over even the past three years. .  I learned that I'm the only one that was ever in my way to do anything, especially to create. .  That if I write truthfully from my heart and art from the same, it will always represent the best of me. .  I learned that if you gather, whether it's people or stuff, it will all all go together well in your life and in your house. .  And I learned that my inner child may be demanding but she really does know what I need and she deserves every moment I give to her whether it's making art or getting my toenails painted. .  #ourcreativeselves #blackandwhite #taleswithfriends #21daysinmyartworld
Finishing my Mother's Day with a bonfire. Eamon doing the escaping I wish I could be doing. One lone cricket struck up after the house wren finished her concert. And in a few minutes, a private piano concert for me inside. Life is often way better than you know. #taleswothfriends  #backdeckchillin #backyardshennanigans  #eamonspencerpeach
🔘🌼🔘 Secret 🔘🌼🔘 ⭕Day One Soul Selfie⭕  Oh I've been toying with this word secret. I am pretty transparent if you can't tell. What haven't I told you ? Is this me giving you a new bit of me or me finding a new angle on me?  For a long time I thought my origin of family dysfunction defined me.i felt anger and shame to know my nuclear family was created from craziness and strife. There are no pictures of my Mother, Father, Sister, and I together because we really didn't exist. My secret used to be my non-existent dysfunctional family. My grief, my sorrow, and my painful uniqueness were my lack of nuclear identity.  But I now appreciate and even celebrate the fact that I am me because I was raised with the strife which I endured. The adversity was a means to the wonderful end I'm living and that is miraculous.  What you are experiencing is Ok To Say. It's only a secret until you say it out loud to somebody and then it releases it's magic and you can move onward from it. So all secrets that need telling can be placed here or DMed (direct messaged) to me if you need a keeper until you know what else to do with it.  #soul_selfie  #EamonSpencerPeach #flamingo #taleswithfriends #mywisdomlessons #secret
And just like, my baby boy has turned 12. We had our customary dinner at Cafe Sado's. He got the present he wanted. And we get the smartest, sweetest, and most talented young man we've ever met for our son. 🎂🎈HAPPY BIRTHDAY EAMON🎈🎂 #eamonspencerpeach #taurus #birthdayboy #taleswithfriends #liveauthentic #midlifemama
Spent a fabulous family day yesterday at a zoological park. Intentionally building lovely memories of positive family time spent together and a conscious bond with the care of our world.  Legacy is what you leave for the world to keep. I want love and freedom from fear to be mine for my children. Scroll the five  pictures from left to right! #salisburyzoo #eamonspencerpeach #fionamariepeach  #taleswithfriends #aprillove2017 #legacy #zooanimals #familytime
🏃Soul Goals 🎆 today's blog post considers going slightly deeper in your daily thoughts and efforts. Link in bio. I've been endeavoring to be more proactive so that I may show up for my family mentally and physically.. Our backyard fire pits are so much lovely fun. And the smell of woodsmoke alongside the after rainstorm ozone smell are two seasonal favorites.  #aprillove2017 #ontheblog #backyardfun #eamonspencerpeach #firepot