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Trying to stay grounded, I feel like I’m floating away💓 • • #smokeyquartz #grounded #energyflow #rootchakra #crystalclutter #protection #crystals #healing #spiritualist #clearing #clean #spiritrealm #empaths
🗣 New Blog Alert!! https://ibtorri.tumblr.com/post/168690030225/stingy  #blogger #bloggy #blogforyourlife #stingy  #selfcare #selfpreservation #energyvampires #empaths
✨PEACE!✨ The Journey🦋✨ ***Reflections...2017 (June) #beautiful❤️✨ #repost @makeupbykreseda ・・・ 🌟SHINE!🌟 "Empath. That's the word for it?! Wow." This was my response when I found out 10 years ago. My whole life I have tried to explain to people that #ifeel everything. It's the reason I didn't like large crowds period and a large crowd could be 3 people. Ha! 💁🏽Seriously, can you imagine feeling everyone else's energy without warning?!!? I would live my life and then have to completely shut down for 3 or 4 days, sometimes longer. Yep, and go ahead and add that I'm an only child. You don't EVER have to say anything to me, I feel it on sight. #thisisme and I'm cool with it😎I will elaborate on this subject 1 day on my blog. "I set healthy boundaries. I say "no" at the right times. I listen to my intuition about the relationships that are nurturing for me." #myheartispure #mybootyisreal #ctrl #sza #goddess #transparency #empaths #knowthyself #discernment #protectyourenergy #protectyourspace #recharge #trustyourself #iampowerful #divine #reflections #june2017 #bornthisway #allthingskreseda #iloveme #alwaysshining #vibratehigher #peacevibes #namaste🙏🏽❤️🌟
The term “empathy” is something I’ve known; however, discovering that I am an Empath wasn’t known until I entered my 30’s. It is truly a gift and a curse. It’s always a pleasure to meet a fellow Empath to share bizarre stories and connect with their absorbed pain—it helps me feel normal 🖤 • • • #empath #empaths #empathy #empathsbelike #empathslovepoetry #empathsofinstagram  #empathyexperience #pain #love #connection #mysticism #psychic #emotions #poem #poetry #poet #words #deep #quote #quotes #woman #love #houston #venus
SELF-LOVE & HEART BREAK: TRANSFORMATION, RELEASING, CELEBRATION & RITUAL: ___  Our hearts get broken in all kinds of ways. Sometimes it happens when we finally find the courage to admit that we married someone we shouldn't have, during a painful break up or when we finally tell the truth about how unhappy we are with our partner... Sometimes it's when we find out that we didn't get the job, that dream condo, or the money we expected to get from that investment... Miscarriages are also among some of the post painful kinds of heartbreaks. Sometines when it happens when we have to let go of one dream in order to move on or divest that energy into another dream... And sometimes we feel heartbroken, because at times it seems like no matter how hard we try everything just turns to shit anyway... BREATH. I know bring on a self-love journey is worth it, but it's also fucking hard and exhausting sometimes. Just keeping it real. ___  There are more ways to process heartbreak than there are fish in the sea. That said from a self-love perspective what is most important emotionally (Well at least what I do for myself and my clieints) is to treat the experience like a birthing experience. At the end we will be a new person having given birth to new awareness; but getting over it mimics emotionally the phases of being in labour. ___  One thing I like to do for myself and my in person clients and Skype clients, is I create a burial for the dream, memory or heart that died and create a celebration for the new heart and Self that is emerging. Your ceremony can include anything you want. I like candles, herbs, cards and then I customize readings, crystals etc to meet mine or of my clients. Many of us are going through all kinds of heatbreaks this holiday season. Remember to be kind to yourself and others these days. Additionally feel free to book a session with me if you know you could use some heartbreak support. And as always the comments are also a beautiful place to share your
"Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light. 💫"
^energetic codependence and owning your sacred^ . Energetic codependence. This phenomenon that happens so below the surface, so subconsciously that most of us don't even realize we are doing it or we have come to believe that it is just how relating goes. We are energy beings and when we are relating with others there can be this tendency to shift to meet another person emotionally or energetically, subconsciously matching them or taking on their pattern to work through, all in order to feel safe, make them feel comfortable and to also get our own needs met. It's a way that we feel this intense pain and compassion for others and "take it on" and call it love. It's a subtle way we abandon our own center because to hold our own energy could make another person uncomfortable or we risk not being in connection or belonging. We seek for safety and wholeness in an "other" by trying to meet it there, we do this in relationships, with family, work, purpose and with our wider culture and society at large. We meet the larger energy and try to match it because we are wired to need to belong. . Eventually the sacred energy of our own soul becomes unfamiliar, unsafe or scary. It means that if we stay in our center and connect from our own energy, we will feel others' pain, we may feel uncomfortable, we will feel the longing behind our own unmet needs and we will have feelings and emotions we don't know what to do with because these cast away parts of ourselves have long been neglected. We falsely believe we can take on stuff for other people and martyr ourselves for the collective grief, but our own abandoned souls are aching to be reclaimed, for us to re-learn their ancient language. . We can stand on a piece of our soul and call it wholeness if that is all we have ever known. Then, we wake up to all the ways we abandoned ourselves and blame others and their issues, patterns or bad habits (and create even more separation). . (Cont’d in comments)
We all screw up; unintentionally and intentionally. Be courageous: own your actions and make amends. #meaculpa #courage #feels
The trees know about the winter. About the change. About the falling. About the loss. And they grow anyway. What’s your excuse? -Erin Van Vuren  #mondaymotivation
Some of us just know and truly feel every fiber of what’s going on with ourselves and others. We just know exactly what’s going on. #empaths#bibrations#intuition#gutfeeling#thirdeye#weknow#nomanipulation#gotyournumber#highintuition#cantfoolme