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Cenaaa: Zuppa di zucca 10-15g di pane _____________________ Oggi ho avuto un'abbuffata e mezzo entrambe seguite da vomito. Ho vomitato anche pranzo, nonostante fossero passate 4-5 ore. Emotivamente sono stata a pezzi. Finché non ho iniziato l'abbuffata non riuscivo a smettere di piangere e quando non piangevo ero impossibile. Ora sto facendo una fatica immensa a tenere dentro la zuppa. Sono 140cal ma mi stanno spaventando. Vorrei vomitarle ma non devo. Prima ruotando mi sono usciti degli spinaci dal pranzo... Lol? Ad un certo punto mia madre mi ha accompagnata fuori con la scusa del farmi prendere il cioccolato. Voleva farmi prendere un po' d'aria essendo stata a casa tutto il giorno... E voleva mi comportarsi da figlia. Siamo andate in giro a guardare le bancarelle e i negozietti per il patrono della nostra città. Va beh. Ora vado a riposarmi. Scusate la negatività Noootte . . #ana #mia #bmi #sottopeso #anorexia #bulimia #eatingdisorder #selfharm #depression #girl #abbuffata #food #yazio #hope #selfhelp #proana #promia #strong #lie #tired #vomito #zucca #sorry #suicide #die #kg  #skinny #diet #natale #dinner
Evening! Dinner was cheese and tomato pasta with some frozen peas and then a peanut butter sandwich, that’s way to many carbs but who cares, felt broken all weekend so hoping this and sleep will help! Sleep well 🙌💞 #edrecovery #edfighter #edwarrior #anarecovery #eatittobeatit #ed #edssucks #recoveryispossible #eatingdisorderrecovery #eatingdisorder #adultswitheds
This cheeky chap took things lituraly when I put the crackers on Christmas food shelf they had his name so he ate some. Still I can't be cross because he tried something new and even ate them with butter  His eating is slowly changing and fear of food becoming less #eatingdisorder  selective eating due to sensory and autism
Actually pretty nervous to post this because people from work/university may read it but oh well, I feel like it's time for some realtalk. And most of you won’t read through all this anyway.  I feel like one day at a time I’m stepping closer to accept who I am. And it took a lot to accept that I mistreated myself for way too long.  I first started to loose weight over 2 yrs ago at 83kgs (182lbs). It was so hard looking into the mirror, not being happy with how I look. So I started tracking. Sticking to 1200kcals/day, I lost about 20kgs in 3-4 months. I didn’t believe anyone who said „you look amazing“, „you lost so much weight!“. So I downgraded my calorie level, to 1000, to 800. For over a year, I wouldn‘t eat more than 600kcals/day, still thinking I was eating way too much. I ended up with 48kgs (105 lbs) on the scale.  After months of hair loss, bad health and collapsing, my mom would not let me off to Australia - the only goal I was working towards back then. So, I had to gain weight. There have been a lot of ups and downs, heaps of mental breakdowns. I kept fighting and finally, supported by an amazing family back in Melbs, I rediscovered my passion – working out. I got back into gym, discovered interval training with F45 and I was happier than I’ve been in three years. I‘m so thankful for the people in my life who were also there for me and helped to build me back up again.  Back home, it’s been a roller coaster ride and even if I look much more healthy, I am still in recovery. I‘m in my first year of university and this semester, anxiety and severe stress do affect me more than ever. I do struggle with eating, I do struggle with looking into the mirror. Results do not just happen overnight. I am far away from „being there“. But with the gym as my passion and all the great people standing behind me – I can finally say, „I am on my way“. #selflove #natural #bodypositivity #traindirty #eatclean #behappy #instafit
🇵🇹✈️ It’s super hard to stay in #portugal & keep away from all the #food and #sweets! BUT I haven’t given up my #bbg challenge yet and even though I have spent the last 3 days indulging in stuff I shouldn’t I am still on the game! Today I completed week 8 and I have 4 more weeks to go! 💪🥊🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿✈️ #fitness #motivation #christmas #family #eatingdisorder #fattofit #weightloss #sunday
Got the flu? Check  Bad mental health? Check Come on your period? Check Had a bad nights sleep? Check  And to top it all off, my Grandma had a fall last night and was taken into hospital, so stress levels this morning were H I G H  Thankfully, she’s a tough old bird 👵🏻 Me and my mom both dealt with it today as best we could (we’re both poorly and both act as secondary carers for Grandma. She has proper carers come in too, can you imagine if I was left in charge?! 😂❤️) BUT WE STILL KICKED TODAY’S ASS.  I am currently EXHAUSTED OUT OF MY SKULL, I have a 7 hour shift tomorrow and ya damn right I’m gonna boss it.  Here’s to those struggling, those who care for family members, those who have bad physical health, bad mental health or both, I LOVE AND SUPPORT YOU! Now? I’m gonna watch some YouTube videos, have a soft cry and go the fuck to sleep.  Peace out ✌🏻
Geese #2  Te kanadyjskie kaczuchy powoli zaczynają być obsesją. W Chicago są pod ochroną. Znaczenie słowa "pod ochroną" poznałam na własnej skórze, kiedy spacerując z Mimi po parku Ona postanowiła fikuśnie wywinąć sie ze smyczy i radośnie hasając uciekła przed siebie. Była bardzo szczęśliwa. Ja trochę mniej. Szczęśliwsza była tym bardziej, gdy za zakrętem wpadła na stado Gęsi. Postanowiła się przywitać z dziobatymi koleżkami. Za to ochrona parku postanowiła się pożegnać, tym razem z nami. Obie zostałyśmy z parku wyrzucone wraz z zakazem powrotu. Krótka piłka - Gęsi w Wietrznym Mieście stresować nie wolno.  #candiangoose #running #run #bieganie #mental #health #goals #happiness #yoga #harmony #peace #love #photography #biegambomusze #nature #bodyawareness #eatingdisorder #fighter #chicago #polishgirl #windycity #sunday #mood #storytime #story
I just found this photo from August. I was so much thinner when my eating disorder was so much worse. I need to go back to this. I can’t cope with this self hate anymore.  #depression #ana #mia #anorexia #bulimia #eatingdisorder #selfhate #suicidal
My new goal weight is around 63 pounds, just gotta push harder I'll get there and hopefully I could get into the 50's probably will die but idc  #anamia #ana #anorexia #skinny #thin #eatingdisorder #depression #suicide #suicidal #eatingdisorders #selfhate #hated #bullied #unloved
Getting my loved ones to slowly bring in my makeup and nail varnish and other similar stuff. Trying to get some of my normal beauty regime stuff going in the hopes it will make me feel more like myself, but motivation is hard. I have managed to do some hair removal and paint my fingernails in the last few days so #smallsteps 💅💄👍 In other news, today hasn’t been as positive as yesterday. The afternoon was quite good, when I had my visit from my husband, dad and brother, but the morning was tough, as another patient shouted at me and also a nurse dismissed me feeling rough because apparently the old medicine wouldn’t be out of my system enough to feel it yet even though the consultant said it had a half life of only 14 hours and I’ve been reduced rapidly. The whole point is it’s out of my system by Monday, otherwise the chances of a severe reaction to my new meds increases💊. The evening has just been rough because it always is but a health care assistant took me in a walk which helped 🙂 #mentalhealth #mentalillness #bipolar #bipolardisorder #ednos #eatingdisorder #ptsd #psychosis #inpatient #hospital #medication
#dinner was so scary😱 that's what I got at the birthday party at the Asian.
#dinner is 2 cooked apples 🍎 Sorry if i didn't post #lunch but i was with my bf and i forgot 😅 Anyways i had Nando's (one of the few places that doesn't scar me) with a 1/4 chicken and macho peas 😊 Today is my last day here in uni, tomorrow morning i fly back home and i'm really looking forward to it! Counting down the hours!! ✈️🔜